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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate
November 2, 2005

Meeting called to order by Speaker Megan Brandt
Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Elizabeth Zika 10-0-0,  Cathy Cloran 3-0-0, Haley Pederson 10-0-0, James Dye 9-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 10-0-0, Brandon Ross 9-0-1, Jenna Ault 10-0-0 Melissa Turner 10-0-0, Kristeen Giese 3-0-0 , Gabe Afolayan 10-0-0, Senator Ofunseye Ogunseye 9-1-0, Christopher Frederick 10-0-0, Lisa Darvell 9-1-0, Josh Peterson 10-0-0, Sarah McLaughlin 6-2-0-2, Maria Schweer 5-0-0, Omolayo Ogunnowo 5-0-0, Andrew Pyzyk 4-0-1, Barbara Johnson- 3-0-1 ,  Shannon Woods 10-0-0,Eric Christensen 3-0-0, Jessica Cichy 9-1-0, Matthew Ward 10-0-0, Jeff Brand-2-0-1,  Jared Jackson 10-0-0, Andrew Isker-proxy Jake Morgan 3-4-2-1, Ian Boyd 5-0-0,  President Rob Wills 9-0-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 5-0-0

 Open Forum
Tim Ibisch-MSUSA Spokesperson.  This past weekend we attended the MSUSA Fall Delegate Conference.
MSUSA is working on House Bill #609-Tuition and allocation of money.  We did not have many delegates
In attendance from MSU.

      Emmeline Elliott-Society of Professional Journalists is conducting a warm winter clothing drive.  You can give mitten, hats, any warm clothing.  There is a drop box in the Reporter Office.
Approval of Agenda  Addition of James Dye to senator reports. Haley Pederson to Presentation of President

Approval of Minutes   10-26-05 Minutes

Presentation-Vice President of Finance & Administration, Dean Trauger
We are here today to continue discussion regarding FY07 Budget and tuition proposal.  All of your questions and comments are welcome.
The information we are distributing is on the system budget plan.  The system is requesting approximately
$23-25 million.  This would contribute significantly to the system’s effectiveness in 2007.  Service levels and increasing student demands have stressed the network.  Consideration could be given to a $10-15 request to expand service levels.  There is credit card frustration due to inadequate capacity to handle volume.  We are working with Minnesota State to address this issue.  Minnesota State is also asking the Legislature for additional support for the Centers of Excellence program and they are asking for support for extraordinary fuel costs creating budget stress on the campuses.

