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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate

March 8, 2006

Meeting called to order by Speaker Gabe Afolayan

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)

Elizabeth Zika 22-0-0,  Mercy Wariari 2-1-0, Karen Rubbert 4-0-0, James Dye 21-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 21-1-0, Brandon Ross 20-1-1, Jenna Ault 21-1-0, Melissa Turner 22-0-0, Kristeen Giese 14-1-0,  Jessica Nelson 3-0-0, Oluwaseyi Ogunseye 17-4-0-1, Christopher Frederick 21-1-0, Lisa Darvell 21-1-0, Josh Peterson 19-2-0-1, Marianne Reilly 11-1-0,  Sarah McLaughlin 13-5-0-3, Omolayo Ogunnowo 15-2-0, Ryan Flugaur 3-0-0, A.J. Bittner 6-0-0, Shannon Woods 20-0-0-2, Eric Christensen 13-1-0, Jessica Cichy 19-3-0, Matthew Ward 18-3-1, Jeff Brand 14-0-1,  Jared Jackson 22-0-0, Ian Boyd 15-1-0, Philip VanWyngarden 6-0-0, Ryan Anderson 12-0-0, President Rob Wills 20-1-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 15-2-0

Approval of Agenda  Approved

Presentation-Jenna Braun, RSO Events

We represent all RSOs on campus.  I am here to tell you about our up coming events for RSO's.   Go for the gold, Mini Campus open to all student leaders on campus, March 24.  You will receive a free dinner.  Application for Student Leadership Awards are available in the office, as well as applications for community service project of the year.  We also have  Academic awards and Outstanding Advisor award applications.  The RSO fair is April 6.  Other upcoming events are Peter Singer, and Latino Night, I strongly recommend you take part.  We now have 193 organizations. 

Approval of Minutes   3-1-06 Minutes  Minutes stand approved.

Old Business

Officer Reports

President Rob Wills

Appointments:  International Student Office Assistant Director Search Committee-Manisha Shrestha,

Ethics Commission-Kyle Struck, Khumar Raza, Michele Kunstleben, Derek Ritichison

Meet & Confer is tomorrow, if you have anything to add to the Campus Rec proposal that would be great.

Senator Brand-do you think we will get more answers from Dr. Davenport tomorrow?


Initial Recognition:  Society of Manufacturing Engineers



To the MSSA Senate            March 7, 2006

      I will be the foremost person to candidly confess that I do not grasp the scope of responsibilities and duties in the respective leadership positions within Minnesota State Student Association on the Minnesota State University, Mankato campus. I concede to the fact that I do not understand Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure, the various underlying factors that may affect MSSA decisions or the personal motives for which students hold MSSA positions.

      In fact, I warrant all MSSA officials much respect and appreciation for volunteering time and energy to better the MSU campus, to ensure quality education and opportunities to the MSU student body, and to uphold a Constitution that values fairness and democracy amidst a commonly bureaucratic entity.

      However, as a respectable appointed or elected official within the University and the MSSA, please do not overlook or ignore the inherent responsibility that accompanies such a title as a MSSA Senator, Speaker, Vice- President, or President.

      Although it may seem that the MSU student body overlooks, or lacks to appreciate, the MSSA positions and the high-class of service that this group of motivated and genuine people make on campus, please realize that opinions and statements coming from MSSA officials and representatives carry credence and are respected above opinions and ideas from the “common” student.

      It may seem daunting to contemplate and reflect upon the value of words and language coming from officials, but it must be realized that language is power and power is derived through a hierarchy of leadership in which all MSSA representatives, given their titles, hold elevated positions. Thus, the words, opinions, and statements presented to the public from an MSSA official carry persuasive command and are referenced more often than not as fact, instead of mere personal opinion.

      Thus, please be weary of the manner in which personal opinions, thoughts, statements, and ideas are offered to the MSU community as an MSSA official. Please ensure that content presented to the public, using an MSSA title, is undeniably factual, accurate, and portrayed in a fair and objective manner.

      Please do mistake my request for accuracy and reflection on the value of words coming from title-holding officials as a request for censorship or unrealistic dialogue, as I ardently value free expression of ideas and thought. However, I would appeal, as a student in which all MSSA officials represent, that if a title-holding MSSA official would like to partake in an exchange of personal, not factual, information that they relinquish their respective title while voicing their desired position on an issue or idea, whether that be in print media or in a conversation with a fellow MSU student. All people, regardless of a title of leadership or lack there of, deserve the right and opportunity to freely express their point of view. However, once a title of power or leadership is attached to a name, thought, and/or quote, the once personal component has now become a professional statement from leadership and regarded as fact, whether intentional or accidental in nature.

