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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate

March 1, 2006

Meeting called to order by Speaker Gabe Afolayan

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)

Elizabeth Zika 21-0-0,  Mercy Wariari 1-1-0, Karen Rubbert 3-0-0, James Dye 20-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 20-1-0, Brandon Ross 19-1-1, Jenna Ault 20-1-0, Melissa Turner 21-0-0, Kristeen Giese 13-1-0,  Jessica Nelson 2-0-0, Oluwaseyi Ogunseye 16-4-0-1, Christopher Frederick 20-1-0, Lisa Darvell 20-1-0, Josh Peterson 18-2-0-1, Marianne Reilly 11-0-0,  Sarah McLaughlin 12-5-0-3, Omolayo Ogunnowo 14-2-0, Ryan Flugaur 2-0-0, A.J. Bittner 5-0-0, Shannon Woods 19-0-0-2, Eric Christensen 12-1-0, Jessica Cichy 18-3-0, Matthew Ward 18-2-1, Jeff Brand 13-0-1,  Jared Jackson 21-0-0, Ian Boyd 14-1-0, Philip VanWyngarden 5-0-0, Ryan Anderson 11-0-0, President Rob Wills 19-1-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 14-1-0

Approval of Agenda  Agenda approved without corrections

Presentation-MSU President, Dr. Davenport

I am always happy to come and talk to you.  I think it is rare to come and speak to the student government,

at least in Minnesota, it was not the case in Michigan.

I recently approved a Sexual Assault Coordinator position.  A year ago I was asked to fund this position.  There

really had not been any data collected at that time to support a full time position.  I agreed to fund it for half time until we could find out the need for the position.  I had not made a decision to fund this full time when I talked with your President, as I had not received data.   Director Rosenfeld, Director of the Women's Center

then came and presented me with very substantial data.  I then funded it full time and I also included a graduate

assistant and extra funding.  This is primarily because of you.  The students were out in front on that.

Your voices were heard.    President Wills did not know of that decision.  The Commission on the Status

of Women were told first.  There were other organizations working on this besides Senate.  An email was

sent out to all students informing them of this decision.

In regard to the Student Union unfilled positions.  Dr. Swatfager- Haney can you explain where we are at and that there is a reason why they are on hold.  There is privileged information I can not share.  I would be in violation of rights if I told you.  These positions have been put on hold for an important reason.

Recreation Plan-This is a passionate plan for me, however,  I recently took action to hold up the plan.  About two years ago I directed the university in general to address a campus master plan and academic plan.  In a general since this is for the entire university.  I asked for a Student Affairs plan, a Housing plan, Athletics, Recreation, and Technology.  This was all a part of our strategic priority.  We just recently got information back in regard to Athletics and the Campus Recreation  master plan.  I said ok lets hear what the students say about recreation.  One day we were talking about getting input from students then we were talking about a referendum.  I decided at that time we needed to slow it down. (1)  When I heard that student

government was going to have a referendum we looked at the costs.  We felt this might be setting the

students and administration up if we continued with the plan the way it was initially presented..  Also students had not had the input on the recreation master plan.  I decided ok lets slow it down and decide what the 9,000 students that use our recreation center every week thought.  There are a couple ways to pay for this.  It would not go through bonding.  This project would normally be paid for by student fees, like was done at St. Cloud.  Gustavus is also doing the same thing for Campus Recreation and Athletics.  They are doing it right and their students will be paying for this.  The city and school system could contribute but then students are saying they don't want facilities used by others, they want access when they want it.  Some students feel it would be ok if it cut the costs.  This is why we slowed it down, not stop it but get more student input.  Our cabinet has talked

about a task force of students, recreation staff, faculty and administration.  Probably not community members

at this time.  A co-chair would probably come from Student Affairs, and you will have a co-chair as well.

This was talked about before I received the letter from Gabe. I wanted you to know that I am very

sensitive to taking money from your pockets.  I think this proposal is an excellent idea but we only get

one chance.  We could do this in phases or all at the same time.

Senator Wood-Regarding the CSU positions-is there a time line?

President Davenport-This has to go to the Minnesota State offices   You are talking about the Building Coordinator. 

Dr. Swatfager-Haney-The two positions, are on hold, the Director position and the Building Coordinator.

Senator Reilly-Do you feel that you are in touch with students?

Dr. Davenport-The President's responsibility is not always on campus.  I represent the university  to many constituents.  I am out trying to get a campaign started.  The role is to run the university but it is very extensive.