 I would like to give you background information on why tuition has increased.  The increase in tuition is partly because of the state support.  The state looks at higher ed as one way they can make cuts without impacting state agencies.  In fiscal year 1999 compared to 2005 the state appropriation has gone from 63.91% appropriation by the state to 45.46% in 2005.   $911 per student funding has been decreased since 1999.   That is a significant loss that had to be made up by tuition.  We are now funded 55% by tuition.  In the state of Minnesota we are very competitive.  We are the third lowest in the state.
Vice President Bruner-I see that scenarios start at 7% increases, should we assume you are not looking
at anything lower?
Vice President Trauger-To break even we would probably need an 8% increase. We could give lower scenarios,
but if we go 5-6-7 %, those rates would required cut backs in services and expenditures.  We would have to have discussions on how to do that.  We want to maintain the quality of education students deserve.
President Davenport-This is an important topic, it is a major issue.  I just came from Minnesota State meetings on this.  We want to give you a lot of specifics.  22 colleges are recommending 9% increases.  6 are recommending 12%.  We are in the middle.  We want to do what we can to maintain academic areas without trying to raise tuition. If we don’t get 7% we will have to cut back strategic priorities.  The consultation process is to hear from you. We want to educate you and we want you to know what we will have to do if we have to make cut backs.
On the supplemental budget the recommendation coming from the Chancellor’s office is that we have
money put into the technology infrastructure.  The infrastructure is not capable at this time because of the
overloads put on technology.  We are the only ones with D2L-We want to continue this.  The second
priority is asking for a second Center of Excellence.  We are in a very unique group.  We could be receiving
about $2-3 million from state appropriation.  We want a Center for Bioscience.  The third area that we
were surprised about was the fuel supplement given the high cost of fuel.  We are currently trying to
make cuts to pay for that.  All public entities can be asking for this.  We did not make this our
highest priority.  The other two areas would benefit us in additional money to further this institution.
Senator Brand-Two weeks ago we heard something to the effect of the 7% cap.  How is it now higher?
President Davenport-The cap is for the current year.  The board does not want to see double digit recommendations unless a strong rationale.  They are looking at individual needs on campuses.  We are
not looking at double digits.  We are probably looking at 7-9%.  We want you all involved.
Senator Brand-Is there a state law that says students only have to be obliged to pay a certain amount?
Dean Trauger-At one time that was the objective of the legislature, it was 2/3 in 1999.  It had to do with the
allocation formula.  As budgets got tighter they backed away from that.  It was funded that way but
the legislature has changed that. 
Senator Christensen-I heard mention of cutbacks, from where?
Vice President Trauger-That would have to come with discussions from the entire campus.  They would be more strategic than a way to balance the budget.
Senator Zika-Can you define the Center of Excellence?
Vice President Trauger-That is an add on enhancement.  We have one in Engineering.  It will not impact our University dollars.  We have partners in that.  Hopefully there will be more research and quality in engineering.  The dollars will not impact your tuition. Regarding technology-if Minnesota State is successful in obtaining this money from the legislature it may be that they would have to reallocate in their system budget.  Credit card payment was a hang up this year because the system is not adequate.
Senator Dye-Is the idea of spending cuts off the table or is it still looked at in bringing tuition down?
Vice President Trauger-If you strongly recommend we look at reductions we would have to discuss that and decide if we want to embark in that.  There are not current plans for that now.  We have over $5 million in unmet requests.  We are quite a ways off from where we want to be in terms of funding.  We want to keep
tuition down.  Do we want to be competitive?  With fewer resources we might not be.
Vice President Bruner-In the last few years I have heard that the trend in the legislature is going to be not decreasing funding, but maybe not increasing it. 
President Davenport-This is on the platform of many legislators.  I am afraid that in the past there has been
a constant reduction.  Governor Pawlenty has supported the Center of Excellence, but students need to get
out there.  Also the allocation model delineates perfectly with our costs.  That allocation model needs
to be addressed. Four year higher education costs are higher than 2 year costs.  On the legislative side we need to come together to try to keep inflation down but we need to look at the impact here.  We need to push for higher allocation, then we can drop tuition.  The legislators know exactly what they are doing, they know we have to raise tuition if they do not give us more appropriation.
Senator Bender-If we want to be competitive….
President Davenport-Three years ago we laid out a strategic plan, undergraduate, graduate, on line learning.
We felt we needed to incorporate international learning and diversity.  It is outlined in our plan in detail.
This is what will make a difference in our institution.  We want to enhance grad students tuition and stipends, we are currently not competitive, that is in the strategic plan,  and do we have the right programs?  Now we have the challenge of developing doctoral programs, that costs money.  That is one example.  On the undergraduate level we are looking at the curriculum.  We need a global curriculum that will prepare you for the next 25-30 years.  We want you to have a quality education.  We have had open forums, a lot of discussion on analyzing these programs.
Senator Layo-You said Cultural Diversity was in the Strategic Plan, what emphasis has been placed on that?
President Davenport-In the Strategic Plan that is a top priority, we have more money in that than any
other area.
Senator Christensen-Where would funds be pulled from?
Vice President Trauger-That process is underway, it would require input.  There is not a specific plan.  Next week Vice President Trauger and Vice President Olson will come and tell of some things they will be doing.
Vice President Trauger-Two weeks ago I mentioned average tuition costs of  $5,491,    We are about $90.00
less than the average.  I know increases have been painful.  We don’t like to see increases.  We are
about average in terms of tuition and fees.  We want to provide the kind of education students deserve.
Your tuition is key to quality education.

