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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student Allocation Budget Hearing

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Student Allocation Budget Hearing
April 19, 2006

Meeting called to order by Speaker Gabe Afolayan

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Elizabeth Zika 27-0-0,  Mercy Wariari 5-3-0, Karen Rubbert 9-0-0, James Dye 26-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 26-1-0, Brandon Ross 24-2-1, Jenna Ault 26-1-0, Melissa Turner 27-0-0, Kristeen Giese 19-1-0,  Jessica Nelson 7-1-0, Oluwaseyi Ogunseye 21-4-0-2, Christopher Frederick 26-1-0, Lisa Darvell 25-2-0, Josh Peterson 24-2-0-1, Marianne Reilly 15-1-0,  Omolayo Ogunnowo 19-3-0, Ryan Flugaur 7-1-0, A.J. Bittner 10-1-0, Shannon Woods 25-0-0-2, Eric Christensen 17-2-0, Jessica Cichy 24-3-0, Matthew Ward 23-3-1, Jared Jackson 27-0-0, Ian Boyd 19-2-0, Philip VanWyngarden 11-0-0, Ryan Anderson 17-0-0, President Rob Wills 25-1-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 20-2-0

      Presentation and Appeals
Intercollegiate Athletics-Director Kevin Buisman
I am here to give you the background for the basis of our appeal.  Under funding in our budget is relevant to Strength and Conditioning Coach position.  In the original agreement four years ago, the status of
funding for the position was to be reviewed during the most recent budget submittal.

We did not think that review would lead to decrease in funding.  This allocation is $55,000 less than was requested when the budget was first presented to the Student Allocations Budget.  We are not in a position
to fund this position this year.  This is an existing position, this would leave us in a difficult position.
This would impact student athletes and athletic program.  We would have to face the possibilities of across-the-board budget reductions in some or all of our sports.  We operate on a thin budget, particularly in the area of student travel.  I don't even know if what we requested will be enough.

I would like to propose that a compromise might include moving the funding request from the annual operating budget to a special one-time funding request for FY 07.  This would demonstrate a show of good faith on our part and a real commitment to move from MSSA student fee funding for this position to more traditional sources of funding by no later than the FY '08 budget cycle.  Thank you for your

SAC Rebuttal  SAC Chair Jani Grantz
We do not agree, we felt this was a four year position.  We feel that even though it is important it
should no longer come from Student Fees.

International Student Office-Director Thomas Gjersvig
We are appealing for a 3/4  time position for The International Student Association and Offices of International Programs and International Students.  MSU students should be offered new and in depth programming with global perspectives to make them marketable upon graduation in the ever increasingly global market.  We lose opportunities when students can not work one on one with international students. 
This SAF supported budget has had little to no increase since 2000-01 when the subsidy was $37,600.  This past two years the subsidy was $39,700-about 13 cents per credit.  There has never been any one-time funding to this program.  This request also includes discontinuing one SAF funded GA. 

GA's turn over frequently and given the immigration demands on ISO staff, there has not been strategic planning for new programming and continuity of current activities.   A part time position will provide this.

Programming can go beyond someone coming to an event to eat and watch-new activities, it can bring U.S. and Int'l students together one to one.  This will:  assist the Int'l student to become more comfortable at MSU and less likely to only stay within their cultural group, help the local student become more globally competent to compete in a global society and supervise a diverse workforce upon graduation and encourage more MSU students to study abroad. 

As the ISO and IPO will be co-allocated in the future, this should be seen as funds to support and create global opportunities for all MSU students, not just International students.  This position will be coordinated within the two offices.  Even with some additional State dollars to support all the immigration activities done within the ISO, this request is for student programming activities to benefit MSU students.

Allison-I am a cultural ambassador for the school.  I have been learning so much by working and
really getting to know International students.  International students appreciate being with American students.  I believe Americans should have the opportunity to know International students. I have made friends with so many International students and it has enriched my life.
Emily Haas-I was also an ambassador.  I have attended several events.  I think it is a tendency for
American students and International students to stay where they are comfortable.  American students
can learn a lot about other cultures.  I would appreciate it if you would consider funding this
Leonard-Many International students are not making friends with American students, this is sad because they are not having the one to one experience.  Other students are not learning of our culture.  American students should have the opportunity of getting to know International students.

Karin Lindsay-Director of IPO Office.  The Ambassador program was a pilot project and we hope to continue this.  It has proven to be beneficial allowing experiences with both International and
American students.

SAC Rebuttal-SAC has always supported International students, we agree with the position but the
Sevis position should be funded by M&E dollars.  If this were funded it would free up time with the
current staff to do programming.  We agree this is an important position and we strongly support
this being funded by M&E.

