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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate
December 7, 2005


Meeting called to order by Speaker Megan Brandt
Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Elizabeth Zika 14-0-0,  Cathy Cloran 7-0-0, Haley Pederson 13-1-0, James Dye 13-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 13-1-0, Brandon Ross 13-0-1, Jenna Ault 14-0-0 Melissa Turner 14-0-0, Kristeen Giese 7-0-0, Gabe Afolayan 13-1-0, Ofunseye Ogunseye 12-2-0, Christopher Frederick 13-1-0, Lisa Darvell 13-1-0, Josh Peterson 12-2-0, Marianne Reilly 4-0-0,  Sarah McLaughlin 9-3-0-2, Maria Schweer 8-1-0, Omolayo Ogunnowo 8-1-0, Andrew Pyzyk 8-0-1, Barbara Johnson- 3-3-1 ,  Shannon Woods 13-0-0-1, Eric Christensen 7-0-0, Jessica Cichy 12-2-0, Matthew Ward 13-1-0, Jeff Brand 5-0-1,  Jared Jackson 14-0-0, Andrew Isker 3-6-4-1, Ian Boyd 9-0-0, Ryan Anderson 4-0-0,  President Rob Wills 12-1-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 8-0-0

 Open Forum
Adam Wissman-I am with a group of students doing a class project and we have chosen to work on getting some order to bulletin boards that are around campus.  We feel the posting policies need to be enforced
and amended.  There are many violations such as all the spring break vacations when profitable services are not supposed to be allowed in the guidelines.  Multi-colored stamps need to be used to show when posters should come down.  There should also be boards for specific purposes such as entertainment and ride share.  There should also be information so students know where they can post.
Vice President Bruner-Have you done any research on who can put up the posters?  Are they charged a fee?
Mr. Wissman-No, basically anyone can put things up if they are approved.  Students are not charged a fee.
Vice President Bruner-So what you are saying is that people are just putting things up.
Senator Zika-How can we help you?
Mr. Wissman-We thought if we brought you our ideas you might help.  You might be able to help us get things enforced.
Senator Cichy-People post because it is not easy to get out communication. Do you have suggestions?
Mr. Wissman- There could be boards labeled as educational, entertainment, even personal, like ride-share.
Senator Bender-Do you think a sign on the boards saying where they should go to get approved would help?
Mr. Wissman-Yes, but you can not put up personal things.
Senator Bender-Who’s responsibility is it now to take the postings down?
Mr. Wissman-The janitors take them down.
Senator Woods-Does SLD&SL post?  Are people not aware of this?
Mr. Wissman-I was trying to hang some posters for my roommate and I went several places before I was told where to go to get things approved and then they kept getting taken down.
Approval of Agenda   Add Senator Woods written report.

