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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate
November 9, 2005

Meeting called to order by Speaker Megan Brandt
Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Elizabeth Zika 11-0-0,  Cathy Cloran 4-0-0, Haley Pederson 11-0-0, James Dye 10-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 11-0-0, Brandon Ross 10-0-1, Jenna Ault 11-0-0 Melissa Turner 11-0-0, Kristeen Giese 4-0-0 , Gabe Afolayan 11-0-0, Ofunseye Ogunseye 10-1-0, Christopher Frederick 11-0-0, Lisa Darvell 10 -1-0, Josh Peterson 11-0-0, Sarah McLaughlin 7-2-0-2, Maria Schweer 6-0-0, Omolayo Ogunnowo 6-0-0, Andrew Pyzyk 5-0-1, Barbara Johnson- 3-0-1 ,  Shannon Woods 11-0-0,Eric Christensen 4-0-0, Jessica Cichy 9-2-0, Matthew Ward 11-0-0, Jeff Brand-2-0-1,  Jared Jackson 11-0-0, Andrew Isker-proxy Jake Morgan 3-4-3-1, Ian Boyd 6-0-0,  President Rob Wills 10-0-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 6-0-0

 Approval of Agenda Agenda approved with removal of Presentation

Approval of Minutes   11-02-05 Minutes  Minutes stand approved

Elections:  Social & Behavioral Science, Maverick Hall
Social & Behavioral Sciences-Marianne Reilley, Tom Bergstrom
Ms. Reilley-Social Science/International Relations/Geography.  I am currently Vice President of Rugby Club.  I want to join because I am very interested in how this works.  I am interested in budgets.  I have been involved
in politics all my life.  I am very passionate about what I do.
Mr. Bergstrom-I am a Political Science/Speech Communication major.  I was a senator last year. I have been
here before running for positions.
Vice President Bruner-In the President’s Mission statement he has stated that he would like to keep fees at inflation level or lower, how do you feel about that?
Ms. Reilley-Yes, I agree, tuition should not go higher then it is now.
Mr. Bergstrom, I worked last year on the tuition freeze, I think we need to try to maintain and not
increase fees.  There are plenty of scholarships available.
Ms. Reilley-We need to make better use of scholarship support.  We need to open communication so students are aware of resources.
Vice President Bruner-We don’t have ultimate authority on the student fees, although the administration usually supports our decision.  Currently fees are at $29.00 per credit hour, do you feel that this should be kept at inflationary rates?
Ms. Reilley-$29.00 is fairly good, I am interested in where it comes from and where it is going.
Mr. Bergstrom-I think for me personally it depends on where you want to focus.  I don’t think
the rate should be based on inflation but on what our campus needs and wants.  More money would give us more for our campus.  If there are needs and ideas that would make our students happier, I am all for that.
Mr. Bergstrom-I am here to do what I do best, I worked on the student housing board.  I am also
on the Bookstore Advisory Committee. 
Ms. Reilley-I am passionate on what I do and if I am given this position I will do my best.
Elected-Social & Behavioral Sciences Senator-Marianne Reilley

Maverick Hall-Ryan Anderson
I feel I have the qualities to represent Gage B.  My focus would be keeping our costs low and helping the campus.
Senator Bender-If you were stuck in the elevator for an hour yesterday what would you have done?
Mr. Anderson-Panic at first, then I would have relaxed and just waited it our.
Senator Giese-Have you been involved in any other organizations? 
Mr. Anderson-Not really yet-I have attended some Habitat for Humanity events.
Senator Peterson-Can you commit to the time involved?
Mr. Anderson-Yes, I have time, I do not have a lot of other involvements.
Senator McLaughlin-What are some goals you would have as a senator?
Mr. Anderson-I would like to work on tuition, on things happening in the dorm.
Senator Ward-As a Maverick Hall senator you would be on Student Affairs, do you have a focus for that?
Mr. Anderson-I want to be involved in representing student rights.
Senator Boyd-How do plan to communicate to your residents?
Mr. Anderson-I am not sure.
Senator Bender-Why Mankato?
Mr. Anderson-I was concerned about the costs.  It is first in the state.
Senator Seyi-If you have a problem how do you solve it?
Mr. Anderson-Talk to all parties and come up with a solution.
Mr. Boyd-Who do you really want to represent?
Mr. Anderson-People on my floor on a variety of issues.
Senator Ward-If you had an issue you did not agree with but the majority of Gage B was in support of, what would you do?
Mr. Anderson-I would talk to as many people as I could and see how they would like me to represent them.
Elected-Maverick Hall Senator Ryan Anderson

