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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate
October 26, 2005


Meeting called to order by Speaker Megan Brandt
Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Elizabeth Zika 9-0-0,  Cathy Cloran 2-0-0, Haley Pederson 9-0-0, James Dye 8-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 9-0-0, Brandon Ross 8-0-1, Jenna Ault 9-0-0 Melissa Turner 9-0-0, Kristeen Giese 2-0-0 , Gabe Afolayan 9-0-0, Seyi Ogunseye 8-1-0, Christopher Frederick 9-0-0, Lisa Darvell 8-1-0, Josh Peterson 9-0-0, Sarah McLaughlin 5-2-0-2, Maria Schweer 4-0-0, Omolayo Ogunnowo 4-0-0, Andrew Pyzyk-proxy Katie Halloran  3-0-1, Barbara Johnson-proxy Erin Naslund  1-0-1 ,  Shannon Woods 9-0-0,Eric Christensen 2-0-0, Jessica Cichy 8-1-0, Matthew Ward 9-0-0, Jeff Brand-proxy Tom Bergstrom 1-0-1,  Jared Jackson 9-0-0, Andrew Isker 3-4-1-1, Ian Boyd 4-0-0,  President Rob Wills 8-0-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 4-0-0

Open Forum
Brittany Fossey-I am here today to express my interest as a candidate from Moorhead for the MSUSA at-large
position on the board of directors.   I am currently a senior with a major in Mass Communications with an
emphasis in Advertising/Public Relations.  I transferred to MSUM in the fall of 2003 from Marquette University where I was a broadcast journalism major.  At Marquette I was involved with Marquette University Television, serving as the programming director and eventually assistant producer of the late night news.  I was and am also a member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity and I had a year long internship with US Senator Herb Kohl of WI.  I have been involved in student senate and MSUSA for the past three years.

I think that the at-large positions not only support the restructuring of MSUSA as a more student run/student based non-for-profit organization.  I want to change apathy, I want staff to be more approachable.  The
message for MSUSA should be individualized on each campus. We need to reinstate ideas
of MSUSA and the ideas of opportunities that are available such as internships.  This is important to
academic success.  I would like to increase involvement of interns in MSUSA.  Organization should
take a more proactive approach.  I would like to continue to support our current campaign activities but would also like to make noticeable effort to re-enforce many of the ideas consistent with the restructuring of this
President Wills-What is the Board of Directors job at MSUSA?
Ms. Fossey-There are seven schools, this would be additional at-large positions, similar to the powers of the President of a school.  We would not have an individual school support, but rather the support of all delegates.  The new at-large board of directors will add a new accountability to the board. 
Vice President Brunner-If you are elected would you focus solely on student related issues or issues that do
not impact students such as the same sex marriage issue currently under discussion?
Ms. Fossey-I think we should focus on student issues, there are diversity issues, but there are better ways of
achieving these goals.  In terms of taking a position, we should create the awareness, but we should not take
a lot of time on external issues.
Vice President Bruner-But do you think there should be some sort of funding for this?
Ms. Fossey-Yes, I do not think we should segregate this from the rest of the university.  That type of PR is
not appropriate for the organization.
Senator Bender-Being that, what are challenges facing St. Cloud and MSU that do not face the other
institutions?  What type of involvement do you have or how would you represent the larger schools?
Ms. Fossey-In MSUSA most issues deal with or center around personality.  Communication is important.
I think I have done that by reaching out to all the campuses.   I would want to know what individuals think.   

Andrew Breck-Interior Design Program.  We are here today because we are frustrated with what is happening with the program.  I would like to voice concerns that many students have.  We would appreciate any help you you could give us or any allocations.  We would like to keep the program going.
Vice President Burner-Has the administration given you any help, assistance with finding schools etc?
Mr. Breck-The only formal information we have gotten is someone spoke to us and then did not give us clear answers.  They have not helped us at all.  The program is open until 2008.
Senator Bender-Would there be members of the program that would be willing to work with senate to see how we could  help you?
Mr. Breck-Yes, of course.  We want to get the ball rolling.  We could do that with your help.
President Wills-What can we do to help you?
Mr. Breck-I am not sure of your power but we need help in keeping the program from being suspended.
Everything is round about and not clear.  We want to keep the program going for students to come here and learn.
Senator Ross-Where is the next closest college?
Mr. Breck-It is not a strong major, the University of Minnesota does have a program.  Some technical colleges
do have the program.  Iowa State may have the program.

