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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate

February 22, 2006

Meeting called to order by Speaker Gabe Afolayan

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)

Elizabeth Zika 20-0-0,  Mercy Wariari 1-0-0, Karen Rubbert 2-0-0, James Dye 19-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 19-1-0, Brandon Ross 18-1-1, Jenna Ault 19-1-0, Melissa Turner 20-0-0, Kristeen Giese 12-1-0,  Jessica Nelson 1-0-0, Oluwaseyi Ogunseye 15-4-0-1, Christopher Frederick 19-1-0, Lisa Darvell 19-1-0, Josh Peterson 17-2-0-1, Marianne Reilly 10-0-0,  Sarah McLaughlin 12-5-0-3, Omolayo Ogunnowo 13-2-0, Ryan Flugaur 1-0-0, A.J. Bittner 4-0-0, Shannon Woods 18-0-0-2, Eric Christensen 12-0-0, Jessica Cichy 17-3-0, Matthew Ward 17-2-1, Jeff Brand 12-0-1,  Jared Jackson 20-0-0, Ian Boyd 13-1-0, Philip VanWyngarden 4-0-0, Ryan Anderson 10-0-0, President Rob Wills 18-1-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 13-1-0

Open Forum

MSUSA Campus Representative-Kyle Struck

(see written information on conferences, elections)    The Caucus Campaign is till looking for precinct captains

for Caucus, March 7.  Lobby Day is April 3.  We will be going to the Capital and lobbying, transportation

and lunch is provided.  Ask your professors to excuse you from class.

Presentation-Mike Hodapp-Advisor, Student Allocations Committee (see SAC Policy)

Tournament Travel policy for Athletics.  Several years ago an account was set up for post-season tournament

travel.  The NCAA has a separate policy for every sport.  They will pay transportation for every team

over 500 miles away.  They will also pay $70.00 per day for meals and hotels.  The university

is required to subsidize additional costs such as ground travel and other expenses not covered by the $70.00.  That is why this account came into being.  SAC chose to do this now instead of at the budget hearing.  This is not in the budget because Athletics does not know if someone is going to qualify or where the tournament will be held.  If we put the money in the account, how do we get it back if it is not used?  All activities can come and request additional money for tournament travel. Last year four women's teams qualified and several individual students qualified in various sports.  You will be getting a request from Forensics soon for tournament travel. 

Vice President Bruner-The fund only goes to NCAA sanctioned teams?

Director Hodapp-Yes, we don't have any teams that are not sanctioned.  Dance was an unsanctioned team but they are not considered in this NCAA travel funding.

Senator Bender-When was the last time this account received funding?

Director Hodapp-October 2003.

Vice President Burner-You have been doing this a long time, do you think this is the best way of doing this?

Director Hodapp-Yes, the senate would get bogged down if there were different funds for this and RSO's.

Approval of Agenda    Agenda approved with addition of Allied Health & Nursing Senator Report, Cultural Diversity Committee Report-Senator Ward, Senator Ross

Approval of Minutes   2-15-05 Minutes stand approved

Old Business

SAC Motion#02.06.06A    Athletic Post Season Travel Account

Student Allocations Committee recommends allocating up to $25,000 to the Athletic Post Season Travel Account to cover current deficits and future expenses.

Vice President Bruner-Do you think this is the best way of doing this?

Senator Ward-Yes, we have so many requests, we would get bogged down if it were done other ways.

Motion Passed

Officer Report

President Rob Wills

Next week at Meet & Confer we will be discussing the CSU Director Search and the Sexual Violence

Coordinator position.  I do not have an agenda to push regarding positions on campus, it is just that I seem like

an idiot telling you the President is not going to fund this position and then he does it without even mentioning it.  We will also be discussing the Campus Rec Proposal.  We will very soon be working a lot on the Student Activity Fee funding -if you have concerns please talk to us.  We will also be discussing the survey the Vice President is doing.  He will tell you more about that.

I have tried to talk to Dr. Davenport this week, he has been ill.

I met with the Alumni Director Cynthia Bemis-Abram, we talked about how to actively engage

alumni after they graduate.  She would like students to participate in a committee working on this.

Appointments: S.O.A.F.C.-Ryan Flugaur, Student Technology Roundtable-Ryan Anderson, Legislative Affairs-Natalie Perry, Constitution Commission-Natalie Perry, Elections Committee-Megan Brandt, SAC-Jered Jackson

Senator Brand-Should we be worried about the lack of communication between you and Dr. Davenport?

President Wills-I think you should be concerned.  I am embarrassed, the HLC report uncovered the lack of

communication with students.  This is also a priority with Minnesota State.

Senator Brand-What should we do as senators?