Officer Reports
President Wills 
Appointments:   Admission Policy Review-Laura Lindeman, Textbook Price Containment-Jeff Brand, Maria Schweer, Constitution Commission-Haley Pederson
We had an awesome meeting last week, we were able to learn more about our senators after a rough start.  We can now go forward to where we should be and want to be.  We have appointed someone to do our web site.  Public Relations Club will be here next week to talk to us on how we can improve ourselves through better public relations.
Reminder:  At the Hockey game, please wear your nametag and talk to students and make them feel comfortable.

Vice President Bruner
Web site-the problem with our web site is that it is left for us to do.  We do not know HTML etc.  We have
found a student that designs web sites, he has experience.  He can do a lot.  He is willing to help us out.  We will be able to give academic credit to a student do our web. Most of all we need someone that knows how to do this.  I also want to create a committee that will oversee this every year. I would like this standing committee
to meet once or twice a month to discuss what we want on our web, updates etc. 
We received correspondence from the President that The Student Savings Card is a go ahead.  We will be getting the information to the company and next semester you will have them in their pockets
Saturday is the Asian Symposium-if you want to go let us know.
At Meet and Confer last week we talked about tailgating-the administration could go either way.  It seems
their hands are tied by Minnesota State but they are willing to look at it.  Senate support is critical.  The administration
will look at this if we give our approval.
MSUSA Conference-March 31.  Expect me to be talking to you about this.
Senator Bender-Did the administration say they are willing to offer resources to Ben on the Tailgating proposal?
Vice President Bruner-Not exactly.
Joel Johnson-They are looking at Minnesota State. Minnesota State is not quite clear.  I think it depends whether the proposal has alcohol or not.  The senate recommendation will have to decide on the alcohol issue.  Alcohol
is seen as an n issue on all campuses.  There have been several incidents involving alcohol.  The big part
is what you do with it.
Vice President Bruner-The Administration is talking to Ben and willing to work with him.
Senator Dye-If I am not mistaken President Davenport can sign off on this without going through Minnesota State.
Joel Johnson-The President can give approval on a very controlled environment like the Touchdown Tent.
Senator Giese-Regarding the web site-is there a projected day when Josh will be working on this?
Vice President Bruner- He will be working this weekend.  I will be talking to you more about the committee, he needs more information from us, and it is not easy to update a web site.  Academic credit is crucial to giving this person for the amount of work they will be doing. .
Senator Dye-Is the student currently getting paid?
Vice President Bruner-No, not until the senate approves this and we go ahead with the committee, it would solve our web site problem long term.

Speaker Brandt
      Initial Recognition: Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Human Performance Club,
      The Food and Philosophy Organization, Students Association of India (SAI), Writers in the Dark
      Diversity-International Education Week office decorating-Thursday, 1:00 P.M.
Senator Afolayan-If you can not be here at 1:00, when can we come?

Committee Reports
SAC-Matt Ward, Co-Chair
SAC M# 11-7-05 A

SAC recommends allocating up to $300.00 to Psi Chi to attend the annual conference for the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies in Psychology in Washington, D.C.