LGBT-Jessica Flatequal, Director
For fiscal year 2006-2007, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center is requesting a budget increase from $8,000.00 to $10,000.  The additional base budget of $2,000.00 will be used to increase the quantity and quality of LGBT  focused programming.(see pink sheet)
The LGBT has supported over 5,000 students this past year.  The LGBT is life-changing and life-saving for many students.  The LGBT Center serves ALL students.  At any surprising moment, anyone can find themselves in a situation where they need the LGBT center.  No one is impervious to homophobia.  Students need a campus that accepts them.  The LGBT Center receives .02% of student activity fees. 
This is essential to the success of our office.  LGBT topics are sometimes scary, but every student
deserves safe space.  The SAC allocation is not enough.  Please reconsider request of $2,000.00 for
additional programming dollars.
David Buckley-It was difficult for me to go to the center the first time.  The number of students
that use this center has increased, and we need an environment more conducive to learning.  All students
are affected by hate. 
Rea Wyss-I consider my self a change maker, and we need to make a positive change on campus.  The beauty of this campus is diversity.  When given a non threatening forum to learn many students become accepted.  During the past two years we have grown and become an active part of campus.  We are growing but we only have limited funding.  Our most recent event Eliminate Hate gives us reason to believe we can do a lot on this campus.  Yet we have so much more to do.
Brian Wollum-The LGBT Center has had many changes, good and bad.  Jessica has added so much
in the past year.  Speakers such as Feinberg have brought so much to campus.  If you go into the
office you will see the little resources we have.  It is a library, a lounge, a counseling center, a place
where straight and queer center can come together.  We are seeing more and more students frequent
the center.  We have had to stretch our imagination to do activities and programming.  I feel not
having a budget wastes our precious time and money.  Please reconsider.

SAC Rebuttal-Derek Ritchison
This may not seem like a lot but a year ago we did give them $3,000 extra.  If we are going
to increase every year then we should see the results of the additional funding.

SLD&SL-Kelly Meier Director
Last year or at the beginning of this year students were given a gift of having a professional work
with them.  We knew this would change student involvement.  We have more student organizations,
more programs and more events.  This has changed the fabric of student leadership.  The number
of non-traditional students has grown.  We appreciate SAC allocation, but half time funding does
not do it.  We can not even keep up with what we have.  We have been behind the ball. We need
to do this for RSOs and non-traditional students.  Combining these programs is a compromise. 
Jenna Braun-I am President of Alpha Phi Omega.  I am on the RSO Leadership Council
We have received help with communication from the RSO collaboration. Different RSOs can
plan events with other organizations.  The person currently in the RSO role has been able to help me reach my full potential at MSU.  Various RSO's like Psychology Club and Philosophy Club,  have brought many speakers to campus that would not have been possible with out this person assisting with resources and direction.  Many RSOs have received help with recruitment, fund raising, running effective
meetings.  We have had high turnouts at leadership events.  This person lets us know about
the resources available to us.  They inform us about SOAFC.  They also help other individual advisors.  This full time person is educated in student leadership.  (present penny jar). We have collected pennies.  Over 1,000 students have paid their fees.
Jessica Friton-I have grown in my leadership skills.  The full time position made many things possible.  It
allowed for personal growth.  This person puts in countless hours to MSU.  RSO's lead to
personal advancement
Todd Folstrom-I am a non- trad living off-campus.  I met with the person in this position and she
helped me develop leadership skills. 
Katie Cole-I am a non-trad student on campus.  Through out the last 9 months the leader in this
position has helped me get to know other people in the same position as me.  They are like my family.
They have helped me in difficult times.  Surveys of non- trads show that non-trad support can
be critical in the success of the individuals academic outcome.
Ann Worshing-I am president of an RSO, a non-trad and on executive board for the leadership committee.  This position has helped with fundraising, recruitment, networking, it is an awesome position.

SAC Rebuttal-Derek Ritchison
SAC does support $16,000 dollars, but we do not support the RSO side.  We have seen growth in the
non-trad side but not the RSO side.  We do not support additional funding. 

Consideration of SAF budget line items
Blue Earth Review
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $7,370
* SAC does not support the increase of $630 based on the fact they had a $500 surplus from the previous year’s budget
SAC Motion passes

Motion:  Dye/Jackson  04.19.06A
Move to accept the SAC budget as a whole.
Senator Dye-The majority of students are in support of SAC's recommendation.  When you add position,
they become permanent on campus.  This would help keep student fees low.  It is by keeping fees low that
it will help students and it is what students want.  The survey numbers are in support of this.
Senator Jackson-Students do want to keep fees low.  SAC has worked hard to do this and they have
done a good job. 

