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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate
November 30, 2005


Meeting called to order by Vice President Bruner
Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Elizabeth Zika 13-0-0,  Cathy Cloran 6-0-0, Haley Pederson 12-1-0, James Dye 12-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 13-0-0, Brandon Ross 12-0-1, Jenna Ault 13-0-0 Melissa Turner 13-0-0, Kristeen Giese 6-0-0 , Gabe Afolayan 13-0-0, Ofunseye Ogunseye 11-2-0, Christopher Frederick 13-0-0, Lisa Darvell 12 -1-0, Josh Peterson 12-1-0, Marianne Reilly 3-0-0,  Sarah McLaughlin 8-3-0-2, Maria Schweer 7-1-0, Omolayo Ogunnowo 7-1-0, Andrew Pyzyk 7-0-1, Barbara Johnson- 3-2-1 ,  Shannon Woods 12-0-0-1,Eric Christensen 6-0-0, Jessica Cichy 11-2-0, Matthew Ward 12-1-0, Jeff Brand-4-0-1,  Jared Jackson 13-0-0, Andrew Isker 3-5-4-1, Ian Boyd 8-0-0, Ryan Anderson 3-0-0,  President Rob Wills 11-1-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 7-0-0

Approval of Agenda  Agenda stands approved

Approval of Minutes   11-16-05 Minutes   Minutes stand approved

Maerin Brzica-Ruckus
Ruckus provides an experience packed with benefits for the entire campus.  Subscription services-25 schools.  Currently Ruckus has over 1.3 million tracks and growing.  They have direct licensing arrangements with four major record labels, Universal Music, BMG, Warner and EMI plus hundreds of independent music labels.  There are new tracks added to the library every week.  The server is installed on campus.  When students download to local server, it takes 2-3 seconds per song.  Spy- ware is free and legal.   You can share music libraries with friends.  WMA and Digital, it is best to have a site license.  Ruckus blends students’ top interests in music, moves and TV meshed with Facebook and MySpace It is similar to face book. You have to accept your friends.  You can post personal information.  What you do with your music is important to Ruckus.  We have taken feedback and integrated it into our  product.  You can make recommendations and it will get sent to you.  If friends make suggestions you can look at songs suggested and download them.  This is for PC’s. You can purchase a soundtrack and one will physically be sent to you.   There is a license attached
to each song.  Ruckus-top 100 songs listened to on your campus.  You can find music through
peer sharing.  You can search by artist, track any way you want.  You can recommend by giving the thumbs up to your friends.  My neighborhood-you can see up to 250 people.  Ruckus studio-bands
can post music video to site.  Music is valid for 30 days;  if you are playing music through internet
license is automatically updated.  You can download movies from campus.  We also have a partnership with audible books.
Cathy Cloran-Is this download temporary?
Ms. Brzica-Everyone would have access to server.  A license would be valid for 30 days if you
are not playing a song.  If you are playing it the license would be automatically updated.
Senator Cloran-Can you transfer to MP3 players. 
Ms. Brzica -Yes, anything that supports Windows.  You can listen to as much as you want.  It is
about sharing music.
Senator Bender-What does MSU need to do to obtain this?
Ms. Brzica-If you want to provide this as a site license, 80% of population is charged.  For music
it would be $2.00 a month per student.  $ 21.00 for music and movies.  For residence halls, $14.95
per semester, $ 29.95 for a combo.  Ruckus installs and maintains equipment.
Senator Isker-proxy Boyd-How would off-campus access this?
Ms. Brzica- Off campus students can access but it would come through Ruckus server. 
Senator Isker-proxy Boyd-How would you download movies from off-campus.
Ms. Brzica-Movie labels can not be downloaded; you would have to come to school to download.
Senator Dye-What format are the movies in?
Ms. Brzica-WMV-DVD quality. They are played through Ruckus, anything that supports windows.
Senator Christensen-Does your company re-encode or would we be able to do that?
Ms. Brzica-We have no policy in place but no one has done that.
Senator Pyzyk-Are you aware that the Res Halls are not on the main server?
Joel Johnson-Server Space-would you go through Minnesota State?
Ms. Brzica-We can work a different technical thing.  We have done different things with different schools.
Senator Christenson-After 30 days would it be deleted from my Ipod?
Ms. Brzica-We do not download to Ipod, portable player’s and IRiver are compatible. 
Senator Bender-What 25 campuses have this?
Ms. Brzica-Arizona State, Seton Hall, Babson, Stonehill, Bridgewater State, SUNY, Clark Atlanta University, Frostburg State, Syracuse, Hampton, University of Minnesota, Hofstra, University of North Carolina, Michigan Tech, University of So California, Northern Ill, Weslyan University, Ohio Northern , Wisconsin University-Eau Claire, Pace University
Senator Bender-How many are signed up for the full load?
Ms. Brzica-Most of the 25.