President Wills-Communicate your ideas to us and it will get passed on or send emails to the Vice President

of Student Affairs, Dr. Swatfager-Haney or send your ideas and concerns directly to Dr. Davenport.

Vice President Bruner  (see written Zoomerang survey)

This survey needed to be approved yesterday, it has not been approved by the Vice President of Student

Affairs yet.  We hope it will be taken care of tomorrow.  Let me know if you see changes to be made.

Regarding the Website, we passed a motion last semester to hire a person  to do this.  In the mean time Facilities Service has helped us get this up and running and they have done a very good job.   They would like to continue doing this.  Do we want them to continue for the semester or do we want to keep this in house and now turn this over to the student we hired?

President Wills-The person would just update the web site correct?

Vice President Bruner-Absolutely, the web site is great, they have done a great job.

Senator VanWyngarden-Can students do multiple buttons on the survey-#9 on the poll-would that be

reasonable to have that a check box?

Vice President Bruner-You can't be in two different colleges.  Graduate Students are in a specific college.

Senator Cichy-I feel it should be based on 1, 2 year etc.

Senator Bender-Do you think this should be multiple choice?

Vice President Bruner-We could give students answers to choose from but this will give students a chance

to really tell us what they think.

President Wills-Do you think someone else's survey could get in before ours on the university license?

Vice President Bruner- These are very mild questions-I see no reason why this would not be able to be revised

and get in on time.

Senator Brand-What percent do you think will answer this?

Vice President Bruner-Half would be good, a quarter is reasonable.

Senator Peterson-Two things that might improve #7.  I think they should have two to pick from or 2 options.

Vice President Bruner-I think that was Zoomerang-you can choose all or one.  I will check on this if you

feel that would be better.

Joel Johnson-Lynn Akey can clarify things on what you want to achieve and the best way to ask questions to get the best response.  Typically there is a cover letter that will help students respond.

Senator Peterson-Regarding The Campus Rec proposal-it seems most students are strongly against or for it, maybe it should be on a continuum.

Vice President Bruner-It is more difficult to quantify but I thought this would allow students to really

tell us how they feel.

Senator Ault-why do you have LGBT and Greek Life when they are in the SLD&SL and not all the other offices?

Vice President Bruner-I think most students would know of Student Events Team or Greek Life, if I overlooked a

specific line item I could add that.

Senator VanWyngarden-On the last question, should we add Undeclared?

Senator VanWyngarden -In regard to #7-if we pick out some offices, do you think we should pick out the non-traditional office?

Vice President Bruner-Yes

Senator Ogunnowo-How many students do you think will do this on-line survey versus a paper survey?  Don't you think it should be paper based instead of on-line so more students will respond?

Vice President Bruner-Yes, many students will delete it, by handing out paper surveys we will not get as accurate of a representation.  This is the only sure fire way to get to all students. 

Senator Bender-On a scale of 1-5, what step are you on right now as far as having this completed and ready to go?

Vice President Bruner-Hopefully tomorrow, I have been getting a lot of help from IT.  Most changes are superficial.

Senator Bender-If the survey is on MSSA, did we pass a motion?

Vice President Bruner-We did do a motion last fall.

Senator Brand-What exactly are we going to use this for?

Vice President Bruner-To get an idea of what students are thinking.  I would love help organizing the


Senator Rubbert-Is there any reason why we would not just put LGBT under SLD&SL?

Vice President Bruner-I don't think we should lump them together.  I will add more SLD&SL line items if necessary.

Senator Anderson-Do you think the Reporter should be added?

Vice President Bruner-They do get some funding, but students read the Reporter.  This would not

give us that much information.

Senator Cichy-Could we see the survey before it is put out?

Vice President Bruner-Absolutely



Initial Recognition:  Buddhist Meditation Group

Reminder-Training session tonight after the meeting.   Profiles still need to be turned in.

Senators need to be getting your reports done or we are going to have long meetings.

Committee Reports

Student Affairs-Jessica Cichy, Chair

The committee drafted a letter and passed unanimously to forward this letter to Dr. Davenport.

We, as the student body government, appreciate your recognition regarding the lack of student involvement in the development process of the Minnesota State University South Campus Recreation & Fitness Plan.

Our hope is that next year's plan will include more student input from the ground up in the redevelopment of said proposal.

The Minnesota State Student association proposes that a joint committee of a diverse cross-section of students and administrators be created to facilitate cooperative involvement in the development process.

We look forward to further exchange of ideas between the MSSA and your office as we work together toward our common goals.

Senator VanWyngarden-Explain the tone of the letter?

Senator Cichy-We wanted to explain that the process was not done well but we did not want to attack.

