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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate
March 29, 2006


Meeting called to order by Speaker Gabe Afolayan
Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Elizabeth Zika 24-0-0,  Mercy Wariari 3-2-0, Karen Rubbert 6-0-0, James Dye 23-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 23-1-0, Brandon Ross 22-1-1, Jenna Ault 23-1-0, Melissa Turner 24-0-0, Kristeen Giese 16-1-0,  Jessica Nelson 5-0-0, Oluwaseyi Ogunseye 18-4-0-2, Christopher Frederick 23-1-0, Lisa Darvell 22-2-0, Josh Peterson 21-2-0-1, Marianne Reilly 13-1-0,  Omolayo Ogunnowo 17-2-0, Ryan Flugaur 5-0-0, A.J. Bittner 8-0-0, Shannon Woods 22-0-0-2, Eric Christensen 15-1-0, Jessica Cichy 21-3-0, Matthew Ward 20-3-1, Jeff Brand 15-1-1,  Jared Jackson 24-0-0, Ian Boyd 17-1-0, Philip VanWyngarden 8-0-0, Ryan Anderson 14-0-0, President Rob Wills 22-1-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 17-2-0

Open Forum
      Mr. Allen Sigafus-Governmental Reforms  (see written report)
      Governmental reforms would save huge amounts of tax funds.  Twenty-first century problems can not be addressed with a structure that was built for the 19th century-the horse & buggy era.  There are frequent news stories about billions of dollars a year being lost to fraud and abuse by different federal programs.  This out-of-control federal bureaucracy also makes political payoffs possible. Pork barrel spending of $60,000,000,000 was made this past year. .......Students in the years to come will be expected to address
      Vice President Bruner-Do you think the Met Council is what you are looking to bring down?
      Mr. Sigafus-I think there should be about  20 councils.  I think there should be a regional jail.  5 counties are
      now looking at building new jails.  This would be a huge savings, one supervisor could supervise many more
      than they are currently doing.

      Emily Malhall-I represent all seven universities from MSUSA.  MSUSA is run by students, this weekend
      is our big weekend.  We will be having Delegate Assembly in the cities. 
      President Wills-Can you tell us about you if you are running for the at-large position?
      Emily-I am currently in the position, I am not running.
      Senator Bender-Do you know what the MSUSA budget is?
      Emily-A little over $3 million dollars.
      Senator Bender-What is the benefit of MSUSA to students?
      Emily-We work on many issues such as the Text book bill to investigate high cost of text books.  The DC Lobby trip is made possible by MSUSA as well as other lobby efforts.
Approval of Agenda   Agenda approved after addition of Senator Andrew Bittner-McElroy Hall

Approval of Minutes   3-22-06 Minutes   Minutes stand approved

Old Business
Officer Reports
President Rob Wills
I met last Monday with Dr. Davenport.  Dr. Davenport asked about the location for the Sexual Assault
Position Coordinator.  I stated the location should be neutral as to make sure everyone is comfortable
going to the location. We are co-hosting an Open Forum with Dr. Davenport and the Reporter on April 12.  We will be discussing Alcohol  & Drugs on Campus & Campus Recreation.  It is very important that
we get people to attend and discuss these issues.  All Senators should attend this.   We are starting to plan for next years Campus Rec Proposal.  We are given two positions on the planning task force, including a student co-chair.
Appointments:  Student Representation on the Recreation Master Plan Committee-Mike Bruner,
Gabe Afolayan 
M&E Budget Meeting-discussion on tuition and operating budget.  The student pay rate we are
standing behind is a 2% pay raise.
I attended the Yolanda King Presentation last night.  It was amazing and motivational.  I was honored
to attend and I want to commend Student Events Team for bringing her to MSU.
Senator Bender-What is the pay increase?
President Wills-It depends on the level the student is at now.  The base is $7.50.  This would be about a
.25 cent increase. 
Senator Giese-Did we as a senate decide to take a stand on the location of the Sexual Assault position?
President Wills-No-we just discussed where it would be most comfortable, not about who runs it but just the location.
Senator VanWyngarden-When will the Campus Rec Master Plan committee start meeting?
President Wills-It will start about April 14. 
Senator VanWyngarden-Will that committee meet over the summer?
President Wills-Yes