President Wills-I talked to Dean Trauger-the ISO would be appropriate to come from M&E funding.
Intercollegiate Funding was discussed 4 years ago, what is the objective, there has been plenty of
time to work this out.

Senator Ward-SAC wants to keep fees low, I don't doubt the survey but we owe it to the students
to look at each item piece by piece.  We owe it to students to go line by line.

Objection of consideration of question.
Motion passes 16-8

Campus Recreation
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $332,505
* SAC supports the increase for maintenance costs
* SAC does not support the Program Coordinator position because we feel the position could be funded from other sources.
SAC Motion passes

Campus Recreation Equipment Depreciation Fund
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $20,000
* Funded as requested
SAC Motion passes

Ethnic Student Activities
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $35,574
* $35,574 based upon a 3.2% decrease to total operating budget because of a 3.2% surplus from the previous year’s budget
SAC Motion passes

SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $25,474
* Funded as requested
SAC Motion passes

Health Services
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $1,291,102
* Funded as requested
SAC Motion passes

Health Service Depreciation Fund
No request

Intercollegiate Athletics
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $1,087,540
Represents base funding of $1,068,040 and one time of $19,500
* SAC supports the increase for Women’s Bowling
* SAC supports the one-time funding request for the football trip to Central Washington
* SAC does not support the funding of the strength and conditioning position through student fees again but believes the position is a valuable one and should be funded

Senator Ward-This is an important position but student activity fees should not need to be funding
this position after four years. 
SAC Motion passes

International Students
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $41,775
* SAC recommendation reflects the continued funding of the current GA’s so they remain at two
* SAC recommends that in order to meet the needs of the SEVIS program required by the government, the 30 hr/week position to be funded out of M&E dollars

Senator Layo-I feel we should support this because they are important in every college.  Students
Senator Darvell-Diversity should be funded by M&E, student fees should not being paying this.
Senator Jackson-I think this is actually a federal position, and student fees should not pay for this.
Senator Dye-After 9-11 and the Patriotic Act they need to deal with paper work but it should come from M&E and we strongly support that position..
SAC Motion passes


SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $9,000
* SAC supports an additional $1000 for added programming and speaker fees

