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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate
October 19, 2005


Meeting called to order by Speaker Megan Brandt
Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Elizabeth Zika 8-0-0,  Haley Pederson 8-0-0, James Dye 7-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 8-0-0, Brandon Ross 7-0-1, Jenna Ault 8-0-0 Melissa Turner 8-0-0, Kristeen Giese 1-0-0 , Gabe Afolayan 8-0-0, Seyi Ogunseye 7-1-0, Christopher Frederick 8-0-0, Lisa Darvell 7-1-0, Josh Peterson 8-0-0, Sandy Vue 5-3-0, Sarah McLaughlin 5-1-0-2, Maria Schweer 3-0-0, Omolayo Ogunnowo 3-0-0, Andrew Pyzyk 3-0-0, Barbara Johnson-proxy Erin Naslund  0-0-1 ,  Shannon Woods 8-0-0,Eric Christensen 1-0-0, Jessica Cichy 7-1-0, Matthew Ward 8-0-0, Jeff Brand 1-0-0,  Jared Jackson 8-0-0, Andrew Isker-proxy Jake Morgan 3-3-1-1, Ian Boyd 3-0-0,  President Rob Wills 7-0-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 3-0-0

Open Forum
Syeda Raza-I am here today to tell you about what I am doing with some other students.  We are forming a
new RSO that would be responsible for fund raising on campus in cases of national disasters.
            President Wills-what are you asking from us?
            Ms. Raza-We would just like your support in agreeing with us, if you helped us by sponsoring
we would use your name in all fund raising.  We want your approval.
            Vice President Bruner-Who are you going to be working with, like have you talked to the Red Cross?
            Ms. Raza-We have contacted the Red Cross and we will work with many other organizations.
            Senator Afolayan-Are you going to have paid positions?
            Ms. Raza-We have talked to a lot of organizations and they have already supported this . This will be
            all volunteer work by the organization.
            Senator Giese-Do you have any training in this?
            Ms. Raza-I talked to Lauren Long today and we will be working with Student Development, we will have students from the College of Business, the Red Cross, people that have had experience in fundraising for
disasters such as this.

Approval of Agenda  Agenda approved with corrections.  Addition of Senator Bender.

Elections:  Allied Health & Nursing, Off-Campus
Applicants:  Allied Health & Nursing-Cathy Cloran, Transferred from Eastern Ill. after
hurting knee competing in Rugby.  Major-Recreation Parks and Leisure Services.  I would like to take all ideas
that I have from being on another campus and share the ideas with MSU. I would like to work on events that many students would go to so that we could increase school spirit.  One issue she said she has heard about is the smoking on campus near residential halls.  The ashtrays should be moved about 15 feet away or whatever the legal limit is.   I am hard working, I work hard to get my 3.90.  I have a friendly personality, I am upfront and look forward to working on campus.
Vice President Bruner-Where would you have the smokers go?
Ms. Cloran-I would move them out, over 15 feet away.  Out by the receptacles.
Vice President Bruner-Do you mean out in the open?  Do you mean like out in the lawn?
Ms. Cloran-I know it gets cold but the smoke goes in the rooms.  They should just be moved from the
Senator Bender-Call the question
Motion passes, one abstention
Elected:  Cathy Cloran, Allied Health & Nursing Senator