Vice President Mike Bruner
Please talk to us before the meetings start in regard to the Campus Master Planning.
Reminder was sent out about Zoomerang survey.  We have over 1,000 responses.  We need to
crunch numbers and I would like your help.  The Student Savings Club Card is receiving positive
response from the businesses.
Senator VanWyngarden-Do you plan on being here to attend the summer meetings on Campus Rec?
Vice President Bruner-Yes, I am working here and will be on campus.
Senator Bender-Do you think they will create the cards for students?
Vice President Bruner-I think students like that they only show their MavCard.
There is a link on our web site you can print out or just show your MavCard.

Initial Recognition:  Students for Kennedy, Minnesota State University, Mankato Chess Club, Pan-African Student Organization

I also went to Yolanda King last night.  It was great.  We need senators to begin doing their reports.
Senator VanWyngarden-Are you planning on being here this summer? 
Speaker Afolayan-Yes, I will be here.

Coordinator Reports
MSUSA Campus Coordinator Kyle Struck  MSUSA Delegate Assembly Friday.  Lobby Day is Monday.  We have four meetings set up with legislators.  We can set up meetings with your home districts.  John Hottinger, John Dorn and Ruth Johnson have also been set up for us to meet with.  At 12:00 we can attend meetings on House Higher Ed-Textbook task force.  If you can not attend, please talk to your constituents to see if any one can attend.  It is important we lobby these legislators. One issue being considered is a $25.00 fee to college
students living in St. Paul.  This is a utility charge.
Senator Giese-You said there are vans going on Monday as well as to conference?
Coordinator Struck-Yes
Vice President Bruner-Can you tell us more regarding the $25.00 charge in  St. Paul?
Kyle-This would be tacked on to tuition-and the city would be reimbursed.  St. Paul has a high per capita of    
colleges and university.  If this were to happen it would only be a matter of time before it would trickle down
to other schools.
Senator Flugaur-What time will the vans be leaving?
Kyle-We will be leaving here at 8:30 am 
Senator Giese-How would we go about getting more appointments for Monday?
Kyle-You can email me or call me.  I would like as many appointments as possible.  This would show we
are being proactive and showing we care about this.
Senator Flugaur-$25.00 fee of St. Paul.  Isn't it 136.A regarding fees?  Wouldn't that make it illegal?
Vice President Bruner-Has MSUSA looked into the legality of this?
Kyle-I believe they have or we would not be opposing it.
Vice President Bruner-Has MSUSA informed the campuses?
Kyle-I don't know for sure, I will look through all the documents. 

Committee Reports
Parking Appeals Committee-Kyle Struck
Parking Appeals is fun this time of year with snow etc.  Everyone should have a handbook, snow is
not a good excuse.  Today we had issues because the lines were not showing through and people were
parking wherever.  I wish senators would talk to people and help students know they need to follow the rules.  We need policies for parking and student access to be concurrent.  Another issue for students is that many students are staying to all hours of the night doing projects.  They are parking where parking is not allowed after 2:00 am.  There needs to be more discussion on this in the Advisory Board. You are still
senators and representatives so help prevent incurred costs to students.  We can not forgive because
students are poor if they do not read the policy.
Senator Giese-Is there seasonal motorcycle parking?
Senator Bender-Late parking, would 4 AM help?
Kyle-I suggested a pass such as you can get during Spring break so student could park near their department.  I was told that was not a viable option.  Something does need to be done.  Students are unorthodox.  They don't
go home if they have to finish a project.
Vice President Bruner-How often do you grant appeals?
Kyle-It is case by case.
Senator Giese-Isn't it true a student would need a building pass for after hours?
Kyle-Even if they had that it does not give them a pass to park in certain parking areas.
Senator Cichy-Where can senators get that book if they have questions?

