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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate
October 5, 2005


Meeting called to order by Vice President Bruner
Roll Call  (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Elizabeth Zika 6-0-0,  Haley Pederson 6-0-0, James Dye 4-2-0, Kevin Bender 6-0-0, Brandon Ross 4-1-0-1, Jenna Ault 6-0-0, Melissa Turner 6-0-0, Gabe Afolayan 6-0-0, Seyi Ofunseye 5-1-0, Christopher Frederick 6-0-0, Lisa Darvell 6-0-0, Josh Peterson 6-0-0, Sandy Vue 4-2-0, Sarah McLaughlin 3-1-0-2, Shannon Woods 6-0-0, Jessica Cichy 5-1-0, Matthew Ward 6-0-0,  Jared Jackson 6-0-0, Andrew Isker 3-2-0-1,  President Rob Wills 5-1-0, Vice President Mike Bruner 1-0-0

 Open Forum
Tim Ibisch-MSUSA Spokesperson-The Midwest Student Leadership Conference will be held next
weekend  at the University of WI-Madison.  This is a good conference on student empowerment. 
Information is available in the senate office.

Approval of Agenda  Agenda approved with addition of swearing in of new senators

Swearing in Ceremony
Academic Senator-Undeclared Senator Maria Schweer
Student Life Senator-Crawford Hall Senator Omolayo Ogunnowo, Gage A Senator Andrew Pyzyk,
Maverick Hall Senator Ian Boyd

Approval of Minutes   9-21-05 Minutes  Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports
President Wills  (report given by Vice President Bruner)
Appointments: SOAFC-Brett Wagner, Commission on the Status of Women-Sarah McLaughlin, Lisa Darvell, Karissa Stubstad, Krysten Bachicha  Constitution Commission-David Bottin
Correspondence  We received correspondence from the Attorney for the month of September.  He
had 57 contacts, 23 of those were Landlord issues.  It is important that we all attend the Landlord
Tenant Forum next week. 
We will be attending Meet and Confer tomorrow with Dr. Davenport. We will be discussing the Forum
and the Alcohol Policy.
I contacted the Better Business Bureau and the Savings Card is on the up and up.  I also contacted
Winona State, they have the Savings Card and the Coupon Book.  The card does not appear to have
affected the businesses that buy advertising for the Savings Card, in fact most business buy both.
Senator Bender-Did you contact Athletics?
Vice President Bruner-I have not talked to them yet but I will.

            Speaker Brandt (report given by Vice President Bruner)
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition:
Sudanese Student Association (SuSA), Racquetball Club
Re-Recognition: MSU Marketing Club, Pre-Med Club @ Minnesota State University- Mankato, Golden Key International Honor Society, Music Industry Club, MSU Law Enforcement Club, Delta Sigma Pi, Association for Computing Machinery, African Students Association, Psi Chi (The National Honor Society in Psychology), Psychology Club,  Campus Bible Fellowship, Asian pacific Student Organization, Student Ambassadors, Economics Club, Urban Culture Club, College Democrats MSU, Spanish Club, American Indian Student Association, Tau Kappa Epsilon, MSU Honors Student Club, Advertising Club, Chi Alpha Campus Ministry, Ultimate Frisbee Organization, National Society of Black Engineering (NSBE), Campus Crusade for Christ, MSU Aviation Club, Phi Kappa Psi, Ski and Snowboard Club, ACS Student Affiliates, Student Art League, Student Athletic Training Association, Minnesota State University- Mankato Flight Team, Math Club, Students for Sustainability, Role Playing Special Interest Group, Maranatha Christian Fellowship

Coordinator Report
Student Services Coordinator Jessica Cichy
Student Affairs, or main goal is to accomplish something, to make a significant contribution to Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Part of getting something done requires that people show up.  If you are a student life senator you should be on Student Affairs, this includes both on and on-campus senators.  Meetings are every Wed. from 3:10-4:00.  If you are on this committee and you do not show up for two consecutive meetings you could lose your senate seat.  As a senator you are required to be on two committees. 

With only two meetings under our belt, we have set a lot of goals up and started embarking on many
projects.  the largest project in the upcoming future is the Tenant Forum which will be held on October 13 for 11:30-1:00. 

What we would like to do this year is work with both the student attorney as well as local landlords to build a “Renter/s Guide”.  The “Renter’s Guide” will consist of useful tips while renting.  Also we would like to do some sort of “rate my Mankato Landlord web site” where students could leave their personal accounts in dealing with landlords.

Roll Call
      Senators present
      Elizabeth Zika, Haley Pederson, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Gabe Afolayan Chris Frederick, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Sandy Vue, Masria Schweer, Omolayo Ogunnowo, Andrew Pyzyk, Shannon Woods, Jessica Cichy,  Matthew Ward, Jered Jackson, Ian Boyd
        Senators Absent
        Seyi Ofunseye,
        Executive Staff Present
        Vice President Mike Bruner
Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 4:20 PM