Senator Ault-I work a lot with this center, they are amazing people and put on amazing events. This
money is not enough.
Senator Giese-They do put on awesome programs.  A lot of students have enjoyed speakers they have
brought to campus, they are using their money wisely.
Senator Boyd-On top of this, it is also a safe haven for students coming out.  They need people on
their side.
Senator Bender-We just voted down a strength and conditioning coach.  Athletics is for entertainment, as is this programming.  I think the SAC allocation is a fair one.
Senator Boyd-This is not just entertainment, we need to provide this environment for our students.
Senator Bittner-I do not want my comments to be misconstrued as bigotry.  I am in favor of supporting
rights for the LGBT community.  I have close friends in this community.  At the same time I do
not believe it is the student bodies right to support this.
Motion- Senator Bittner/Flugaur  LGBT recommendation
Move to amend SAC budget for LGBT to remain at current 2005-2006 subsidy.
Objection passes
Motion-Senator Giese/Ault
Move to amend SAC recommendation to the 07 request of $10,000.
Senator Giese-They provide quality programs and services.  Many students use and support these services.
Senator Boyd-Students are concerned about academics but we need all students to
feel safe and have services available to them to succeed in their academics.
Senator Dye-As SAC we spent time looking over this, $1,000 is a decent increase.  This does provide
a substantial amount to go further with programming.  This is a stepping stone to see what future
growth they can achieve.  In the end fees go up.
Senator Ward-There is no doubt about the quality of programming, but at the same time I stand by
the increase SAC recommended.  110% in two years is a significant increase in two years. 
Senator Bender-SAC put a lot of time in this, why not meet half way and charge for events.  If you want
and A plus speaker that costs more money, why not charge a dollar or so?
Senator Giese-They have brought in that A plus speaker with what they have, this request is also
for saving the lives and providing a good environment for people.
Senator Bender-Student Activity fees is not for saving people
Amendment to SAC Motion Fails  11-15
Motion -Senator Flugaur/ Bittner 
Move to amend SAC motion to $5,000.
Senator Flugaur-I have had students come up to me and complain about the fact that we have an integral office dedicated to paying so much attention to homosexual issues.
Senator Bittner-I am speaking from an economic perspective, LGBT has not created a revenue stream.
Let's give them a chance to be creative and do some fundraising.
Senator Giese-It is ridiculous to go backwards in a budget.  The services they provide on campus
and to the community are very justified. 
Senator Darvell-Lets give them the $9,000 and see what they do, they should be able to provide
creative funding.  We did approve a Sexual Violence Coordinator position, they could use those
as well.
Senator Ault-Why would you do that to a program that is home to so many people?  If anyone is
afraid of homosexuals they should go in there and get to know these people and what they do .
Senator Boyd-Not every thing is recognized by dollar signs.  Ignorance is not an excuse to shut
the doors.
Senator Ward-This is not necessarily a bad idea, but I support SAC's request.  They do provide
a valuable service and the funding from SAC is sufficient.
Senator Dye I believe we should vote this motion down and approve what SAC has recommended.
Senator Cichy-I have never seen anyone make their money work more than they have done.  I
guarantee that every $1,000 will be used down to the penny.  This motion is absolutely ridiculous,
charging for events, look at the upraise when they started charging for hockey.
Senator Jackson-I agree with the presenters of the motion, but I don't think we should take
money away from them. 
Senator VanWyngarden-I agree with SAC and let's meet in the middle and vote no on this.
Senator Christensen-I recognize they put on popular events, they provide a valuable service.
Senator Bittner-This is not personal belief, it is fiscal responsibility.  Over half of these
organizations have some revenue stream.  They have not shown any self-sustainability.  If
events are so popular then a charging a $1. 00 would not hurt them.  We are just continuing to increase
appropriation and we ignore fiscal responsibility.
Senator Anderson-I think we should support quality events; we just want students to go and if more students will go if you don't charge then we should not charge.
President Wills-We need to show fiscal responsibility but I will vote in favor of the $9,000 if they make
and show effort for a revenue stream.
Senator Nelson-This is an important office and we should want to help them.
Senator Giese-I want to make a point- Student Senate does not show a revenue stream.
Senator Bender-This line item is no different than any other, we need to look at the fiscal appropriation.
Roll Call
Senators voting yes
Elizabeth Zika, Karen Rubbert, Jenna Ault, Jessica Nelson, Kristeen Giese, Christopher Frederick,
Marianne Reilly, Omolayo Ogunnowo, Philip VanWyngarden, Ian Boyd, Ryan Anderson
Senators voting no
Mercy Wariari, Kevin Bender, Melissa Turner, Seyi Ogunseye, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Jessica
Senators voting no w/rights
James Dye- I feel that by doubling the LGBT budget in two years time is too much of an increase for an organization on campus that does not get fully utilized by the students of Minnesota State University, Mankato. A survey conducted by MSUSA this year shows 92% of students do not use the LGBT Center. I feel that by increasing their budget by only $1,000 is plenty of money considering their overall budget to help in bringing more programs to our campus. I would like to see growth in the use of the center before I am to vote to double their budget from what it was just two years ago.

