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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate

October 12, 2005


Meeting called to order by Speaker Megan Brandt
Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Elizabeth Zika 7-0-0,  Haley Pederson 7-0-0, James Dye 6-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 7-0-0, Brandon Ross 6-0-1, Jenna Ault 7-0-0 Melissa Turner 7-0-0, Gabe Afolayan 7-0-0, Seyi Ogunseye 6-1-0, Christopher Frederick 7-0-0, Lisa Darvell 6-1-0, Josh Peterson 7-0-0, Sandy Vue 4-3-0, Sarah McLaughlin 4-1-0-2, Maria Schweer 2-0-0, Omolayo Ogunnowo 2-0-0, Andrew Pyzyk 2-0-0, Shannon Woods 7-0-0, Jessica Cichy 6-1-0, Matthew Ward 7-0-0,  Jared Jackson 7-0-0, Andrew Isker 3-3-0-1, Ian Boyd 2-0-0,  President Rob Wills 6-0-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 2-0-0

Open Forum
MSUSA Spokesperson Tim Ibisch.  MSUSA Conference Oct. 28.  Arlington Heights, MN
MSUSA Campus Rep-Chandani Gurung,  There will be a table reserved in Sandella’s tomorrow for calling senators on HF #609.  Julia from MSUSA will be at the table.  This act represents the single largest cut in the history of student programs by eliminating in-school loan consolidation, making a fixed rate loan consolidation more expensive for students.  This would eliminate up to $9 billion from student lending programs and would increase the percentage of students graduating with unmanageable levels of loan debt