The Vice Presidents deal with different groups.  Dr. Olson is Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, he deals with all instruction and professors.  We also have a Vice President for ITS, Mark Johnson.  He is in charge of information technology and has worked extensively on planning and budgets throughout campus.  The Vice President of Finance, Dean Trauger deals with the finance side.  Dr. Pat Swatfager-Haney interacts with students.  I would like to spend my time with you but that is not my job.  I can do that through my Vice Presidents and MSSA Liaison.  He reports to Pat and she reports back to me.  I will say that I have tried to create open forums and bring in the Reporter for the forums as well.  I think part of this is understanding the role of the President.  My daily schedule does not allow me time to be interacting with students everyday.

Senator Reilly-You said you spent time with students before making the Sexual Assault Coordinator position full time, did you receive that information from them or was that from the administration?

President Davenport-I get emails from students all the time, when I walk across campus students stop me, sometimes information is incidental, not based on a poll.  I am approachable, I am always ready to have a conversation.

Senator Ward-I have heard concerns from many of my constituents of the placement of the Sexual Assault Coordinator being in the Women's Center.  Would you be open to placing this position in the Counseling Center vs. Women's Center? 

President Davenport-I asked that question when I decided on this, I asked how many males used the service.  I was told there were four.  There may have been more if more males felt comfortable going into the Women's Center.  I am gathering  information on that now. Men may not feel comfortable going into a Women's Center.  We may need a new location.  I think we will study that and even if we make a decision to leave it where it is it may be changed later.

Senator Brand-How did you come up with what should be in the campus recreation plan, like a bubble?

President Davenport-I think that is coming from what students want, and that information is what we want from you.  Our outdoor facilities are not conducive to winter.  If you put a bubble over the tennis courts a lot of opportunities would be open.  I don't know, I put a halt on this to get more information.  You should come up with answers.

Senator Brand-How is this representing our college if it did not come from the administration staff?

President Davenport-Over two years ago I asked for a template on this campus.  I believe Todd Pfingsten  and Kevin Buisman walked this with many groups before I started it.  That is part of planning.  If the students decide they do not want it, I am putting back.

Senator Flugaur  What kind of data did you receive before you made the decision on the full time position?

President Davenport-Data, phone calls, visits outside the office.  The data did not show names only numbers, the number of contacts was enough to warrant the position.

Senator Flugaur-What were the numbers?

President Davenport-I don't have that but the information is available.  The data is available, it is public information.

Senator Wyngarden-You said Campus Recreation said 60% of students are using the program, how can the other 40% have a voice?

President Davenport-You will play a role in that.  We want to survey all students.  We want to know the level of interest.  Some students may appose this.  That will be part of the task and that is why we can't be in a big

hurry.  Also with elections coming up there will be a lot of discussion coming from you.  We want input from

any  and all students.

Senator VanWyngarden-Will non users of campus recreations be able to be on the committee?

President Davenport-We will identify people from all areas of campus.

Senator Bittner-With funding the Sexual Assault position, where will you make cuts?

Dr. Davenport-We had planned for this in the budget.  This is a very small amount of money.

Senator Bittner-What is the increase?

President Davenport-I am not sure exactly.

Dr. Pat Swatfager-Haney-Roughly $40,000.

Vice President Bruner-Athletic Proposal-one of the big problems is that students don't understand the

difference between M&E and Student Activity Fee money.  Will SAF money be the sole option?

President Davenport-I think there are restrictions on using M&E Money for recreation, we can look at

other options.  At most institutions that is how they are funded. Part of the reason I put a hold on this is because of the 9% tuition increase. 

Senator Brand-You said you had not alerted President Wills but you did other organization?

President Davenport-I informed the Commission on the Status of Women, an all student email went out.  It is no fault of his. Other groups were asking for this position, so we did not call all groups. 

Senator Dye-In regard to the placement of the position, what kind of groups are you asking input from for placement?

President Davenport-That would be Dr. Swatfager-Haney's decision.

Dr. Swatfager- Haney-We will want faculty opinions and students.  Please let me know if there are other groups interested.

Vice President Bruner-I understand legal issues, is it right to assume that an individual or individuals brought those charges? 

President Davenport-I can't answer that.

Vice President Bruner-If charges prove to be baseless, is there a consequence to the allegations that have halted this?

President Davenport-If this was true we would  protect rights of that person.  I am not saying that pertains to

this position.

President Davenport-On another issue-drinking and drugs is out of control, 20% of individuals sent to detox are from this university. I have been downtown.  We are fortunate we have not had someone get killed after a hockey game.  We need to talk about this. It is devaluing our university and your education.  If we are being talked about as the party school in Minnesota we need to talk about that. 

I would like to spend more time with student government.  At this time I am trying to raise money so we do not

have to raise tuition so high.  I want you to be happy.  I may not always be able to say yes and meet

your needs.  I will always listen. 