Officer Reports
Vice President Bruner
Initial Recognition:
Ethnic Studies Student Organization (ESSO), and P.R.O. Choice (People for Reproductive Options and Choice)
I have been working on the Student Savings Club card.  I will have a list for you soon.
We are  working on the budget. 
Senator Brand-What kind of enforcement is there for businesses that say they do not
recognize the TCF card?
Vice President Bruner-This service would talk to the businesses.  The businesses have to sign
a contract.

Committee Reports
SAC-Matt Ward, Co-Chair
SAC M# 11.21.05A Fellowship of Christian Athletes
SAC recommends allocating up to $450.00 to MSU Fellowship of Christian Athletes to attend a College Leadership retreat in Loretto, MN.
Motion passes

SAC M#11.21.05B Repertory Dance
SAC recommends allocating up to $5656.00 to Repertory Dance to attend the American College Dance Festival.
Senator Christenson-They are already allocated $9,000.00.  Why more?
Co-Chair Ward-For the past number of years they have received this travel money to attend the festival.  Iit is not built into their budget because they do not know where they are going and how many people will be going.
Senator Christenson-There are 12 students going.  Why more than $50.00 per person?
Co-Chair Ward-This is not out of line. They are a line item.
Motion passes-two abstentions.

Motion 11.30.05A Senator Giese/Senator McLaughlin  Sexual Violence Education Coordinator

Whereas:                The  MSU mission statement states MSU’s commitment to safety and education

Whereas:                A Sexual Violence Education Coordinator would provide education, support, and
                              Prevention services.

Whereas:                MSSA has a history of support for this position, dating back to April 2004.

Whereas:                President Davenport currently has funded a fixed term half time position that will
                              Expire on June 2006

Whereas:                Where there has been a drastic increase to the number of students seeking sexual
                              Violence support services.

Whereas:                Student deserve support of a full time permanent professional. 

Be it Resolved:       The MSSA re-asserts its original recommendation to the MSU Administration,
                              That a full time permanent Sexual Violence Education Coordinator position be
                              Fully funded by M&E dollars.  MSSA will follow-up with Administration in
                              March 2006 for their decision.

Senator Giese-This extends the position that the senate passed last spring.  It is becoming more of an issue and warrants a full time position.  This will bring it to the attention of the President.
Senator McLaughlin-This is a very crucial position, I speak as a position of a dispatcher and on things that I have heard.  This is important that we consider this position.
Senator Cichy-This reaffirms the motion we passed last year.
Joel Johnson-M&E funds are state funds
Senator Giese-The difference between this motion is that it expands on last year’s motion.  The hiring process is lengthy.   This requests a full-time permanent position.
Senator Darvell-I think we should look at this seriously; more students are using this because of sexual violence on and off campus.
Senator Cichy-I am throwing this out because we should talk to the person in this position.  I make
a motion we table this.
Motion passes
Senator Cichy-I make a motion to request a presentation from the person in this position.
Senator Christensen-Friendly amendment-We should request that the presenter brings statistics. 
Motion passes, one abstention

Senator Reports
College of Allied Health & Nursing-Cathy Cloran (written report)
The College of Allied Health and Nursing student advisory board meeting was on Wednesday, November 16, 2005.  These were the issues and updates discussed in the meeting.