Joy Hickey-Non traditional part time student.  I am in the Interior Design degree program and just started my cores.  I have to work full time, I love this program.  I do not know if I will graduate on time.  This school is good with working with students of disabilities, I am one of them.  Some of the classes are difficult for me, knowing that some classes will be done at this particular time, I am afraid I may not be ready to take the class on time and then I may not be able to graduate on time.  Many businesses would be affected if we did not have a program.  They work with us and have helped sponsor our program.  Personally, I have a family member that graduated from here in 1974.  She works with Macy’s.  The next four year program in the area is at the U of M.  The two year programs are not accredited.  We have a good program.  We are accredited. 
Senator Cichy-Could this be relocated in some other college?
Ms. Hickey -It was in the Arts, I don’t know if it could go back.
Senator Dye-If this was forced to close, do you think students could afford the extra costs of going to the U of M?
Ms. Hickey-I would have to say no, I personally could not go.
Senator Christensen-I understand it was cancelled because it no longer fits the goal of Science, Engineering & Technology. Why was it moved before?
Antje Meisner-Interior Design Student-I would like to add that this program has been here for over 30 years.  It is a strong program.    I am also a non traditional student. I have a business here and children, I could not
go somewhere else.  I have heard Dr. Davenport say he wants to move this to a modern university.  If you want
to be a modern university you have to cater to women and this program.  From what I understand it seems to be an issue of about $200,000, if another college had the funds I think they would move it.
Senator Ross-Is this mainly female dominated?
Ms. Meisner-Yes it is.
Senator Ross-How many are in the program?
Ms. Meisner- About 185.
Senator Cichy-If the program has been around that long they should have some alumni that could help.
Ms. Meisner-After we did our mission statement we were told it no longer fit.  Students are frustrated because
they feel they were not given a good answer.  It would be nice to have that clarified.
Maureen Fredrickson-I am a returning student.  I was in the Home Ec department.  I decided to come back to school and I wanted Interior Design.  Because of this program, I came here.  Last January I was told they
did not know if they could accept me because I needed to take some course to get in the program.  I did that and
now I am told they may not have the program.   I was given no explanation of why it is being closed. 
Senator Bender-Who is head of the department?
Ms. Meisner-I believe it is Scott Fee.
Approval of Agenda  Agenda stands approved

Approval of Minutes   10-19-05 Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports
President Wills 
Bookstore Advisory-Barbara Johnson, Tom Bergstrom.  I need five students for the Housing Board-Shannon Woods, Ian Boyd, Matt Ward, Tom Bergstrom, Kristeen Giese, Judicial Board-Daniel Terry.
According to our constitution I need to report any expenditures over $75.  This past week we spent about $1600.00 from our reserves to purchase Cheri a new computer. 
Last week we discussed Tailgating -Mr. Bender brought us a model to work on from another university.  We have passed that on and we will be discussing more about that in the future.
I met with PRSSA-We came up with many ideas, we would like senators to talk in classes and reach out to students instead of making them come to us.
We are working on the web site, we are trying to hire two students.  The goal is to have this done by next week.
We need student involvement in handing out megaphones at hockey games.  Oct 29, Nov 11 or Dec 3.  I am hoping you say lets do such and such a date and we can get our name out there doing this together.  

Vice President Bruner
Rob and I met with Kelly Meier from  SLD&SL, we discussed our leadership attending a retreat with leaders from Student Development. 
We also would like  to work on a student attitude poll, we need to see what students want us to be doing.  Regarding the student savings club card.  There is no cost to us.  All the work is being done by the Savings Club.

Speaker Brandt
Reminder of Senator Reports-this is a way of keeping communication open.

Committee Reports
SAC-Matt Ward, Co-Chair
SAC M#10.26.05A

Student Allocations Committee recommends allocating up to $600.00 to American Institute of Graphic Design to attend the AIGA Minnesota Design Camp in Nisswa, MN.

Motion passes, one abstention

SAC M#10.26.05B Society of Professional Journalists

SAC recommends allocating up to $200.00 to the Society of Professional Journalists to attend the National Journalism Conference in Las Vegas, NE.

Motion passes

Senator Reports
Social & Behavioral Sciences-Lisa Darvel-What I've been doing is going to the Commission on the Status of Women, we had our first meeting a few weeks ago and our looking forward to working on the co-worker bulling issue and a few others. As far as the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences there really isn't much going on.
Motion #10.26..05 A   President Wills/Senator Cichy

Whereas:                Student government should be involved in student activities

Whereas:                This year’s student government has not done much to be involved on campus

Move:                     The MSSA will volunteer to help out at the Men’s Hockey games on
                              Saturday October 29, November 11 or December 3 at 6:00 PM at the Midwest
                              Wireless Civic Center

Vice President Bruner-We have been involved, we do not need a motion to attend.
Senator Bender-This is ridiculous, just pass around a sign up sheet.
President Wills-This would encourage senators to get involved and not resort to a sign up.
Motion fails-three abstentions                

Senator Dye-We should vote on BoredBoard, right now Big and Rich is winning.
Senator Ault-No they are not winning but you should vote anyway.
Senator Ross-MSUSA Conference this weekend.
Senator Cichy-Next week Residential Life will be coming to our committee meeting week to discuss room and board fees.  This is your opportunity to ask questions and find out what is going on.
Senator Afolayan-Academic Affairs will meet next week.

Roll Call
      Senators Present
      Elizabeth Zika, Cathy Cloran, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Kristeen Giese, Gabe Afolayan, Seyi Ofunseye, Christopher Frederick, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Omolayo Ogunnowo, Barbara Johnson, Shannon Woods, Eric Christensen, Jessica Cichy, Matthew Ward, Jeff Brand-proxy Tom Bergstrom, Jered Jackson, Ian Boyd
      Senators Absent
      Haley Pederson, Sandy Vue, Sarah McLaughlin, Andrew Pyzyk-proxy Katie Halloran, Andrew Isker
      Executive Staff Present
      President Rob Wills, Vice President Mike Bruner

Adjournment   Meeting adjourned at  5:05 PM