      I highly respect all MSSA officials and appreciate everything this organization does for the MSU campus and student body, but please take some time before speaking as an MSSA official to understand the value of the words being presented and consider how these words will be regarded and viewed by the general public.

      There is no guaranteed manner in which to prevent misunderstandings or misconceptions arising when voicing concerns or ideas, this is naturally inherent when utilizing language to convey thoughts, but please be sure to relay these personal, not factual or MSSA sanctioned, thoughts or statements through the voice of a concerned or interested person or student, rather than as an MSSA official. 

      The words of MSSA leadership carry credence; please do not forget this idea when addressing the student body. Students appreciate and respect MSSA officials, whether they address it outwardly or fail to in their public discourse, thus public address coming from an MSSA official becomes forethought and fact in many individual’s minds.

      Language is power and power influences thought. Therefore, please consider this idea the next time a statement is called for; do not overlook your role as a respectable and valued leader on the MSU campus, you have earned it.                                                                                            


Sarah Hunter

Senior - Speech Communication and Spanish major

President Wills-What should we do about this?

Speaker-This does not make reference to any individual.  MSSA does have policy in place for conduct and ethics.

Senator Cichy-How important is it that it is factual or proven?

Speaker-Very important, once a title is out.  Anything we say can be misinterpreted or harming to the association.

Senator Cichy-Would you like to see the letters before they are given to the media?

Speaker-I don't think that is necessary.  We don't need more bureaucracy. 

Senator Boyd-Would you agree when we take this position that when we write letters etc. that we should be

accountable for what we say?

Speaker-You could be up for sanction if you do not follow your responsibilities.

Senator Bender-In the past we had a PR coordinator, wouldn't they be responsible for writing letters?

Speaker-They would be but individuals can still write letters.

Senator Bender-If we did have a coordinator it could go through that person?

Speaker-That depends on the scope of the job.

President Wills-Are you aware that we all take an oath and those senators should be held accountable.


Senator Giese-Do we have current filings?

Speaker-I will not answer that at this time. 

Senator Flugaur-Where are the regulations regarding comments to the media?

Speaker-Article 5 Section 2.  Judicial Authority.  My interpretation is that you are called out

when a member of the body finds you to be unethical. 

Senator Flugaur-Do we have a full Ethics Commission?

Speaker-We do have five students after the President's appointments.

Committee Reports

Student Allocation Committee-James Dye

SAC M#03.07.06A Forensics National Tournament

SAC recommends allocating up to $7,425.00 to MSU Forensics to attend the American Forensics                   Association National Individual Events tournament at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.     


Senator Dye-Forensics is treated the same as the Dance Team, they are not an RSO, they are allowed to go to

tournaments and can come to us for funding.  This tournament is the hardest tournament to get to go to.

They have come to us every year for funding.  They have two requests for prestigious tournaments.

                  SAC M#03.07.06B Forensics National Tournament

                  SAC recommends allocating up to $4,626.00 to MSU Forensics to attend the National Forensics                         Association National Championship Tournament at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire in Eau                         Claire, WI.


                  SAC M#03.07.06C Philosophy Club

                  SAC recommends allocating up to $500.00 to the MSU Philosophy Club to bring a speaker, Peter

                  Singer, to campus for a lecture on March 22, 2006. 

This one is an RSO but they can go to both SOAFC and SAC for funding.  They have done a considerable amount

of fundraising.      

                  SAC M#03.07.06D Alternative Spring Break

                  SAC recommends allocating up to $1850.00 to Alternative Spring Break to participate

                  in a service learning project in New Orleans, Louisiana. 


                  SAC M#03.07.06E MSU Badminton Club

                  SAC recommends allocating up to $550.00 to the MSU Badminton Club to participate at the Rufus       Tildew Memorial 2006 Wisconsin Open Badminton Tournament in Milwaukee, WI.

SAC -James Dye-You should be reading these requests; they are posted on the board a week in advance. 

            Senator Ward-Philosophy Club did get $500.00 from SOAFC they have fund raised a lot, why did they get such a small amount?

Senator Dye-We did not give them too much since they already went to SOAFC and they do have a large amount

in their account.

Motions Passed

            Senator Reports 

Off-Campus Senator-Shannon Woods

Iwas approached by a student in Psychology and she is doing a survey on leadership, they will be in the office.

I have been looking into night time parking.  I would like to notify you of options that I have found out. 

Senator Zika-Do you need help with Parking?

Senator Woods-Sure, I am working on this.