Approval of Agenda   Stands approved

Elections:  Allied Health & Nursing, Graduate Studies, McElroy Hall, Off-Campus
Graduate Studies-Kristeen Giese
      I am looking at being a member of the senate seat because I am very involved on and off-campus.  I believe every person has a voice; I have worked with many groups problem solving.  I am involved in the non-traditional students program.  I am a graduate student in the Sociology Dept.  We are currently redesigning the program and I am working on that.            I did an internship at Cada House.
      Senator Bender-What is your field of studies?
      Ms. Giese-Masters in Sociology.
      Senator Seyi-Since you are involved in other activities, what roles have you taken?
      Ms. Giese-I am Vice President of Students for Social Action.  
      Senator Wood-How much time do you have to spend?
      Ms. Giese-I know Wed. needs to be open for senate.  I am planning my classes next semester so that I have Wed. afternoon free.
      President Wills-What is the restructuring in the Sociology Dept. about?
      Ms. Giese-In the Gerontology program there are external and internal studies being done.
      Ms. Giese-I am excited about participating and would like more involvement on campus. 
      Elected College of Graduate Studies-Kristeen Giese
      McElroy Hall-Jennifer Losen, Barbara Johnson
      Jennifer Losen-I want to be more involved in campus, I am currently an RHA rep.  I am a freshmen and I want to get more involved not only in the res halls but on campus as well.
      Barbara Johnson-I would like to be involved in Senate.  I am a community advisor in F Hall.  I just want to be
      be more involved in campus and as a liaison with the res halls.. 
      Vice President Bruner-What is your major, etc.
      Ms. Losen-Early Childhood, and I am a freshmen.
      Ms. Johnson-Undecided, I have 2 and ½ years left.
      Senator Frederick-What would you like to work on in the Res Halls?
      Ms. Johnson-Students now go outside the doors to smoke.  I would like to work on a smoking shelter.  I am not sure how to do that; there could be a spot away from the building.
      Ms. Losen-I would like to work on repairs in the halls like key access that has not been working for a while.
      Senator Wood-Who would you be representing if you were elected?
      Ms. Losen-McElroy Hall
      Ms. Johnson-McElroy Hall as well as everyone in all the halls and on campus.
      Senator Pyzyk-Do either of you have other time commitments?
      Ms. Johnson-I work at the desk in McElroy but I have a lot of free time before I go to work.
      Ms. Losen-I am an RHA rep but I do not work.
      Senator Ward–What is your weakness?
      Ms. Losen-I am not quite as organized as I would like to be.
      Ms. Johnson-I like to be organized and I am working on organizing deadlines.
      Senator Boyd-How would you get the word out about senate to other people?
      Ms. Losen-I would talk to people on my floor and in McElroy.
      Ms. Johnson-I hold floor meetings, I would ask questions. Talk to people
      Vice President Bruner-What other experience have you had that would help you on senate?
      Ms. Johnson-I was on senate in High School, I had experience planning, organizing. 
      Ms. Losen-I was involved in cheerleading, drama, speech team
      Senator Wood-Is there anything else on campus you would like to help with?
      Ms. Johnson-In dining halls we are working on Chartwells contract which will be up soon.
      Ms. Losen-I would be glad to work on anything that is a big issue for students.
      Ms. Johnson-I think this would be good experience for me and help out with issues on campus.
      Ms. Losen-Thank you for the time and I want to represent and help out.
      Elected McElroy Hall-Barbara Johnson
Off-Campus Senator-Sharmarke Issa, Eric Christensen, Jeff Brand, Dave Bottin
      Sharmarke Issa-I was an off-campus senator, the reason why I was not here is because I am the Tutor Program  coordinator.   It started the second week of school and it was very hectic.  I had to be there early to set up.
      Now that the program is going I do not need to spend that much time on the program.  I don’t have as
      much commitment now. 
      Eric Christensen-Freshmen/Soph.  I was employed before coming.  I am a non-traditional student, I joined the
      army.  I am in the non-trad organization, the MSU Vets Club, the IEEE.  I have lived in four states 3 countries.
      I would like to be appointed for many reasons.  The Chartwell Contract-I have noticed that they charge more
      that the fair market value.  We need to take that in to account. I want to gain experience speaking in public
      and learning senate functions.
      Jeff Brand-I am a transfer student, I am a anthropology major---I did a law enforcement program prior to coming here.   I came here to go into anthropology.  I also want to be a legislator.  I have noticed that you have not updated your web site.      As an interested person I will make sure that people know about what is going on.
      Mr. Bottin-Thank you.  I am a double major CIS/Human Resource Mgmt.  I have been involved in organizations both on and off campus.  I was on senate before.  I have noticed things that need change and this senate could make changes for a stronger MSU.
      Senator Bender-What kind of skills do you have that could help us?
      Mr. Issa-I am a self starter, I like to solve issues and problems, I feel I can be a productive member. 
      Mr. Christensen-In regard to solving disputes, I have my own opinions and I feel they are that of the
      student body.  I am willing to listen to other peoples ideas, and I will make what I feel is the best decision.
      Mr. Brand-There is not enough word out there about what is going on in senate and the university.  I want to get that word out.
      Mr. Bottin-I have been on different activities as a leader-I would like to teach some younger jr members
      and get them more involved.
      Vice President Bruner-What have you done on campus that shows your willingness to help students?
      Mr. Christensen-On campus I have not done much.  One of things I would like to do is to address more issues.
      Mr. Brand-I am President of Anthropology Club- We are getting the word out on that club and I am working to get the Constitution recognized
Mr. Bottin-I am currently working on the MSU Veterans Club.  I have served on Parking Appeals and am currently on Constitution Commission.  I am a past senator.
Mr. Issa-I am the Tutor Program Coordinator    I have experience working with several organizations and students.  I am a past senator.
Senator Cichy-What attracted you to come to MSU, what do you like about it?
Mr. Brand-I wanted to come to come to a school that had an anthropology program.
Mr. Bottin-I found out MSU was one of the best computer engineering programs in the area/
Mr. Issa-I knew people that had gone here.  The people are welcoming to other students.
Mr. Christensen-I asked friends what they liked and disliked about their colleges.  I heard that MSU was a
better educational value-now that I am here, I enjoy the campus community, I don’t feel rejected.
President Wills-What one issue would you like to do?
Mr. Bottin-One major right that students should have is the bus shelter in the free lot; it does not have good seats, heat.  It seems there is discrimination in lots.
Mr. Issa-I was on campus a couple years ago and the Red Eye Shuttle would go off campus to Highland and Monks.  It no longer goes off campus.  I would like to see this provided for off-campus students. 
Mr.  Christensen-I would address the Chartwell contract, we should negotiate new terms or better pricing.
We spend a lot of time on campus and we do not have a lot of extra money to spend.  Off-campus is 20-30%
Mr. Brand-I live in No. Mankato because it allows pets.  I think there should be an area closer to campus that allows pets.
Senator Bender-What is your major?  Are you on good academic standing?
Mr. Issa-Urban Studies major/, math minor, I am graduating after this semester and then going to grad school here.
Mr. Brand-History/Anthropology
Mr. Bottin-Computer Information Services/HR management
Senator Bender-Where do you live?
Mr. Christensen-Warren Street
Mr. Issa-Highland
Mr. Brand-No Mankato
Mr. Bottin-St. Peter
Senator Cichy-What do you think we should do about the Landlord Tenant issues?
Mr. Christensen-I think the solution is creating rights of tenants.  Leases, I have heard there is a forum coming up, think this is positive.  I think more of this should happen.  I feel students should be able to come to the attorney for review of contracts.
Mr. Brand-I think the biggest issues is entering apartments with out prior notice, late fees etc.  I think the forum is a good step, I think the State of Minnesota should have training to be a landlord.  They are getting money for it.  They have training for other things.
Mr. Bottin-I think the senate should meet with the city on leases and different issues.
Mr. Issa-Landlord tenants should know their rights and this will avoid problems. 
Senator Woods-Give a negative attribute that would affect you as a senator.
Mr. Christensen-I enjoy things presented clear cut, if not it creates confusion and loss of time. 
Mr. Brand-I think big and I am an idealist.
Mr. Bottin-I don’t like horse play, as a senator you are responsible to a lot of people.  That responsibility should not be taken lightly.
Mr. Issa-I am a quiet guy-I will work to do what needs to be done.
Elected Off-Campus Senator Eric Christensen, Jeff Brand