Student Allocation Committee-Matt Ward
            SAC M#03.20.06A  Advertising Club

            SAC recommends allocating up to $800.00 to MSU Advertising Club for 16 students to attend an advertising            competition in St. Paul, MN.

Motion passed

            Election Committee-Chair, Katie Kendhammer
I apologize for doing this a little backwards.  I did not bring the rules last week and explain the rules and
have them approved.  We have added the need for the approval of the Web site.  We are looking for
things like making sure you have information on voting on your web site.
Senator Dye-Does the web site have to be approved by the committee for changes?
Katie-Let us know if you are making changes so we can check it out before you make them.
Senator VanWyngarden-What is the minimum threshold of time for changes?
Katie-We want candidate change, sponsorship change.  Any paper work you would have had to file.
Vice President Bruner-If someone changes a picture-would that have to be approved?
Katie-I would say yes if we would need to see if it is appropriate.
Vice President Bruner-I am thinking logistically.  If a change has to be approved when should we do that?
Katie-As soon as you have made can before making the change. 
President Wills-What is the last day for senators to apply?
Katie-Friday is the last day.
Senator Dye-Do we have to have Face Book approved?
Katie-Face book is separate, it is not a web site.
Vice President Bruner-The rules also say One week prior for filing? 
President Wills-What rules are you operating under now?
Katie-We are operating under these rules that we made now. 

Senator Reports
            Off-Campus-Phillip VanWyngarden-Yesterday I attended Yolanda King.  I was able to shake her had
            and meet her in person.  I have been meeting with Mark Johnson on Technology Committee.  We have
            had a change to see the entire technology budget,  we have seen collaboration.  ITS is working with departments         to get specific needs and it addresses such things as the Kiosks, part of that is paid for by technology fee.  All across campus departments are pairing to address student needs.  Next week is our last tour before we discuss the actual budget. 
            Senator Woods-I can't speak for Mark Johnson, but I would guess there would be no problem.  The meetings
            are at 3:30 on Tuesday. 

            Maverick Hall-Ryan Anderson (written report)
During the past week I have been involved in many things on the MSU campus.  On Wednesday evening I attended the lecture given by the famous philosopher Peter Singer.  I found the lecture informative and would like to see MSU clubs and departments facilitate more discussion like this.

On Thursday morning I attended the even sponsored by the College Republicans where current 6th district congressman and potential senate nominee Mark Kennedy and 2nd district Congressman Gil Gutknecht spoke.  I really enjoyed this event and would like to see more politicians make appearances like this, where students can ask questions and voice concerns.

On Saturday morning I attended the Blue Earth County Republican convention.  I was happy to see a healthy student turnout, especially among senate members.  Though I was not a delegate, I stayed as they discussed what issues to put on the party platform.

Tuesday evening I attended the Yolanda King lecture sponsored by the Student Events Team.  Yolanda's presentation style was unique, but her message was fairly mundane.  I wish she would have brought a more in-depth, thought provoking message.

Throughout the past few weeks I have been a member of The Student Technology Subcommittee.  So far I have been very impressed with the ITS services that are provided to the University.  I look forward to working with the committee to make a budget recommendation.