Motion Passes

SAC M#11-7-05B
SAC recommends allocating up to $800.00 to the Finance Club to travel to Chicago, IL

            Senator Giese-Can we have more information?
            President Wills-They tour the stock exchange.  They have done fundraising. This is something they do every year.  They spend time in the Financial District.
            Motion passes, one abstention

            Coordinator Reports
Academic Affairs-Kevin Bender, Coordinator
I met with Dr. Olson yesterday.  Today we had a good forum in Academic Affairs regarding the Interior Design Program.  We heard how the decisions are being made.  I got some great data on programs and faculty at MSU. 
I got a Gage Study buck,
I am working with some students that are looking at creating a web site with the ISBN numbers from the back of your books.  The web site would give you the ISBN numbers and you could check out where you can buy your books.
Senator Afolayan-In regards to your study buck-what is it for?
Senator Bender-I think it is a good deal.  It promotes studying, anything that does that is good.
Senator Ward-Did you discuss this textbook link with Dr. Olson?
Senator Bender-Dr. Olson thought this might be great.  Faculty are required to send their book list
to the bookstore. We could get that from them and then input the information on a daily basis.
President Wills-What is Students for Students and why are they doing this?
Senator Bender-They are students getting credit for working on this for a class.
Senator Giese-Will that information be available prior to the beginning of the semester?
Senator Bender-We will be working on this in Academic Affairs also, as soon as we can get the work done it could be linked to our website.  If we work with the bookstore, maybe they can help us. 
Senator Giese-How will students know about this?
Senator Bender-Maybe we could have an add in the Reporter at the end of the semester saying check
out this web site.

Speaker Brandt-Motion
M#11-09-2005  Senator Ward/Senator Jackson

Whereas:                Current smoking polices are not being enforced, 
                    we the MSSA, do not support the changes to this policy. 

Senator Jackson-We figure the policy is not enforced, we figure if they are not enforcing it why should
changes be made.  With the receptacles close to the building and if they do not move them, people will just throw their cigarette butts anywhere.
Senator Ward-We did not vote on this in Student Affairs, but the changes to the policy are not enforceable.
Some of the things are already in the policy like the 15 feet away and they do not enforce that. 
Vice President Bruner-I agree with the motion already not being enforced.  But if this goes
to the President we need to say 15 feet is unworkable on a campus in Minnesota.


Amended motion #11-09-05A Vice President Bruner/Senator Ward

Whereas:                Current smoking polices are not being enforced,

Whereas:                A smoking policy that prohibits smoking within 15 feet of any building is not feasible on a Minnesota campus.

Be It Resolved:       We the MSSA, do not support the changes to the policy. 

Senator Cloran-I was wondering why this can’t be enforced.
Senator Seyi-I would like to amend the motion to add the smoking in the game room.
Senator Darvell-Security has to enforce this, and they are not staffed to do that.
Vice President Bruner-The 15 feet-do we want to be on a campus where receptacles are out in the grass?
Do we really think smokers will use these ash trays?  This policy is not workable.
Vote on amending the motion.
Amended motion passes, two abstentions.
Senator Bender-Move to postpone this until next week, I am not tabling this, I want this postponed.
Motion fails
Senator Giese-I am concerned that we need to support a person’s right to not be afflicted to smoke.  I want
us to be aware of how it affects people.
Senator Frederick-I do not know the current policy and I would like to postpone this.
Senator Ward-I think there is a lot of concern in this room, I feel we should put this off until next
President Wills-I agree, but there is more information you should have about this policy.
President Wills-We get 45 days to make changes on policies.  We do eventually have to say
something, this is our place to do that.
Senator Afolayan-I think we can say moving the receptacles 15 feet away is not right.
Senator Ross-I think there should be an enclosed area where students could smoke in front of every hall.
Senator Woods-What we are saying with this motion is that this is not enforceable. 
Vice President Bruner-Lets look at the reality, when winter comes smokers are not going to sit
15 feet away without a shelter.  I think the receptacles will make our campus look ugly.
Senator Bender-I move to postpone this until next weeks meeting because it is debatable and we
need to find the facts.  Second Senator Afolayan.
Senator Bender-I hope we postpone this until we get more information and we are not in the dark.
Senator Ward-We did discuss this with the committee with quorum, if you feel you need time to
read over the policy then postpone it but it is pretty cut and dried.  I don’t feel we need to postpone it.
Senator Afolayan-The way it is now presented it says we don’t care about the 15 feet.  We need a more
detailed motion to be comfortable with.
Senator Isker-proxy Morgan-This seems pretty clear to me, the decision is where people will stand and
if it will be enforced.
Vice President Bruner-This does not condone smoking in any way-it just says the policy is unworkable.  You
can not expect smokers to stand outside in the cold. 
Vote on postponing the motion until next week.
Motion passes