Off-Campus Election candidates:  Ian Boyd, Tom Bergstrom, Dave Bottin
Speaker Brandt-Senator Boyd has turned in his resignation for Maverick Hall and that qualifies him to run for the Off-Campus position.
Mr. Boyd-Being part of Student Senate has been great.  I have reported back to Mav Hall.  I
have been involved all over campus.  I am part of Pre-Med, Golf.  I think I could bring good
ideas to the senate.
Mr. Bergstrom-I am a senior and I am interested in the Off-Campus seat.  I have lived off-
campus the past year and a half.  I am familiar with the Landlord tenant issues, I was
on Parking Advisory last year.
Mr. Bottin-As most of you know I am a Computer Science/Human Resource major.  I served on senate two years ago.  I am on the Constitution Commission.  I have been on leadership roles in the military. I have been on many academic boards.  I have been on several boards in the community.  I could bring helpfulness and guidance.
Vice President Bruner-Why are you the best candidate?
Mr. Boyd-I am involved off campus and in the community.  I could bring a lot to the senate, I would
work on collaboration.
Mr. Bergstrom-I was on senate last year.  A couple weeks ago I ran for Vice President.  I feel I have the qualities to do a good job.  I worked for MSUSA last year as an intern.  We worked on lobbying issues
for the tuition freeze.
Mr. Bottin-I am a student but have ties with the community.  I could involve both by bringing in
djs for dances or whatever social event we would like to get going.  I could nurture junior senators.
Senator Cichy-One of our largest topics is landlord tenant issues, what could you work on to make this better?
Mr. Bergstrom-I have lived off campus, I have dealt with landlords and security deposits. This is
all about having governance and rights.  Right now landlords are just saying sign our lease or else.
They are making money on all of us.  We need experience to work out leases.
Mr. Bottin-I have been putting up with landlords for a long time.  I have been having problems with
my landlord-we need help with the local and state people so that we have better information,
Mr. Boyd-This is not my first time off campus.  I lived in a fraternity and did have to work with
landlords.  I have friends all over in the complexes.  I would like to see committees from the campus
work with landlords on mutual agreements.  We should work with the campus legal representative also.
Senator Brand-What two goals would you like to accomplish this year?
Mr. Bottin-As a member of the Constitution Commission I would like to see this get cleaned up for
future years.  I would like to work on landlord tenant concerns with first year experience.
Mr. Boyd-There is a significant difference in information on and off campus.  We need to educate
students.  Landlord/tenant is a huge issue.
Mr. Bergstrom-Landlord issue is important, as a student we need to go through a learning process.
 but we can make that process easier for students.  This issues should be
addresses in the dorms before students move off-campus.  The attorney works with 90% of this.  Parking is another problem for off-campus students, this is a very big problem.  Parking in a gravel lot in the middle of town should not be happening.
Senator Bender-All of you have stood here before-what was the reason for leaving your post?
Mr. Boyd-I resigned as community advisor because I was pressured for time and could not give that
much time to senate.  I feel this is more important.
Mr. Bergstrom-I did not run in the spring because I thought I was going to graduate in Dec.  I felt
someone should come in that could be here the entire year.  They should have that experience.
I added another minor and will now graduate at  the end of the year.
Mr. Bottin-I had medical problems and took the semester off.
Vice President Bruner-In line with the President’s mission statement, student fees should be kept at inflation or lower. What is your opinion on this?
Mr. Bergstrom-Fees should not have to go up but groups always want more money.  If they go up
you are contributing to a higher level of happiness.  If something will benefit our community
it would be for the well being of all compared to a few dollars.
Mr. Bottin-I feel there are certain activities that rip off students, they should be more accountable.
Athletics get a lot of money; some activities do not get their fair share.  We should hold them more
Senator Cichy-Can you give us an example?
Mr. Bottin- A football player is getting parking tickets paid for, student fees should not be used for that.
Mr. Boyd-No, fees should not be raised; I don’t want this to become the U of M.  I don’t want to
expand so much, I want to see things happen but not by raising student fees.
President Wills-What is your stance on tailgating?
Mr. Bottin-As long as it stays in the requirements of the university, what is wrong with that?  It
should be a strong positive.
Mr. Boyd-We have to have tailgating-that is what gets people into the stands, we need the spirit.
We want people to cheer.  Tailgating is essential.
Mr. Bergstrom-I don’t feel it s essential.  I think it would be a perk.  Yes, it would be cool.  It
is not a necessity, we would have to fight the administration on this.  Students are usually
drunk before they get there anyway.  The administration has been good to this senate.  They
want a dry campus, I don’t know if it would be worth working on this.  I don’t want to be a downer,
though because it is a cool idea.
President Wills-Say we wanted to do it off campus like University Square, what is your stance
on the alcohol involvement?
Mr. Boyd-Tailgating does not have to include alcohol.  That is not tailgating, tailgating is about
school spirit.
Mr.Bergstrom-Tailgating is about alcohol, it is about drinking.  That is the bottom line.  If we were
able to work something out off campus that might be a good alternative to a dry campus.
We should not push the universities button.
Mr. Bottin-If you want to go to University Square-you would have to talk to them.  I would like
to see a non-alcohol party on campus that would involve all students.
Senator Ogunnowo-Most problems seem to happen off-campus-how could you address these
problems if the university had to address them?
Senator Bergstrom-I think this is about as good as it gets.  The Student Events Team team hands out information
on alcohol, I think they do preventive training.  The biggest problem is not knowing limits, we can’t
stop it, the administration can’t stop it. We just need to continue to educate on limits of drinking.
Maybe we need sober rides, our laws are fairly lenient. 
Mr. Bottin-I did some information on this, years ago MSSA did help fund a sober cab.  I think the businesses
should help with this, they are the one’s making money.  I applaud the fraternity putting on the
house party on what you don’t want to do in regards to drinking.  We have had a car on campus showing what can happen if you are in an accident, we need to do more of that.
Mr. Boyd-Prevention is the best, as off-campus senators we can go and help.  I do try to make
people try to make healthy decisions on campus.  I would like to seemore programs moved off-campus,
like showing consequences, ride share etc.  There are great services out there but people don’t know
about them. 
Elected Off-Campus Senator:  Ian Boyd