      Presentation-President Wills, Vice President Bruner, Speaker Brandt, Haley Pederson
Speaker Brandt- Parliamentary Procedures refresher.  Motions go from us to Advisor Joel to Vice President  Swatfager-Haney to Dr. Davenport.  Examples of motions, amendments, voting, point of personal privilege.
(senator requirements) 
Vice President Bruner-This is how we can communicate with the President.
President Wills-Motions show action. 
Haley Pederson-Team builder

Presentation-Ben Nelson-Tailgating
Tailgating is an integral part of college.  I feel that if this policy was enacted we would see more fans at
football games.  South Dakota does have this and we have looked at their policy.  Some policies ranged
from  5 hours before the game, some where 3 hours.  The policy would charge $5.00 per vehicle at the entrance to cover costs associated with tailgating, which would include any needed security.  The location is debatable but the prime spot would be next to Blakeslee Stadium.  Minnesota laws and the City of Mankato ordinances would apply to tailgating and there would be no sale of alcohol at the event.    St. Cloud did not
go through Minnesota State in the proper way.  I spoke to Minnesota State about why they pulled this from St. Cloud.
I was told they did not have the proper permits.  I spoke with the Mankato City Council-Mike Laven.
They would be supportive if the proper procedures were followed.  It is embarrassing when we can not enjoy
camaraderie and no grilling.  There needs to be a joint task force between MSU Security and
Mankato Public Safety.
Senator Bender-If the enforcement is more would the costs vary?
Mr. Nelson-Yes, costs would very.
Vice President Bruner-Do you know of other schools that have implemented this in Minnesota?
Mr. Nelson-Not in Minnesota, the University of So. Dak. has implemented this as well as South Dakota State.
President Wills-Who did you contact at Minnesota State?
Mr. Nelson-I contacted Mr. Hoffman, he had me contact Mr. Lopez.
Senator Cichy-This says it is for football, have you looked at Basketball and Hockey also?
Mr. Nelson-I think if we did this and showed we could handle this in a safe and proper way we could look at other sports, right now the focus is on football.
Senator Bender-Have you looked at this off-campus?
Mr. Nelson-I did bounce this off Director Buisman.  We talked about leasing a parking lot.  This is
all up for negotiation.
Senator Christenson-What is the largest point of resistance?
Mr. Nelson-With Minnesota State, we need to amend the policy like South Dakota State does.  I recommend
going through Minnesota State.  I am hoping this will benefit the rest of the state.

President Wills 
Appointments: Student Union Board-Jason Schilling, SAC-Ryan Doane
The Diversity International Week office decorating contest is coming up.  Please sign up to help.
We need senators to help be on a panel to discuss student leadership on MSSA.  This is a great
way for us to be involved.  I would appreciate help on this. 
I need a small group of people to work on the tuition budget-we need consultation as quickly as we can.  Tomorrow at Meet & Confer we will be talking about the Interior Design Program.  We will also be talking
about the Smoking policy.  Next week we will be hearing a presentation from Public Relations.
Our web site will also be taken care of.  We need students to be on the Bookstore Advisory and
the Textbook Price Containment Group.  We will also be ordering the Roberts Rules for Dummies.
It is less formal and should help us all.

Vice President Bruner
We are waiting for the approval from the administration on the Savings Card.  When we get that
we will be moving ahead.
MSUSA represents all the seven state schools.  MSUSA works for all students.  They lobby legislators in regard to tuition and important issues such as grants and loans that affect us all.  They are an important tool.  The way this is run is that each school gets a certain amount of delegates according to their population.  We went to the Board meetings this past weekend with 5 delegates, we are allowed 10.  Next time we go in March I expect to take a full delegation.  MSUSA and MSSA pay for your room, transportation and meals.
We do not want to sit at that table again without a full delegation.  Every single school brought all their delegates plus alternates.  St. Cloud and MSU have the most votes.  We could have a lot of say in how
things are done if we brought our full delegation.

Speaker Brandt
Initial Recognition:
Colleges Against Cancer, Students for Saving Social Security, Communication Club, MSU College
Social & Behavioral Sciences seat of Sandy Vue not vacant.  Election will be Nov. 9. 
Correspondence from attorney-Our attorney Chris Kennedy met with twenty four students this past month.  This was approximately half the number he spoke to in September.  Landlord/Tenant issues
were still number one, with Rolling Oaks/Monks still having the most issues. 

Committee Reports
SAC-Matt Ward, Co-Chair
SAC M#10/31/06A

SAC recommends allocating up to $710.00 to MSU Paintball Club to attend the Iowa State Open tournament in Ames, Iowa. 