President Wills-Can you attend the Parking Advisory or talk to Dave Cowan?

Senator Bender-What are options you found out about?

Senator Woods-There is a bus that runs at 6:00 pm that gets students on campus.  My complaint was about the

pay lot. 

Kyle Struck-We have a shuttle that runs from 12-6 regardless of where you live, from 6-8 there is curb call, the

bus will pick you up.  In terms of the pay lot, the pay lot is open until 10:30 pm, if you are not there by

then Security will ticket the cars and then open the gates.  Once the arms are up 10:30-2:00 is free of charge.

President Wills-Is just a Mav card needed to use the shuttle?

Kyle Struck-There is no verification, no coins, completely free. 

President Wills-I was told you needed to use your Mav Card.

Kyle Struck-I am assuming the drivers think the individuals they pick up around campus are students.

Senator Seyi- What apartments do this go to?

Senator Woods-Basically only parking lots and Courtyard.

College of Business-Brandon Ross

I have been working with the Diversity Commission.  I met with Dr. Davenport regarding our survey and he gave

me good feedback.  I am also working on the Diversity Commission on a forum in April regarding Diversity

            issues.  We would like at least two senators to attend.  Also we are going to have drop boxes around campus for questions or concerns and we will be hosting a Meet and Greet with the Senate and the Diversity Commission, this would be good for you to all attend. 

Senator Christensen-How many surveys have you collected?

Senator Ross-I am not sure.

Senator Darvell-What are the  times for the forum?

Senator VanWyngarden-Can you get an idea of when we will know the response rate for the surveys?

Senator Ross-Originally two weeks, but we might extend that because of spring break.

President Wills-What initiatives did you talk about with Dr. Davenport?

Senator Ross-Things that will make the university more diversified; the survey, forum, Meet & Greet.

Speaker-This survey was not officially endorsed so it is preemptory

Senator Layo-How do you want to involve students that are not interested in diversity?

Senator Ross-Just by getting ideas, doing  presentations and hosting forums.

            Senator Layo-I have been talking to many students, they are concerned.  How can we get this information out to students?

Senator Ross-There is a lack of communication, we want to find ways so students can ask questions so if they

have a question maybe they can get some answers and help.

Senator Giese-The survey did that go through a hierarchy?

Senator Ross-Yes, we had accredited people look at this.

Senator Dye-Do you have any comments to say about the survey?

Senator Ross-We feel this is a credible survey.

Senator Bender-Drop boxes-are they going to be for any type of questions students may have?

            Senator Ross-Yes, it is for diversity but the questions will be forwarded to the right area such as food service if some one does put in a question like that.

Senator Bender-Diversity is generalized don't you think the drop boxes should be for all concerns?

Senator Ross-No not all, but if several people have a question on a issue we know there is an issue to look at.

Senator Bender-Do you think a more generalized box would be more efficient and used by more students.

Senator Ross-That might be.  We are working on Diversity issues.

Speaker Motion Senator Cichy/VanWyngarden

            Move to send a condolence letter to the family of Eric Suurmeyer  in light of recent tragedy on behalf of the Minnesota State Student Association.

Senator VanWyngarden-This is an opportunity to represent many students.  We should do this.

Motion passed


Senator Darvell-Taco Feed, March 23 at Bandana Brewery for the Robby Page Memorial.

Senator Ault-Yolanda King-lecture, March 28 in Taylor Center.  Please go.

President Wills-Thank you Dr. Swatfager-Haney for attending.  Also the Reporter is back today, thanks.

Senator Boyd-Sigma Nu-Tryk telethon for humanity. 

Senator Bender-Good look Mavs in basketball tournament.

Senator Giese-MSU Center on Aging will be hosting a lecture by Betty Chesley, March 30. 

President Wills-Hockey plays No. Dak. this weekend, cheer them on as well.

Senator Cichy-Social Work is working on getting a masters program.  They are hoping to develop

the largest program on campus.                                                           

Roll Call     

Senators Present

Elizabeth Zika, Mercy Wariari, Karen Rubbert, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Kristeen Giese, Seyi Ogunseye, Christopher Frederick, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Marianne Reilly, Omolayo Ogunnowo, Ryan Flugaur, Andrew Bittner, Shannon Woods, Eric Christensen, Jessica Cichy, Jeff Brand, Jered Jackson, Ian Boyd, Philip VanWyngarden, Ryan Anderson

Senators Absent

Jessica Nelson, Matt Ward

Executive Staff Present

President Rob Wills

Adjournment   Meeting adjourned at 5:00 P.M.