Senator Reports
College of Business-Kevin Bender
In the College of Business tomorrow we are having a focus group from 12:30-1:30.  Registration is coming up.

Arts & Humanities-Haley Pederson
ID suspension-some department said no, I will
For the Constitution Commission I want to look at academic involvements of our MSSA organization, we will be looking at adding a GPA requirement to our Constitution.  We need to be good role models as leaders of this campus.  We should have some expectations, most organization do.  Gabe had a good idea for a shirt.

College of Business-James Dye
Ruckus issue again-I have a proposal from Ruckus.  It goes through pricing, experience, etc. It should
be able to answer our questions.  I did talk to Marion from Ruckus on the phone for an hour and she
walked me through the problem.  I encourage you to talk to your constituents and see if this is
Something they would like.  Ruckus will also come to campus and do a presentation if we would be interested.

Science, Engineering & Technology-Seyi Ofunseye (written report)
There was an issue regarding whether or not the allocation of resources to use for the student study station during finals week was good or not. The background of the student study station is as follows: It was started about 3 yrs ago to enable students study till about 3 am in the CSU ballroom during finals week (library closes at around 2 am) starting on Sunday and ending on Thursday. Allocation of resources for this program has been provided so far by the CSU budget. The cost of this student station / year is about $6000. This cost reflects mostly cost of soda and snacks provided for students. From surveying students during the week, a general consensus said the study station was a good idea. We recommended that the study station stay open because it is an efficient and well liked use of CSU money. It was also recommended to ask Chartwells for a donation to cover some of these expenses. Mike Hodapp is working on that currently.

There was also an issue of closing the smoking room in the CSU game room because of the Mankato Ban on indoor smoking and also MSU’s new smoking policy. It was learnt that MSU is not affected by this ban due to legal reasons. MSU’s new smoking policy adds that the smoking room is a facility on campus and there should be no smoking on all campus facilities. The director of the game room (George Cejka) was also present in this discussion. He also said that in the last 7yrs that he had worked there, there have only been 3 complaints by non-smokers. This new policy will go into effect 45 days from November 1st 2005. It will be tabled to the senate in a couple of weeks.

Game room will be closed from May 1st 2006 – Early august for work on deferred maintenance. This renovation equals reduced revenue for the game room by about $16000 during that period. 

Off-Campus -Jered Jackson (written report)
I’ve been to the Student Affairs committee meetings and am interested in getting the word out, to off campus students, about higher fuel costs for this winter. This is a good thing to do every year because utility bills do go up dramatically during the winter. A lot of first time off campus students will find themselves struggling to pay the utility bills during the early parts of winter. We need to get the word out about government programs of which some students may apply and to students from out of state and warmer climates.

College of Graduate Studies-Melissa Turner (written report)
An important issue this year for students is bookstore pricing and what we can do about it as students.  The big push is to pressure faculty into choosing their texts carefully, keeping in mind that students do not have the money to purchase $150 texts for their intro level courses.  A solution that was considered and then discarded was the option of book rentals.  On the surface this appears to solve the problem for 100-level courses since rentals include a 3-year contract to use the books.  However, upon talking with a faculty member, Joanna Mink, in my major of English Literature, book rentals create more problems.  Mink said that she was one who considered the proposal of renting books, which shows there are faculty out there who do understand students' position when buying textbooks and consider pricing when ordering books.