Approval of Minutes   10-5-05 Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports
President Wills 
Good points were brought up about our web site.  We are working on a proposal for that.
Financial Aid Focus Group-James Dye, Megan Baule, SAC-Gabe Afolayan, SOAFC-Chris Frederick
Vice President for Finance & Administration Search Committee-Suzie Couillard, Parking Advisory Committee-Andrew Pryzak
I met with Director Connolly today from Health Services.  They are working on their strategic plan. 
Landlord Tenant Forum tomorrow.  Come and ask questions, make statements.  Get your voice out so students  see where you stand on these issues.
In regard to the calling table on the bill, we need people to call, even if it is only for 15 minutes. 
Congratulations to Vice President Bruner on running a good meeting last week.
Sometimes we encounter things in life that are difficult.  Lecture speaker Mr. Dieterle gave reminders to keep
working hard.
Senator Dye-Is tabling a certain time frame?
President Wills-The table will be at Sandellas from 10-3.       

Vice President Bruner
I attended Budget Sub Meet & Confer this week-they are laying groundwork on requests.
I will be meeting with Dean Trauger next week on the Savings Card.
Places for Students-they want to know if they should come and give another presentation.
This would make looking for an apartment much easier for students.
President Wills-What are we doing with the Savings Club?
Vice President-I will be going to hear what the administration has to say. I don’t expect
any opposition.  Hopefully, next week we will be able to have a motion for this card saving money for students.

Speaker Brandt
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition:
Anthropology Club, Multicultural Student Council (MCSC), United States Institute of Theater Technology-MSU Student Chapter (USITT), MSU Pre-Pharmacy Club
Amnesty International, Exposed Photo Club, Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honor Society), Food Development Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Men’s Lacrosse Club, Bangladesh Student Association (BSA), Mankato Aspiring Authors Group, Nepal Students Community (NeStCom), Campus Lutheran Chapel, Sigma Chi Fraternity, Society of Automotive Engineers, NAACP, Music Educators National Conference (MENC), Tae Kwon Do Club, Interior Design Student Association, Minnesota Rehabilitation Student Division, Chicano-Latin American Student Association (CLASA), Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), Alpha Lambda Delta, St Thomas More Newman Center, Society of Professional Journalists, MSU Hockey Club (Men’s), Society of Hispanic Professional engineers (SHPE), Social Work Club, Disability Awareness and Advocacy Group, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pakistan Student Association,  International Business Organization, Minnesota Performance Elite, Students for Social Action, Vietnamese American Student Association (VASA), Minnesota Storm Intercept Association, Woman’s Club Volleyball, Mudworks, Delta Chi
Vice President Burner-Can our new senator explain the purpose of Students for Social Action?
Senator Geise-Promote social action in the community on and off campus.
Senator Pryzyk-Can you explain, Exposed Club and Mudworks?
Speaker-(Purpose read according to Constitution)
Senator Giese-Can you give purpose of Minnesota Dance Elite
Senator Brand-Minnesota Storm Intercept Association?
Speaker (read purposes)
Speaker-reminder of senator reports-what you are doing, who are you contacting?

Senator Cichy-Landlord-Tenant Forum-11:30-1:00
Senator Woods-Are landlords welcome?
President Wills-Midnight Madness-Friday, it will be a great time.

Roll Call
      Senators Present
        Elizabeth Zika-proxy Katie Hall, James Dye, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Kristeen Giese, Gabe Afolayan, Maria Schweer, Omolayo Ogunnowo, Andrew Pyzyk, Barbara Johnson, Shannon Woods, Jeff Brand, Jessica Cichy, Matthew Ward, Eric Christensen, Jered Jackson
        Senators Absent
        Haley Pederson, Kevin Bender, Melissa Turner, Seyi Ofunseye, Christopher Frederick, Lis Darvell, Josh Peterson, Sandy Vue, Sarah McLaughlin, Andrew Isker-proxy Jake Morgan, Ian Boyd
        Executive Staff Present
        President Wills, Vice President Bruner

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 5:45