            Arts & Humanities-Karen Rubbert-I am on the Newspaper committee for the Reporter.  I met with
            Andrew Miller, an alum, and faculty from Mass Comm.  We are choosing an editor for next year and
            approving their budget.  Adds are put in the Reporter for the editor.  We will meet next week and vote
            on that.  Their budget is going down this year thanks to the new advertising manager and their budget
            no longer goes up and down since they received that full time ad position. 
McElroy Hall-Andrew Bittner
            During Spring break I met with Todd Pfingsten, Director of Campus Recreation.  We went over the Campus Master Plan.  We discussed the process bringing forth the proposal and we discussed smaller concerns.  The process started last year.  Dr. Davenport approached Todd Pfingsten and Athletic Director Kevin Buisman in regards to outdoor recreation improvements.  They then looked at assessing their needs.  The original proposal was minus the Hockey facility.  Then the ice arena was added to the proposal to become the proposal we saw in January.  One of the main concerns was about the pricing.  This was not done by any architectural firm but our facility service so the costs were not definitive.  The bubble and the turf costs led to issues so an A&E firm is now going to look at all the costs and professional renderings.  This will cost about $5-30 thousand from M&E.
            Lifetime of bubbles has been about 10-15 years.  They would like to have the proposal paid off in 15 years.
            President Wills-The administration approached Mr. Pfingsten and Director Buisman about  adding the ice facility and not students?
            Senator Bittner-I don't know if that was a secondary or if it was the administration brain child.
            Senator VanWyngarden-Will fees be raised more with a 15 year proposal?
            Senator Bittner-He did not say how they would rework finances.
            Senator Bender-How serious are they about 15 years?
            Senator Bittner-It was said in passing, but it was one of Todd's goals so that it would be fair to the students.
            Senator Giese-Was there discussion about getting funding from other sources?
            Senator Bittner-Yes, three sources, state, local partnerships, state bonding is out of the question.
            Senator Giese-So to clarify-they seem to be opposed to outside sources?
            Senator Bittner -Basically they are not out ruling anything.  Pragmatically, community partnerships are not actively being pursued.
            Senator Ward-What were the numbers based on?
            Senator Bittner-Original numbers were formulated from facility planning on campus.



New Business
M#03.29.06A  Election Rules

Whereas:              The rules have already been presented to the MSSA.
Whereas:              All election rule packets for the 2006/07 election have this change in it
Whereas:              Including websites under official material would allow oversight over content that                                                may be mentioned in other campaign material.

Be it moved:         To approve the amendment to the election rules, Article IV, Section 3a as amended                                            by the election committee. 

Senator Bender-This is to keep things fair.
President Wills-Friendly Amendment-Move to amend to read Whereas the revised election rules have already been presented to MSSA
Senator VanWyngarden-I don't know if this has been threshed out, I would like to have seen more specific rules.
Vice President Bruner-I would like to amend that board seats and senator applications are due Friday.
Senator Bender-I agree, we want to get as many people as possible to run. 
Vice President Bruner-I understand the concerns but ITS needs time to set all this up. 

M# 03.29.06A MSSA Election Rules President Wills/Senator Peterson

Whereas:              The revised election committee rules have already been proposed to the MSSA
Whereas:              All election rule packets for the 2006/07 election have this change in it
Whereas:              Including websites under official material would allow oversight over content that                                                may be mentioned in other campaign material.

Be it moved:         To approve the amendment to the election rules, Article IV, Section 3a as amended                                            by the election committee with the stipulation that all applications for senate and                                                 board seats are due on Friday, March 31.

Senator Giese-The rules are not clear on what you can and cannot change. 
Senator Cichy-People should use their head on what you should get approved.
Motion Passed

Senator Cichy-Thank  you to those that came to the Taco Feed.
Senator Giese-Thursday there is a conference being presented by Gerontology on aging at
the Best Western.
Senator Ward-I wish we would have had more student involvement on the budget hearings.
If you are running in senate-abide by the rules and don't do anything stupid.   Have a good
clean mud slinging election
President Wills-Diversity Open Forum-the 2nd and 3rd of April  5-6 PM and Wed from 11-12
Senator Ross-Sign up for the Diversity Forum and make sure you are there a little early.
Senator Giese-April 5 at 2:00 I will be leading a discussion for Eliminate Hate Week
Senator Cichy-Monday is Social Services week at the capital as well.
Roll Call
Senators Present
Mercy Wariari, Karen Rubbert, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Kristeen Giese, Jessica Nelson, Christopher Frederick, Josh Peterson, Marianne Reilly, Omolayo Ogunnowo, Ryan Flugaur, Andrew Bittner, Shannon Woods, Eric Christensen, Jessica Cichy, Matthew Ward, Jered Jackson, Philip VanWyngarden, Ryan Anderson
Senators Absent
Seyi Ogunseye, Lisa Darvell, Jeff Brand, Ian Boyd
Executive Staff Present              
President Rob Wills, Vice President Mike Bruner

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 5:30 PM.