Ryan Flugaur-I voted no to increasing funding to the LGBT center for a number of reasons. The first of which is I strongly believe that their current budget has been more than adequate to promote their causes.
All you have to do is look at a bulletin board or a table top on this campus and you will find out when the next homosexual or transgender speaker will be on campus. Their $8000 message has been heard loud and clear to our largely apathetic campus. Students in my constituency have approached me frustrated that we have an integral office dedicated to paying so much attention to homosexual issues, but we don’t have centers to deal with other issues.
 The fact is many students on this campus do not believe that people should receive special treatment because of their sexual preferences. Unlike some senators comments during the debate I do not believe that these students are fearful or ignorant of homosexuality, they simply believe that all sexual issues homosexual and heterosexual are private matters, and no business of a student government.
Their viewpoint was grossly underrepresented during this debate, and has been on this campus for far too long.  It is my fellow senators, not I who should be ashamed at themselves for pushing their own personal agenda without considering their constituents who may disagree with them.
                Next, the LGBT center has no other source of income. As with any special interest I feel strongly that they must be forced to raise their own money to pay for their own causes, if their support and utilization rate is as high as the center claims, than charging a small fee for their events should be no problem at all.
                Issues should be student led, and that’s why we have RSO’s on this campus, so that issues are proportionately and fairly represented. It is irresponsible to redistribute student dollars to promote political issues, which is exactly what the LGBT center has done with their 60% increase over the last two years. I am concerned that doubling their budget in three years will not only overkill the issues, but would be a very inappropriate use of student money.
I believe entirely that with other counseling resources available on campus and the supportive RSO’s homosexual students and their heterosexual supporters can easily find the support they need on campus with out a publicly subsidized office, just as any student could with any personal issue they may have.
                If we were almost willing to chip out $10,000 for gay and lesbian issues, than why do we not subsidize a student’s religious center? In fact, why not cut a big fat check and a 300 square foot office to each of the 196 RSO’s on campus? After all I am sure in an opinion poll you could find just as much support for most of them as the LGBT center has.
As a student government our priorities should be aimed at making the most efficient use of our student’s dollars, so unless you want to spend money on every single opinion out there this trend must stop. Providing students with things to do does not mean we as a student government or as an institution have to indoctrinate students with the causes we happen to feel are important at the time of our tenure, there are more important issues to deal with.
                Finally, let me say that in this age where the diversity emphasis is as high as its ever been, special interest spending and advocacy like this is only going to have an adverse effect. Students who are not a minority or who are not gay, are beginning to turn themselves off to these issues. I wouldn’t think its too much of a stretch to hypothesize that too much advocacy for issues like this will only fuel both the apathy, and the true hatred that we are all trying to stop.
                That being the case, I believe the LGBT center only needs to promote one simple message. Let the support marriage equality buttons, bumper stickers, and speakers be damned… Just treat other the way you wish to be treated. A simple message we all leaned in kindergarten. It doesn’t take ten grand, much less four million dollars to do that.
Andrew Bittner- The MSSA would double the subsidy to the LGBT Center in just two years, if this motion were to pass, and the LGBT Center currently creates no revenue stream of its own. If we are to continue upon this trend of appropriating additional thousands of dollars each year, we throw away all principles of fiscal discipline and instead promote the LGBT’s increasing dependency upon student fees. Also, these funds are going towards a service that only addresses the needs of a very small segment of the student population. It is not the role of the university to institutionalize special interest advocacy; this should be left to RSOs. In my opinion we should dissolve the LGBT center, and allow RSOs such as MSQ, SAGE, and SHOUT to continue their advocacy of this constituency. Therefore, I cannot support the $10,000 subsidy for the LGBT center.
Eric Christensen- (not submitted)
Matthew Ward-(not submitted)
Jered Jackson-(not submitted)

Executive Staff Voting no w/rights
President Wills-I can understand all the view points brought up in and out of our budget hearing.  For me I have to vote as my constituency advocates and not of what I personally feel.  I am one person out of 14,295 students per the statistics provided on the website  This means that my vote represents 1/14295 or 6.9 X 10-6or 0.000069.  If I take this number and times it by 100 this will show you that my vote represents 0.00069% of the student body.

Per a survey conducted by MSSA it shows that 92% of the respondents do not use the center.  Since my constituency does not use the center, increasing it to double within 2 years is absolutely absurd.  I was able to compromise to a $1,000 increase which is what SAC recommended.  I hope that in the future the center will rely less on the SAC funding and more on their own generation from their events.  I feel that all departments should make this effort so I am not just saying that because of the nature of this department.
Vice President Bruner-I support the work the LGBT does and $1,000 is not going to take away from the "safe haven" the center already provides.  $1,000 is still a substantial increase to their programming dollars and should suffice to provide new and improved programming.
Amended Motion fails
SAC Motion passes

Music Ensembles
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $74,000
* SAC recommendation reflects an increase for rising printing and copying costs and increases in purchasing music fees
* SAC does not support the increase for the full time GA position at this time
SAC Motion passes

Non-budgeted Fund Requests
SAC recommends allocating $30,000
Note: Funds used for Supplemental Program and RSO Travel requests
* Funded as requested
SAC Motion passes

Non Traditional Students
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $20,882
Note:  See SLD&SL narrative regarding position
 (moved to follow SLD&SL)
Boyd/Brunner-remove 15,000
Vice President Bruner-This goes with out saying.
Amended motion passes
SAC Motion passes

Repertory Dance
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $5,000
* Funded as requested
SAC motion passes

SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $90,400
* Funded as requested
Senator Dye-I am extremely happy with the Reporter, we should thank them for doing what they said they would do when we gave them the Ad Manager position.  More offices should be doing this.
SAC motion passes

Reporter Depreciation Fund
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $4,000
* Funded as requested
SAC motion passes

SAF Administration
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $215,865
* Funded as requested
Note:  This budget includes the campus express bus service, liability insurance, copyright fees, and other costs related to student fee funded budget overview.
SAC motion passes

See Intercollegiate Athletics

Senator Ward-Move to recess for 10 minutes.