Paintball falls under the umbrella of Campus Recreation.  They asked for 1710.00, but they did $1,000 worth
of fundraising so we did give them the rest.
Motion passes 2 abstentions

Coordinator Reports
Student Services-Jessica Cichy
Student Affairs is busy, we need everyone there.  We are working on the changes to the Smoking policy. 
In particular, we are looking at the requirement of 15 feet from all entrances and receptacles, and enforcement of guidelines.  We also want to educate people on gas bills, there was a cut to aid, and we want students to be prepared.   We had a presentation today from RHA regarding their consultation process.

M# 11.02.05A  Senator Afolayan/Senator Frederick
Whereas:                Student government should respond to the academic concerns of students

Whereas:                The Interior Design Program is closing with many students affected, concerned, and uninformed

Move:                     The MSSA will ask questions of appropriate authorities, coordinate an information
                              processing group, and decide on a course of action regarding the closure of the Interior
                              Design Program.

                       Senator Bender-Move to amend the motion with the addition of speaking to Dean Frey and Vice President Olson.

Amended Motion passes
M#110.02.05A  Senator Afolayan/Senator Frederick

Whereas:                Student government should respond to the academic concerns of students

Whereas:                The Interior Design Program is closing with many students affected, concerned, and uninformed

Move:                     The MSSA will ask questions of Dean Frey and Vice President Olson, coordinate an information processing group, and decide on a course of action regarding the closure of the Interior     Design Program in the next two weeks.

Senator Reports
College of Business-Brandon Ross
I was at MSUSA this past weekend.  Friday night we had a dinner with former Representative Penney.  On Saturday we had meetings and we did not have adequate representatives.  We need to make an effort to support
this.  We could have had a say in what happens.  We had an agenda we went through and we had
internal affairs. 
President Wills-What is the Penny Fellowship?
Senator Ross-Tim Penny is very involved and supportive of students.  We met with students from other
President Wills-Is there a scholarship offered?
Senator Ross-Yes, he supports higher education with a $1500 scholarship.

Arts & Humanities-Haley Pederson
I encourage you to meet each other, it is easier to accomplish things when we know each other.
Senator Bender-Have you been able to talk to anyone in the Interior Design Program?
Senator Pederson-We have made arrangements  to meet tomorrow.
Senator Ross-Are you planning more events for us to get to know each other?
Senator Pederson-I have been involved in many organizations on campus and this was just an easy way for us to get to know each other.    
Graduate Studies-Kristeen Giese Studies to introduce myself and have received contact back from Chris Mickel, Director of Graduate Programs, who will talk to Dean Fernando Delgado then get back with me to set up a meeting time. I am still waiting on further correspondence from them.

I have also introduced myself to Deirdre Rosenfeld from The Presidents Commission on the Status of Women. She forwarded the past meeting minutes so I could get familiar with the purpose and current progress of the committee.
The President's Commission on the Status of Women was established in the spring of 2000 as an advisory group to focus on issues of concern to women on campus. The Commission is composed of 13 members representing all bargaining units, the campus Equal Opportunity & Title IX officer, women's center director, women's studies chairperson, an undergraduate and graduate student, and an administrative liaison to the President.
The Commission serves a three-fold purpose as it pertains to women's concerns and issues.
To identify and define issues as they emerge and make recommendations to the University on how these issues should be addressed.
To review progress on recommendations to improve the status of women within this community.
To provide advice and guidance to the President as the University implements new policies and programs to improve the status of women at the University

On November 1, 2005, I attended my first meeting of the commission on the status of women. The group is at the starting point of continuing to define their charge this year, identify and define issues, review recommendations to improve the status of women within this community.

Event Attended on Campus:
*Participated in the MSU-Anthropology Group- Banner Fund Raising Project
*Attended the Democracy Matters- Haunted House of Democracy
*Led a discussion on” types of sociology” for the Students for Social Action’s Brown Bag Series.
*Attended the nontraditional student’s open house Halloween festivities- bowling and recreation day.

Upcoming Events and Committee Meetings:
Make a difference with Sociology Day-  November 4, 2005
MSU Hockey Vs Denver (lend a helping hand)- November 12
Presidents Commission on the Status of Women – November 15
Housing Board – November 16
Housing Board Luncheon (meet with landlords) – November 21


College of Education-Jenna Ault
I went to the College of Education and asked how admissions was going.  You now have to fill out a paper and take a PPST test or get registered for it to be admitted into the College of Education.  We have heard that the
teachers we are graduating do not have good writing skills.  Now, as part of admission you have to take a timed writing test.  It will not prevent you from getting in to the program but it will help recognize your deficiencies and they will get you help.