Approval of Minutes   10-12-05 Minutes

Officer Reports
President Wills 
Food Service RFP-Cathy Cloran, Andrew Pyzyk, SAC- Jason Casey, Legislative Affairs-Kristeen Giese,
President’s Commission on the Status of Women-Kristeen Giese, Student Union Board-
Eric Christensen, Student Technology Roundtable-Jeff Brand, MSSA Budget Committee-Hassan Sidiqui, Umair Javed, Nida Sumar, Maria Rizvi, Syeda Khumar Raza, Ethics and Standards-Jeff Brand, Mel Turner,
Kristeen Giese, Jessica Cichy
Reminder-what happens in caucus should remain in caucus.  I met with Athletics, I will give you more about
that later.  I need senators to be on a learning panel to discuss senate.  I attended Women’s Hockey,
they will be very good this year.  If you have questions on issues you can’t answer, ask Mike, Megan
or I, we might be able to get you information for your questions.

Vice President Bruner
The Residential Hall is putting together their rates and they need to be approved by us.  This is
your chance to see what the money is spent on and to have a voice in the fees.
Senator Dye-Has the administration giving you information on the Student Savings card?  They
said it was tried a few years ago and did not go of the ground.  This is a reputable company.
We will have an opportunity to pass a motion on this.

Speaker Brandt
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition:
MSU Military Veteran's Group, Sigma Nu, Woman's Studies Club, Society of Woman Engineers (SWE)
Early Childhood Elementary Education Club, MSU Bike Club/Cycling Team, Council of Student Business Organizations (COSBO), French Club, Men's Club Volleyball, Human Resource and General Management Club, Students for Alcohol and Drug Education, MSU Food and Nutrition Club, Muslim Student Association, Alpha Phi Omega- Nu Pi Chapter, Black Student Union, Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society
            We need to have your senator reports given soon.  Please use note paper instead of talking.
            Motion #10.19.05 A   Vice President Bruner/Senator Ward.
Whereas:              The Student Savings Club is a reputable organization with no complaints from either the Better Business Bureau or any member schools contacted.

            Whereas:              Senate Motion #09.21.05A was passed on September 21

            Be It Resolved:    The MSSA Senate approves implementation of this program.

            Vice President Bruner-We passed a motion on looking into this a few weeks ago.  We have found that this is a reputable company.  Let’s get this savings to the students.
            Senator Ward-This program could be up and running by the end of the semester if we pass this and
            get this savings started.
            Senator Bender-Are you going to contact all the businesses?
            Vice President Bruner-No, the company does it all.  If you have a company you want to be contacted be sure to let us know.
            President Wills-They also had a form we can fill out on the companies we would like to see on the
            Motion passes-one abstention

Senator Reports
Off-Campus Jessica Cichy-Landlord Tenant forum was good, all though we would like to have seen
more students.  I will be meeting with Lauren from SLD&SL about housing issues and trying to work with them.   
Senator Giese-Were there landlords in attendance?
Senator Cichy-There were two landlords present.

College of Business Kevin Bender-As President Wills says-If it is not broke, don’t fix it.  I attended the College of Business Lecture series last week.  It was very good.  I had lunch with the speaker and he was very interesting.  Next week we have alumni coming to speak for the lecture series.  He is the President of Amazon .com. There is a lot happening in the College of Business, I will be bringing you more information.
President Wills-What is going on in COSBO?
Senator Bender-All the organizations get together, they talk about issues going on in their
departments.  They talk about new things happening in their departments.  Marketing has the largest
Senator Cichy-Have you heard about the Entrepreneur program?
Senator Bender-This is in the making, it would set us apart from other schools-this would be a new major open to all students, not just students in the college of business.  This would be great for students that  want to start their own business someday.

Off-Campus Shannon Woods (written report)
My first couple months on Senate have been going very well. I have been working with the Student Affairs committee on the tent/landlord issues. I attended the forum on Thursday Oct. 13th. The forum went very well, there were some great questions asked. The answer given will help us to develop a plan of action in dealing with this issue. I also plan on attending the women’s conference given by MSUSA on Oct. 28th. This should be very interesting and thought provoking.


President Wills-You can now meet your MSUSA Representative in the office and we will
be having sandwiches.  Hockey and football this weekend.
Senator Brand-Anthropology fundraising, for a dollar you can put your hand in paint.
Senator Frederick-Mock House Party-everyone should go.

Roll Call
Senators Present
Elizabeth Zika, Cathy Cloran, Haley Pederson, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Kristeen Giese, Gabe Afolayan, Seyi Ofunseye, Christopher Frederick, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Sandy Vue, Maria Schweer, Omolayo Ogunnowo, Andrew Pyzyk, Barbara Johnson-proxy Erin Naslund, Shannon Woods, Eric Christensen, Jessica Cichy, Matthew Ward, Jeff Brand, Jered Jackson, Andrew Isker-proxy Jake Morgan, Ian Boyd
Senators Absent
Sarah McLaughlin
Executive Staff Present
President Rob Wills, Vice President Mike Bruner

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 5:38 PM