Student Leadership Development & Service-Learning
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $542,986
Represents base funding of $490,986 and one-time $52,000
$20,000 (Lecture) and $32,000 (Concert)
* SAC does not support the addition of the concert and the lecture into the base budget because we would like to see that there is an increase in attendance and interest in the concert by holding it at the Midwest Wireless Center
* Continued good job on the lecture series
* SAC does not support the $25,551 for the RSO/Non-Trade Student Services position as is, however, we do support an allocation of up to $15,000 to fill a 9 month half time position for a two year trial period for the sole use of the Non-Trad Student Services because we feel they are a growing organization and would like to see their core group increase to reach out to more non-traditional students
*SAC does not support the RSO position
*SAC does not support the increase of $2,500 for Homecoming or the $3,000 for Greek Life
Senator Giese-I was impressed with what they put together.  There is a huge growth in RSO's,
they did their homework.  It has been very thorough.  There are many new programs started,
like Off-Campus Student Housing.  I have received emails from my constituents in support of this.
Students need leadership training on campus; this helps them accomplish goals in pursing careers.
Senator Ault-There are so many people influenced by this position.
Senator Ward-I was on the fence about this issue and I talked to a lot of different people.  This is a
worth while position.  The argument is that this is not the right use of student dollars.  Students
can take advantage of leadership opportunities.  This position can serve as a catalyst to your
college experience.  I see it as a worth while investment. 
Senator Rubbert-I realize we did not fund this in the past, but when you look at the growth it is
substantial.  What will RSO's do for resources if they do not have this position?
Senator Cichy-There has been a lot of talk focused on results, they have demonstrated growth.  I received help from this position in communicating to landlords.  We wanted results, they showed results.
Senator Jackson-RSO's have increased, but majority of students do not even know what an RSO is
or what SLD&SL is.  We need to educate people to awareness of things that are available to them. 
Senator Christensen-We would be doing non-trads and RSO's a disservice if this was for only 9 months.  The full time position would be an asset.  This increase in participation will encourage even more students to get involved.

SAC-Derek Ritchison-What I see is that to make room for this they would eliminate two graduate
positions, we are not only arguing numbers we are talking about positions.
Senator Zika-I did talk to students in Allied Health & Nursing, there are so many students
involved.  It is growing, let's support it.
M#04.19.06A  Senator Giese/Ault RSO/Non-Traditional Student Off-Campus Housing Position

Whereas:        Student Leadership is such an important aspect of student advancement
                        and there has been an increase in recognized student organizations.

Be it Moved:  To support the full amount that the Student Leadership Development &                                      Service Learning requested for a full time RSO/Non-Traditional Student                                                Housing position in the amount of $25,551.00

Senator Bender-I have not voted for a lot of increases but I asked students this morning and they
have seen a big turn around.  A part of this allocation is for a student off-campus housing position.  Everyone is mad about housing, having a GA do this will not build a relationship with the landlords. I think this position would be well worth it.
Senator Dye-I have discussed this issue on both sides, I have been on the fence.  Students don't know what the position is and they do not support it.  From this survey, there are really high numbers, yet
low numbers in usage.  Many students will not utilize this.  We can see more growth and
management however, students can go to their advisors; my advisor has helped me with everything
I needed.  The SAC recommendation is in our best interest.  It is decent even without the position.
Vice President Bruner-When the Blue Earth Review asked for an increase there were no senators that spoke up...why?  Because none of the senators are attached to the Blue Earth Review.  When Athletics asks for increases no one in the senate spoke up...why?  Because there are no athletes on the Senate.  I think we all need to ask ourselves who we are representing here on the Senate.  Do we represent the organizations that have nurtured us over the years and have resulted in many of us being put into the Senate?  Or do we represent the best interests of all the students on our campus, and leave our bias and history at the door and send a message to the students on this campus that they are welcome here even though they don't already receive funding from fees?
Senator Giese-The university is to promote educational advances for students.  This gives leadership
to student organizations.
Senator Ward-Not every student will utilize this position, but this position tells you how to market,
and utilize on-campus programs.  I think there is an apathy problem on campus.  I think if there is
something that will increase involvement, we need to fuel that fire. 
Senator Giese-I think the data speaks for itself.  There are almost 80 RSOs that use one on
one time with the person in this position.  That is huge.  Leadership is going to help students stand out in the job market.  After being involved in leadership programs I feel I can pursue things I want and continue a graduate program.
Senator Ault-RSOs that have used this have benefited.  What will others do if they do not have this position?
Senator Bender-RSO's are working but SLD&SL needs to sustain.  SLD&SL has received a huge
Senator Darvell-Part of the position has only been on the program a year.  How can we cut this
position when it trains advisors, what are advisors to do?  This helps them work with their organizations.
Senator Boyd-Move to add a two year assessment to the position.