Cultural Diversity Committee-Matt Ward/Brandon Ross  (see written survey)

This is an independent survey designed by students and given without any administrative

oversight.  It will be given to students, faculty and staff.  We are doing a paper survey.  This is through our

committee, we need your help in distributing this.  We want you to be comfortable with the survey.

Brandon Ross-You can email us if you have changes or comments. 

Senator Brand-What will you do with the results?

Brandon Ross-Hopefully, we can present them to the university.  We want the administration to know the opinions of the campus community.

Senator Bender-It looks like a great survey.  What lead you to do this?

Brandon Ross-A survey was done last year, we looked this over and felt we could do better by creating our own


Senator Ogunnowo-Who are the members of this committee? 

Senator Ross-Yes, Senator Ogunnowo also met many times on the development of this survey.

President Wills-Has this has been reviewed by other people?

Senator Ross-Yes, we have had faculty that do surveys look at this and offer suggestions, also, others that do surveys.

Senator Ward-One of the reasons this has taken this much time is because we wanted to go over this with

people that do surveys, we wanted it be friendly and unbiased.

President Wills-You feel this is an unbiased survey and a good survey?

Senator Ross-Yes we do.

Senator Brand-  What is the time table for getting results?

Senator Ward-We would like to move forward ASAP, maybe next week.  We will need to collect and tabulate.

Senator Anderson-How are you going to get this out?

Senator Ward-We would like to set up tables in the Union, we would like cooperation from you.  We want

a random sample.  We hope you will take them to your classes, give to faculty, students and staff.  A paper

survey requires leg work.

President Wills-Can you have copies in the office? Senator Christensen-I think everyone will help with this.

Senator Bender-Who is going to tabulate the survey?

Senator Ward-Several people from the committee.

Senator Ogunnowo-So we can pick up the copies in the office?

Senator Ward-Yes, we will have them there.

            Senator Reports

            College of Education-Jenna Ault

I met with the College of Education Advisory committee today, we are working on a new program where there will be more involvement with the students.  In the College of Education everyone has their own core, it is hard to communicate with secondary education majors.   Elementary Ed is not as hard.  There are many other majors such as Aviation and ROTC.  The College is trying to develop a Council for all the majors, each major will have their own Chair and they will be able to meet with the Dean once a month and report back to their majors.  We will be meeting once a week until we get the Council going.

College of Allied Health & Nursing-Elizabeth Zika

Elizabeth Zika-Last week we discussed why we are not proceeding on the CSU Director Search.  I asked Director Hodapp what we should do to proceed.  I was told to talk to Carol Stallkamp, I have an appointment

tomorrow, if anyone would like to join me.  The only thing we have is a letter written by Ms. Stallkamp on behalf of Dr. Davenport that states that for administrative reasons the search was put on hold.  That is as far as this has gone.

Vice President Bruner-You are on the search committee and all you know is that the Director Search and the Evening Manager search has been put on hold for administrative reasons?

Senator Zika-It is hard for me to get answers. 

Senator VanWyngarden-Who was the letter from?

Senator Zika-It was sent from Carol Stallkamp on behalf of Dr. Davenport.

New Business

Motion #02-22-06A  South Campus Recreation Letter

Move to approve the letter written in Student Affairs Committee in regard to the lack of student involvement in the development process of the Minnesota State University South Campus Recreation and Fitness plan and to send the said letter to President Davenport.

Senator Jackson-I think Senator Cichy said it clearly.

Motion Passed


President Wills-There will be a brief meeting on the DC trip after the meeting tonight.

Senator Jackson-Saturday night, my place.

Senator Bender-Academic Affairs will meet next week.

Vice President Bruner-We don't need to take a van to the cities a bus from MSUSA will be picking us up.

President Wills-Big hockey game this weekend.

Senator Ogunnowo-The Pan African Conference is being held this weekend, this is a way of improving diversity.  Everyone should be there.

Senator Darvell-March 23.

Kyle Struck-You can go to and vote for MSU Idol in the next two days.

Senator Ault-Harry Potter tonight.

Senator Frederick-Vote for MSU Idol, show up for finals. 

Senator Cichy-Come to Cold Stone for samples tonight.


Roll Call     

Senators Present

Elizabeth Zika, Mercy Wariari, Karen Rubbert, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Jessica Nelson, Christopher Frederick, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Marianne Reilly, Omolayo Ogunnowo Ogunnowo, Ryan Flugaur, Andrew Bittner, Shannon Woods, Eric Christensen, Jessica Cichy, Jeff Brand Jered Jackson, Philip VanWyngarden, Ryan Anderson

Senators Absent

Kristeen Giese, Seyi Ogunseye, Sarah McLaughlin, Matt Ward, Ian Boyd

Executive Staff Present

President Rob Wills, Vice President Mike Bruner

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 5:24 P.M.