Social & Behavioral Sciences-Josh Peterson
I am a Law Enforcement major.  W now have a new resource called the Force Science Research Center.  It has a simulated firing range/computer generated lethal force simulator.   will give you plenty of information.

In Law Enforcement Program we are working on.  This might be a way of supporting the university.
You are welcome to come and try and try the video games.

Off-Campus-Shannon Woods
I attended a Women’s Leadership Conference last weekend.  I met senators from other campuses.  This was an
MSUSA event.  Some Minnesota legislators spoke, Sandra Pappas and Phyliss Kahn.  I also heard comments on MSU not bringing enough delegates.
Senator Giese-Can you give me the names of the legislators there?
Senator Woods-Sandy Pappas, and Phylis Kahn.

Gage A-Andrew Pyzyk
I am working on my goals in senate:  I want to make students more informed in RHA.  I am working with Cindy Janney and Mike Hodapp on a food RHP.  We are looking at new food services on campus.  We are looking at proposals and the finalists will be interviewed. I also attended meetings regarding the new res hall construction.  I saw a presentation on how buildings will look.  Last night we talked about closets.  This will be very exciting to the campus.  There are possibilities of demolishing Gage.  Over 600 beds will then be lost.
Phase one construction will be on the rugby field, phase two is very abstract.  I am working with RHA on having more consultation.
Senator Afolayan-Are the food contract interviews open?
Senator Pyzyk-The interview process is closed door.  At this time there is not any public displays or food tasting that you can go to.  I will tell you more in the next two weeks about where we stand in the selection.
Senator Afolayan-Do students have a way of giving their opinions?
Senator Pyzyk-At this time we are looking at comments and opinions that have been recorded from the past.
Senator Ofunseye-How did you decide on the companies?
Senator Pyzyk-They were invited to come visit campus.  Some companies were not interested.
Senator Ofunseye-What will be set up for the companies to be interviewed, how many will be interviewed?
Senator Pyzyk-We will hopefully be interviewing 2 or 3 companies
Senator Bender-What is this going to do for parking? How is this going to affect rates?
Senator Pyzyk-Dave Cowan was present at this meeting.  Currently they are looking at a shuttle service. They
are looking at food service rates-they are looking at keeping rates down as much as possible. 
Senator Jackson-You said that when Gage is demolished, it will be two buildings?
Senator Pyzyk-Yes, ground will be broken for a new building but students will need to be housed in Gage
Until construction is completed.
Senator Jackson-Will Gage be demolished after construction?
Senator Pyzyk-Yes, after the construction is completed.
Senator Christenson-Has something happened to Gage to need this?
Senator Pyzyk-Gage is 40 years old.  Res Life tries to keep it in the best possible shape but it is old and there are many things that need attention.
Senator Afolayan-Is there something students can pick up from the food service vendors to learn more about them..
Senator Pyzyk-This document is on-line.  RFP’s are limited to the committee because of privileged information.  It is not to keep students out but to get the most confidential process we can.
Senator Ofunseye-Have you looked at what other schools have?
Senator Pyzyk-I will bring that up to the committee.
Senator Jackson-Did they discuss what will happen to the furnishings in Gage?
Senator Pyzyk-All furnishings will be new.  The new dormitory is a semi suite style.  I have asked for a presentation by Cindy Janney so you can see that the new res hall will improve our image.  We want you to stay informed.  We want your field back as well.  Only 5 students showed up for a meeting last night.   