Approval of Minutes   2-22-05 Minutes   Minutes stand approved

Old Business

Officer Reports

President Rob Wills

Appointments: Women's Center Comprehensive Program Review Campus Review Team-Melissa Turner

I talked to Dr. Davenport last week.  I asked Dr. Davenport to come and talk to us today.  Mike and I have been meeting with Finance and Administration and we are working on approving a student pay raise.  This has not been raised for two years.

Senator Bender-Is this a recent change?

President Wills-It is only a small percentage of a raise. 

Vice President Bruner

Senator VanWyngarden helped me go over the survey.  I will be meeting with Lynn Akey tomorrow to

finalize the survey.  Everything you recommended we did put into the survey.  I hope you take a look at it.

I encourage anyone interested to come to the budget hearings from the various departments.


Initial Recognition:  Men Against Rape, Campus Atheists and Agnostics, DECA-Distributive Education Clubs of America (Delta Epsilon Chi)

Correspondence: Dr. Davenport approves the RSO's requests that we submitted and he thanked us for the opportunity to review the Recreation & Fitness Plan motion of January 25, 2006.  He acknowledges the desire for continuing dialogue between University community members.  President Davenport appreciates the Student Senate's careful study of this proposal.

Committee Reports

Student Allocation Committee-Matt Ward

      SAC M#02.20.06A  SOAFC

      SAC recommends allocating up to $5,000.00 to Student Organization Activity Funds                   Committee (SOAFC).

Senator Flugaur-I am on the SOAFC.  We have spent about $4,500. 

Senator Cichy-Where does that money go to?

Senator Flugaur-One time events for student organizations.

Vice President Bruner- Are they in the red because more campus groups are asking for money or

are they spending money flagrantly?

Senator Frederick-This is a great place for organizations to get money for an on-campus event.

We are in the red, but all the events have been very special.  We look at all the criteria.

Senator Bender-You have a chance to see this money, this is for events that are on campus.

President Wills-Why are they in the red?  We don't get a report.  It would be nice to get a report

since they are asking for more money.  They should report back.  We have not heard from them all year.

Senator Frederick-That is my problem, as Chair of the committee I will report back.

Vice President Bruner-With only a month left, will they actually be spending this amount?

Senator Bender-Can you amend a committee allocation?

Senator Giese-I am concerned that this is for student activity, why would we want to squash this?

Senator Ward-Events  receiving money this year:  National Society of Black Engineers, Asian Pacific             American Conference, SURSI, IVCF, College Republicans, Military Veterans Club, Psi Chi Honor Society and             Psychology Club, Psychology Graduate Student Organization

What this suggests is that this is not frivolous but spending that they have every right to ask for.  I don't see

that $5,000.00 is an amount to get freaked out about.

Motion Passed

      SAC M#02.20.06B  American Society of Civil Engineers

SAC recommends allocating up to $500.00 to the American Society of Civil Engineers                   to attend a regional conference at UW Platteville.

Vice President Bruner-Are these different dates?

Chair Ward-Yes

Motion Passed

SAC M#02.20.06C American Society of Civil Engineers

SAC recommends allocating up to $500.00 to American Society of Civil                               Engineers to attend a regional conference at the University of Iowa.

Motion Passed

      SAC M#02.20.06D U.S. Institute of Theatre Technology

SAC recommends allocating up to $1,000.00 to USITT to attend the National

Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Motion Passed

      SAC M#02.20.06E National Society of Black Engineers

SAC recommends allocating up to $500.00 to the National Society of Black                               Engineers to attend the National Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

Motion Passed

Senator Reports   

College of Graduate Studies-Kristeen Giese

      Since my last report in January I have continued to work with the Graduate Studies Dean and Chair. We continue to work on ideas to help build better communication among graduate studies students.

I chose to support this position, as I feel the students of MSU will benefit.

      I have also attended several events on campus, including the Vagina Monologues, Gloria Steinem, and the Gerontology brown bag discussion presented by Dr. Jeff Buchanan on Alzheimer behaviors. I continue to organize discussion groups on campus promoting intelligent conversation among students and faculty. I am grateful to the Sociology Department for their sponsorship.

      I have also been researching ideas on how to be a better senator. I have been working with Vice President Mike Bruner on a proposal for a retreat for senators to hold workshops on team building, goal planning and other training ideas that include how to use media and how to mobilize and motivate the student community.

      I have been attending the legislative committee’s meeting where we have been discussing the DC Summit and the Lobby Day at the Minnesota Capital.

      I have been selected as one of the senators who will be heading out to Washington DC March 9- 15. I am honored and am looking forward to spend time training and lobbying on behalf of MSU students.