However, Mink communicated to me that at least in the English sector, both at undergraduate and graduate levels, book rentals would not be the best option.  Upper level courses include variable topics, and under the book rental system, these variable topics would have to be offered for three years with no changes in the books used.  Pretty much all of my classes are under variable topics.  For example, English 526 this semester focuses on Gothic Traditions in British Literature.  Our reading list includes Dracula, Dr. Jeklly and Mr. Hyde, Jane Eyre, The Monk, The Vampire, The Castle of Otranto, Frankenstein, Rebecca, and the Turn of the Screw.  I don't know if these titles appeal to you, but under the rental system, this course would be offered for the next three years with these same books.  Since it is a variable topics course, renting books takes away the label of "variable topics".  The requirement to use the same books for three years also does not allow professors the option of adding or subtracting books from their curriculum.  Mink argues that sometimes a book does not work as well for a specific class as planned, or students do not like the book, so it is removed the next time the course is offered.  Furthermore, a rental system does not allow students to write in their books.  For these reasons supplied by my conversation with Joanna Mink, I agree book rentals do not solve the problem of textbooks.  While I know rentals is pretty much not an option, I thought I would give a little more information about why the option does not work for the betterment of every student.

Undeclared-Maria Schweer (written report)
Activities Attended
·I attended the debate “Can We Really Know God” in the Ostrander Auditorium sponsored by
Intervarsity Christian Athletes.
·I am a member of the CRU Team which meets every Thursday from 2-3 in the CSU.
·I also attended my first College Republicans meeting.
·Helped with the passing out of megaphones at the Colorado Hockey Game.

What I am working on
        ·I am setting up a time to meet and discuss different issues with the New Student and Family Programs. I will report on what I learned from them in my next senate report.
·       I have an interview next Tuesday with a sociology student about senate and the leadership opportunities it brings.
        ·I am a part of the Academic Affairs committee and one of our main goals is to cut the price of text books or just to get more professors to use the same text books. I had a chat with one of my professors and inquired about reasons for choosing different materials from other professors. She feels the students can best learn by the material she chooses that is why she feels she should not change her methods of selecting material.


Senator Bender-College of Business Advisory Council met last week.  We also met with our e mentors.  Rob also got the top student leadership award of the year.  Professor Schwinghammer  received the award of faculty of the year
Senator Ward-Read the smoking policy, we are not condoning this we just don’t want to get behind a policy that can not be enforced.
Senator Pyzyk-We still need a senator for Food Service RFP.  The bids are all in.
Senator Jackson-Student Affairs meet at 3:10 we need quorum.
President Wills-Wear your badge to the hockey game and be there at 6:00.
Senator Dye-I asked for references from the schools using Ruckus.
Senator Frederick-A student came in the office today to talk to us about not supporting Ruckus.
Pederson-Got a four star this past weekend; we have good Greeks on campus.
Senator Gabe-Thank you to those that showed up for Interior Design presentation.
Senator Frederick-There will be a pizza fundraiser this weekend supporting Dance team.
Senator Ward-There are a lot of great Greeks on this campus!
Senator Darvell-I agree, my sorority is doing babysitting as a fundraiser for the Robbie Page Memorial.  It is
Dec. 3rd .

Roll Call
Senators Present: Elizabeth Zika, Haley Pederson, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Gabe Afolayan, Seyi Ofunseye, Christopher Frederick, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Maria Schweer, Omolayo Ogunnowo, Andrew Pyzyk, Shannon Woods, Eric Christenson, Matthew Ward, Jered Jackson, Andrew Isker, President Rob Wills, Vice President Bruner                  

Senators Absent: Cathy Cloran, Kristeen Giese, Sarah McLaughlin, Barbara Johnson, Jessica Ann Clichy, Jeff Brand, Ian Boyd, Speaker Megan Brandt

Executive Staff Present
President Wills, Vice President Bruner

Adjournment    Meeting adjourned at 5:59 PM