Crawford Hall-Omolayo Ogunnowo
First  of  all   I  would  like  to  congratulate  all  new  senators  who  have  just  joined  the  MSSA,  I  hope  we  would  work  well  to  uplifts  the  goals  of  those  we  represent.  I  do  not  know  how  this  procedure  goes  as  this  is  my  first  time  as  a  senator  and  my  first  report,  however  I  have  been  able  to  make  some  advances.
      I  have  discussed  with  my  Assistant  Complex  Director  as  well  as  a  number  of  Community  Advisors.  I  got  positive  responses  from  those  I  have  talked  to  concerning  the  welfare  of  Crawford  Hall  residents.  Besides  these  people,  I  have  been  able  to  go  one  on  one  with  certain  students  residing  in  Crawford  Hall  and  they  have  also  positive  responses  concerning  their  welfare.  Although  many  have  complained  about  the  MSSA’s  website  and  others  indicated  that  the  Student  government  has  be  more  “active”  in  terms  of  discrimination  in  employment.
      I  advised  those  that  complained  about  discrimination  in  employment  to  be  patient  and  it  might  be  as  a  result  that  the  semester  is  coming  to  an  end.  Although  I  tend  to  look  more  into  these  issues,  I  would  appreciate  the  effort  of  the  whole  student  body  as  these  students  are  afraid  of  saying  such  things  in  public.  Most  are  afraid  that  they  would  get  kicked  out  of  the  school  if  such  statements  are  heard  from  them.
      I  plan  to  continue  to  make  myself  more  available  to  my  Hall  residents  in  order  to  serve  them  more  and  work  closely  with  the  student  government  to  achieve  our  goals.  I  hope  our  classes  are  going  well  and  I  wish  everyone  a  happy  remainder  of  the  semester. 

Allied Health & Nursing-Elizabeth Zika
During the director’s report at the Student Union Board meeting, Mike Hodapp explained to the committee that the main goal for this semester is to come up with a potential budget for the 07’ fiscal year.  He also shared several other issues that we, the student union board committee, will be dealing with this semester.

The old director, Henry Morris, is not coming back to serve as Student Union Director. Therefore the Student Union Board will be doing a nation wide search in hiring a new director.  A new appointment most likely won’t be made until the end of spring semester 06’. They are also in the process of hiring an evening coordinator to oversee the CSU operations during evening hours until close (which is 2am).

We went off course for a short time, discussing issues about the flaws in the food services provided by Chartwells. One such issue was why the dorm food is so high quality during high school visitation week but poor quality after they leave.  We are going to schedule a meeting with the food director, Sam Holm, at a later date.  Issues concerning the dorm food were referred to the RHA by the Mike Hodapp.

The international program’s office and international student office are trying to streamline their operations. Also, the Student Union Board would also like to relocate this office to a bigger area because of the potential addition. The space they posses would be reallocated.

Finally, an issue of whether or not to keep the 3 year tradition of study stations during finals week alive was brought to our attention.  The study stations were started in order to provide MSU students with a comfortable environment to study during late hours in the CSU with out interruptions. During this week in December, the union provides free rolls, doughnuts, pretzels, and pops.

College of Business-James Dye
I am on Learning and Technology Roundtable.  We have discussed Mav Print, res halls are going to be getting two new printers.
Coming in January there will be changes to the Mav Card.  I need feedback on Turn it In-which is a program that says “I give you the right to check my paper for plagiarism etc.  A lot of teachers are having issues from students not signing this.  What are your opinions?
Ruckus is also being looked at.  This is at discussion point only, it would be a subscription service brought to campus.   Ruckus is a digital entertainment network geared specifically toward college students who want a legal form of MP3 downloading.  Rough costs now would be about $9.95 per semester to no more than $25.00 per semester.  .  The U of M just signed on with this service.
Senator Ofunseye-Is this school wide-Turn it in?
Senator Dye-It is limited now with the professors.   History classes are using it, classes where you are writing alto of  papers.
Senator Ofunseye-I have never heard of it.  How long has it been available?
Senator Dye-Students don’t know about it.
      Senator Ofunseye-Do we have a problem with people downloading music on campus?
      Senator Dye-Yes, I think it is becoming problem.
Senator Pyzyk-Cathy Cloran was on RFP, she had to leave this committee, and we need one more senator to
be involved.
President Wills-Stop next door for the International Student Association Inauguration after the meeting.
Senator Ofunseye-Union Board Friday in the MSSA conference room.

Roll Call
Students Present
Haley Pederson, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Kristeen Giese, Gabe Afolayan, Seyi Ofunseye, Christopher Frederick, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Maria Schweer, Andrew Pyzyk, Barbara Johnson, Eric Christensen, Matthew Ward, Jeff Brand, Jered Jackson, Andrew Isker-proxy Jake Morgan
Students Absent
Elizabeth Zika, Cathy Cloran, Sarah McLaughlin, Omolayo Ogunnowo, Shannon Woods, Jessica Cichy, Ian Boyd
Executive Staff Present
President Rob Wills, Vice President Mike Bruner

Adjournment   Meeting adjourned at    6:38 PM