Senator Bender-In your opinion should the Coordinator position be in the Women's Center or Counseling Center?

Senator Giese-I have been doing research on this, I will tell you when I finish this.

Senator Cichy-Have you talked to Dr. Delgado about the Dr. program lingering.

Senator Giese-I have heard about the programs.

Senator Cichy-What have you heard?

Senator Giese-There is concern about building and about staff and faculty.  Also some of the programs such as Nursing, it is important that we have Nurses involved because there is going to be a huge amount of teachers needed.  This campus is not a research campus so moving this way is going to be a huge step. 

Senator Cichy-What programs are they looking at?

Senator Giese-I have heard Business, Nursing.

College of Business-Kevin Bender

We had a job fair in the cities.  In the job market everyone is looking for sales.  We need students

on the College of Business Building plan.  Talk to me if you are interested.

Vice President Bruner-Have you moved forward with the textbook proposal?

Senator Bender-I have not.

Maverick Hall-Ryan Anderson

I have been working with the Web Site Committee.  Next week we will take a group picture for the web site.  We have taken the phone numbers off the web site.  There will be a link for unanimous comments.  We will also be adding a counter to monitor the site. 

            Next Tuesday is the precinct caucus, both Republican and Democratic caucuses  are at east high school.  What you do at the caucus is important.  We want student issues on the platform.

            Vice President Bruner-Did you feel the recommendations made on the web site were answered in a timely manner?

            Vice President Bruner-Do you feel it would be helpful if more senators came to this committee meeting?

Senator Anderson-Yes, we are meeting at noon on Friday. 

New Business

M #03.01.06 A  Senator Ward/Senator Dye

Whereas:            The Minnesota College Republican Annual Convention is this coming weekend.

Move:                  To suspend the SAC rules to expedite the SAC allocation process to approve travel                   funding for the MSU College Republicans request. 

            Chair Ward-Generally the requests are in the office for a week.  This is not uncommon if we expedite a process. This is for funding that is this weekend. 

Vice President Bruner-I hope we can vote for this, it has been done in the past.

Senator Cichy-How long have they known about the date and why did they not ask sooner? 

Vice President Bruner-The date of the convention was changed.

Senator Bender-Has the chair been informed?

Chair Ward-I have been informed.

Senator Bender-Is there an advisor and are they are aware of this?

Vice President Bruner-Mr. Hodapp felt it was fine, the Chair felt it was fine.

Motion Passed

SAC M#02.27.06  MSU College Republicans

SAC recommends allocating up to $1,000.00 for the College Republicans to attend the annual

college convention in Minneapolis, MN.

Motion Passed


            Senator Zika-College of Allied Health and Nursing is sponsoring a hunger relief dinner Monday March 6.  It is free.  North Ballroom, 6-8 pm.

            Senator Darvell-Thursday March 23-charity benefit 5-9.  $10.00

            Senator Frederick-I apologize for not coming to tell you about SOAFC, but we allocated several thousand

            to SAC without questions.

            Senator Bender-Basketball this weekend, show up it would be great support.

            Senator Ward-4:00 pm  Monday, SAC will be hearing budget for Health Services, Wed 2:00-Women"s Center.

            Everyone can come to the hearings and learn about the budgets.

            Senator Ault-MSU Idol Thursday, 7:00 pm.  Also kick off sale for Switchfoot concert starts Sunday, March 5. at 7:00 pm.  $10.00 for students. 

            Senator VanWyngarden-Korean Club doing a very good film, JSA.  Wed. March 8 in Ostrander.

            Senator Bittner-Try to attend a caucus, it is important that we go.  Many people that go do not understand student's issues and we need these on the platforms.

            Senator Cichy-Free samples at Coldstone.

            Kyle Struck-Please try to attend the caucus, there are no night classes.  MSU Idol Thursday night, Parking Hearing tomorrow at 11:00 in CSU 253-4.

            Senator Ward-I am bummed out President Davenport had to leave.  I believe we should ask him to come back

            and continue dialogue. 

            Senator Flugaur-What President Davenport said about alcohol abuse is valid and is something we should look at.


            Roll Call   

Senators Present

Elizabeth Zika, Karen Rubbert, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Kristeen Giese, Jessica Nelson, Seyi Ogunseye, Christopher Frederick, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Marianne Reilly, Omolayo Ogunnowo, Ryan Flugaur, Andrew Bittner, Shannon Woods, Eric Christensen, Jessica Cichy, Matthew Ward, Jered Jackson, Philip VanWyngarden, Ryan Anderson

Senators absent

Mercy Wariari, Jeff Brand, Ian Boyd

Executive Staff Present

President Wills, Vice President Bruner

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 5:30 PM