Dean Herth shared the Circles of Excellence College Handout that was developed two years ago with the SAB members and asked for student input as the College Planning Committee updates this Handout.  SAB members shared ideas which Dean Herth will share with the Planning Committee.

College Committees–  Student Participation. Dean Herth thanked the SAB members for their participation and efforts to get other students involved in College Committees. Mark Shuck shared about the activities ongoing and planned in the future by the Cultural

Diversity Committee-  Dean Herth shared Katie Amen’s e-mail with the SAB members and discussion ensued on what we could do to have an interdisciplinary gathering of students across the College. SAB members were supportive and excited about making the World Hunger Dinner, being planned by the College Cultural Diversity Committee, an event that all students across the College could participate in.  Cathy Cloran volunteered to join the Cultural Diversity Committee and share her prior experience with such an event. 

Nursing Health-  Related Professions Career Day.  Dean Herth shared information as to employers and disciplines represented at the Career Day last week and emphasized she wanted to increase participation next year across the College programs. SAB members indicated that better marketing of the event might help as none of them were aware of it.

Project(s) update–  Mark Shuck led the discussion about involvement with the Special Olympics event in May. General consensus was this was a great idea and SAB members would talk with peers in order to get good participation. Dates and other information will be forthcoming in the future.

Student Representative Reports-  All SAB members reported that things were overall going well and shared about the activities within their departments; the MSSA representative shared issues being examined in Student Senate.

Science Engineering & Technology-Gabe Afolayan
I have been fielding complaints from Nursing Students about not being able to get into
required science classes.
Recent Activities:
     Most recently, I have concluded matters surrounding the suspension of the Interior Design program at MNSU. Following a motion passed in senate, numerous meetings with fellow senators, Interior Design students, and members of MNSU administration were conducted to do fact-finding surrounding this issue.  I, along with other senators, have concluded that the Interior Design program situation was resolved in the best interests of the university, senate, and most importantly students. Furthermore, I am satisfied with thoroughness of the inquiry and opportunity provided to Interior Design students to voice their concerns.
      Alongside senators Ogunseye and Frederick, I have contacted the CSET department and presidents of all RSOs in CSET for the purpose of organizing a Meet and Confer event. This has been moved to next semester.  The goal of this event is to hear the concerns of our constituents and collaborate on ideas to provide more unity within science majors. It is a hope that this event will be a springboard into more developments within the college pertaining to activities and involvement.
Future Activities:
      I plan on attending a few organizational meetings of some of the clubs in CSET to get a better understanding for concerns to different majors. I also plan on taking more active approaches to soliciting CSET student input in the upcoming semester.

College of Education-Jenna Ault (written report)
I have been trying to set up a meeting to talk to the Dean of the College of Education to see how the college is doing and what I can do to be more involved, but it seems to be really busy.   I will keep on trying.

Senator Cichy-Hand out things at the Hockey game.
Senator Brand-Accepting food and toys, please bring to senate office
Senator Boyd-Fundraiser 8-10, save our Chapter Breakfast.
Senator Darvell-Our Chapter is having a Sigma Sigma event on Saturday.
Vice President Bruner-Pot luck
Senator Ward-Next Tuesday, Michael Wilson, director of Michael Moore Hates America.  6:00 PM in Ostrander.
Senator Dye-Learning Technology Roundtable is seeking students to be on the Student Tech Roundtable, they will be discussing the technology fee, if you would like to have a voice in that fee.

Roll Call
      Senators Present
        Elizabeth Zika, Cathy Cloran, James Dye, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Kristeen Giese, Gabe Afolayan, Christopher Frederick, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Marianna Reilly, Maria Schweer, Andrew Pyzyk, Eric Christensen, Jessica Ann Cichy, Jeff Brand, Jered Jackson, Matthew Ward
        Senators Absent
        Haley Pederson, Kevin Bender, Seyi Ofunseye, Omalayo Ogunnowo,  Sarah McLaughlin, Barbara Johnson, Shannon Woods, Ian Boyd, Andrew Isker
        Executive Staff Present
        Vice President Mike Bruner

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 5:10 PM