Senator Dye-One year might not be the proper amount of time to see growth.
Vice President Bruner-This is standard, we need to have an assessment period.
Senator Bender-We should not set the precedence of an assessment period look at what just happened
with Strength and Conditioning.
Senator Giese-I think giving them this will speak for it self.
Senator Cichy-It is undisputed that the position will grow.
President Wills-I don't think it is fair to blame past senates, I have been on the senate in
multiple facets.  It is difficult to look at this objectively.  We need to look for a
Vice President Bruner-Assessment period is a good idea.  Four years ago that senate made
the decision for us to look at the Strength & Conditioning Coach position.  We now have assessed that position and determined student fees should no longer pay for it.  This is the best thing for us to do.
Senator Peterson-If we support  this position, I don't think you should appeal every year. 
Motion to support the position with a two year trial assessment passes.


M#04.19.06A Senator Giese/Ault RSO/Non-Traditional Student Off-Campus Housing Position

Whereas:        Student Leadership is such an important aspect of student advancement
                        and there has been an increase in recognized student organizations.

Be it Moved:  To support the full amount that the Student Leadership Development &                                      Service Learning requested for a full time RSO/Non-Traditional Student                                                Housing position in the amount of $25,551.00 with the stipulation that we                                                add a two year trial period for re-assessment.

Motion Passes
SAC Motion passes with increase of 25,551.00.  Total MSSA recommendation $568,537.00

SOAFC (Student Organizations)
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $4,500
* Funded as requested
Vice President Bruner/Senator Bender-This year SOAFC came and asked for more money. I feel we
should increase this so that they do not have to keep coming back and asking for more.
 Move to increase this money to $6,000.00.
Vice President Bruner-This is one of the best ways we can use student fee money.  It is not
a staff position, it goes directly to student groups.  This would make us proactive
Senator Bender-Contrary to what I have said all day, this is an important line item and we do need to support this appropriation for student groups.
Senator Flugaur-I am on SOAFC.  They will run out again next year.
Senator VanWyngarden-Why are they not asking for more money?
SAC Derek Ritchison-If they develop a need they can come and ask us.  They have not spent all
their money this year.
Senator Giese-It would be generous if we could give money to those that do not ask.
Lauren Long-Every year for SOAFC we get the standard money.  We did get extra money this year,
some of that has been used.
Senator Bender-Any organization can go to SOAFC, this would encourage them to ask about the available funds and get involved.
Vice President Bruner-This should be taken care of now.  We pushed this through senate a few weeks ago and we should keep it in the line item.
Vote to amend to $6,000
Motion fails
SAC Motion passes

Student Senate
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $85,736
* Funded as requested
Vice President Bruner-We have been very conscious of not spending student dollars.
SAC Motion passes

SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $78,000
* Funded as requested
SAC Motion passes

Women’s Center
SAC recommends a 2006-07 subsidy of $32,698
* SAC funds at $32,698 based on the 1.1% less increase due to the surplus from the 05 year’s budget
SAC Motion passes

Senator Giese/Senator Ault-LGBT Budget
Move to rescind the $9,000 motion
Senator Giese-I feel the increased requested is appropriate and we should look at giving them the full
Vote to rescind approved $9000
9-14 motion fails
Approval of SAC Budget as a Whole
Roll Call
Senators Voting Yes
Elizabeth Zika, Karen Rubbert, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner,  Jessica Nelson, Seyi Ogunseye, Christopher Frederick, Marianne Reilly, Layo Ogunnowo, Jessica Cichy, Eric Christensen, Matthew Ward, Philip VanWyngarden, Jered Jackson, Ian Boyd, Ryan Anderson
Senators Voting Yes w/rights
Kevin  Bender-By approving SAC recommendations as is, with the additions to the SLDSL line item, student involvement will have the opportunity to grow and student fees increases will only be based on inflation and other rising costs. The SLDSL position will give the necessary staffing to vital student areas, however let it be noted that I advise SLDSL to take a serious look at what programs are vital to student development and what programs have failed to meet student needs and growth. I challenge all line items that fall under student fees to do their part in assessing their strengths and weaknesses in order to find a reasonable recommendation for the 07-08 school year. My vote of yes assures that the 06-07 budget keeps student fees as low as possible without hindering student growth and involvement on campus.
James Dye-I voted to approve the SAC budget as a whole, although I did not approve or vote for the SLD&SL request for a full time RSO/Non-Traditional Student Housing position in the amount of $25,551. The majority of students on campus do not know what SLD&SL is and the majority do not even know what an RSO is. This position has existed for a year and there has been growth in the amount of RSOs on campus, but the growth to me is not the amazing numbers that SLD&SL proclaims them to be. From the chart given to student senate members from SLD&SL there has been an increase in roughly 30 RSOs from spring 2005 to spring 2006. The question many senators have and the answer is hard to find, is how many of the RSOs on campus are truly active in using the SLD&SL office and more importantly how many of them are active on campus? According to the SLD&SL numbers only roughly half of the RSOs have participated in monthly RSO fairs, The Evening of Leadership, RSO Leadership Council, and/or the RSO Leadership Conference and only 74 out of the 196 RSOs have directly utilized one on one time of the staff advisor. If all students are going to be funding this position they should see their investment pay off and I feel that the students did not get their money's worth in this last year. I voted yes to put a stipulation of a review in two years to make sure that the student's investment is looked after.

Overall, I feel that I can support the overall budget, even with the position I did not support, hoping that in two years the review will prove to the students that their investment was worthwhile or not. I feel that by increasing student fees by only 13 cents is a great thing and this is an increase bearable to most students and will allow more money to be kept in the pockets of the students. I hope that next year's senate can learn from this year's and realize it is possible to keep fees low and student's do care about where their money goes. It is not in our best interest to fund positions at will, because once you fund a position it does in many cases become permanent and the cost will affect students in years to come. The budget this year was well looked over by SAC and the student's interest was kept in mind and that is what is most important.
Kristeen Giese-
Senators Voting No w/rights
Ryan Flugaur-As I stated with my previous statement, I believe there are some serious issues with spending money on issue advocacy. I believe that the budget we passed will only make that situation worse. We have spent four million dollars. FOUR MILLION dollars of our fellow student’s money.
Incase you forgot many of our constituents have said that the fees have to stop.
Some senators stated that it is inappropriate to go backwards in a budget. They are wrong. If we only move forward with a budget we are risking uncontrolled growth that could result in students paying $500-$1000 in student activity fees in the next decade. We need to reevaluate our priorities, are we loyal to the lobbyists sitting in the galley, or are we loyal to the tuition payer? The vast majority of who are just here to get their college degree as cheaply as they can.
Just to let everyone know, each Senator can now go back to their constituents, some of who just voted for them two weeks ago, and tell them that they were personally responsible for spending $130,000 of their constituents’ money. I know that will not be a pleasant thing for me to do.
This means we have our work cut out for us next year. When the next budget cycle approaches we are going to have some tough decisions. I strongly urge our future senators to be more fiscally responsible, and cut the pork out of the budget. Send a message to your constituents that you still care about them by passing a budget that reduces student fees for the first time in decades.
For both fiscal reasons, and the social reasons that I have listed here and in my previous statement I cannot, neither on behalf of myself as a senator, or on behalf of my constituents in Gage A tower support this budget in any way, it is a dismal failure by a senate whose governing philosophy is mostly tax and spend. I hope the next senate will do a better job.
Andrew Bittner- In my opinion, the Senate has abandoned any sense of fiscal discipline with the approval of the 2007 fiscal year budget. Each senator who voted yes on the budget can now tell his or her constituents that they individually spent over $130,000 of their student fees. The budget as a whole breaks down to a $7.32 increase per student, compared with a $4.00 increase by last year’s senate, and this is done when 55% of the student body ranks increasing tuition and student fees as their number one concerns. If student fee increases continue to exponentially rise at such a hasty speed, students will be paying $500 to $1000 in student fees in the next decade. As with the LGBT Center, much of the increase in funding went to programs that serve only small segments of the student population. It is time the senate puts its foot down and puts an end to this irresponsible spending on special interests. I therefore proudly represent my constituents and vote against the 2007 fiscal year budget.

Executive Staff Voting Yes
President Rob Wills, Vice President Mike Bruner

Roll Call
Senators Present
Elizabeth Zika, Karen Rubbert, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Kristeen Giese, Jessica Nelson,
Seyi Ogunseye, Christopher Frederick, Marianne Reilly, Omolayo Ogunnowo, Ryan Flugaur, Andrew Bittner, Eric Christensen, Jessica Cichy, Matthew Ward, Jered Jackson, Ian Boyd, Philip VanWyngarden, Ryan Anderson
Senators Absent
Mercy Wariari, Brandon Ross, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Shannon Woods
Executive Staff Present
President Rob Wills, Vice President Mike Bruner

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 6:20 P.M.