Approval of Minutes   11-30-05 Minutes

Deirdre Rosenfeld, Director of Women’s Center, Sexual Violence Education Coordinator, Lindsay Gullingsrud
Lindsay Gullingsrud-Coordinator, we are here today to get your continued support from Dr. Davenport
to continue supporting the Sexual Violence Education Coordinator position and to increase it from
half-time to full-time. Last year  this body said you were not interested in funding this yet you feel it is important
and vital.  Last year you passed a motion saying that you would encourage the President to continue
funding this position.  We would like your continued support in the form of a motion for this position.
Senator Brand-How many people do you typically see in a year, on and off-campus? 
Ms. Rosenfeld-We average out on a week to week basis, last year we averaged about one a week.  Many
students have said they did not take action at the time of the violation, many said they did not know where to go or what to do.  This year statistics have doubled.  We are seeing about 5 per week.  3 students in crisis per week  We are seeing a drastic 100% increase.
Senator Brand-Is there anyone in the county government that would duplicate these services?
Ms. Rosenfeld-Blue Earth Co provides a 24 hr. service.  What they don’t have is an office on campus.
We can write letters for students to faculty and administration that helps with retention.
Senator Ross-Carol Jensen deals with this-would they take this away from her?
Ms. Gullingsrud-No, there is also training  and educational awareness involved with the position.
Senator Woods-The title is also education-are you planning on doing other training on campus?
Ms. Gullingsrud-Yes, we would work with instructors, different classes to inform and let the student body
know of the dynamics.
Ms. Gullingsrud-When we work with students in crisis we can talk to instructors to ensure that students stay in school.
Senator Bender-What date were you given to hire this position?
Ms. Rosenfeld-We had to write the position description-review applications, offer the
position and give the person time to adjust their life and take the position.  That is
why we are asking now, so we may have someone ready to go in August.  We need information
in March or April to start the search.
Senator Bender-What is being done to track data in the year to show usage?
Ms. Rosenfeld-We have faculty staff conversations and student consultations.  In addition to setting up awareness campaigns, we facilitate training sessions. This is all documented into the “traffic” we see.
Senator Dye-Is the coordinator located in the Women’s Center a deterrent?
Ms. Gullingsrud-Depending on the abuser, sometimes it is easier being in the Women’s Center.
Senator Ward-I know all the things you do.  With the current situation what is the minimal
time you feel is necessary for the position?
Ms. Rosenfeld-We would never ever deny services, however, sometimes you are not paid to work
anymore-we don’t provide services beyond the coordinators contract.  The Women’s Center
does provide additional services beyond that.  We mocked up a sample To-Do list (see enclosed)
Senator Schweer-Has the administration ever said no to the full-time position?
Ms. Rosenfeld-Dr. Davenport said he would pick it up for a one time funding, the money is not
permanent. The Division of Student Affairs needs to see if there is funding if not it would have
to be taken away from somewhere in the division.  There is no money set aside.  The Commission
is going to continue to advocate for this.  You can say it deserves services but it needs to have support.
Senator Ogunnowo-How can you get people of diversity to come talk to you?
Ms. Rosenfeld-I am great friends of people of color that work in student services. We can
help with different value systems and cultures.  We want to increase those services so everyone
feels comfortable and knows we are there for all students.
Senator Afolayan-This seems like it should be an automatic funding of the university.  Why is it not?
Ms. Rosenfeld-Our culture does not recognize that rape is horrible, sexual violence is
continued to be seen as a women’s issue.  If you believe in this get the administration to
help us.
Senator Woods-Why would someone choose to go to the Sexual Violence Education Coordinator
over a counselor?
Ms. Gullingsrud-There is a huge difference between counselors and advocates.  An advocate says
I am there for you; they want people to take role, they will walk with you but not for you.  Counselors have a different image, it might mean that if you go to a counselor that there is something wrong with you.
An advocate is for support.
President Wills-I was told that this position is being reevaluated, are you aware of that?
Ms. Rosenfeld-Yes
Senator Brand-You were talking about faculty next fall, how about in the summer?
Ms. Rosenfeld-Anytime any one emails us or like at the end of the semester assaults go
up-this is also when we have extra administrative duties and we are busier.
Senator Brand-What are you doing about the local level 3 sexual predator meeting tomorrow night?
Ms. Gullingsrud-We are doing a follow-up on that.
Vice President Bruner-Would the position be doing more things like the Vagina Monologue?
Ms. Gullingsrud-Yes, we want to create more of an environment of awareness, a full time
person could create more things of that nature.
Ms. Rosenfeld-The Vagina Monologue also raises about $5,000 to help with this program.
Senator Pederson-Do you have samples of comparable institutions?
Ms. Rosenfeld-I have many examples-most have more full time staff and a full time
Sexual Assault Coordinator.
Senator Zika-How much money would it take to fund a full time position?
Ms. Rosenfeld-About $50-55,000.
Senator Seyi-Who did the job before?
Ms. Rosenfeld-I did it in the past, but I was not able to get brochures, etc. done.  I am also not an expert
in the area. 
Senator Turner-When is the deadline for them to decide?
Ms. Rosenfeld-I don’t believe there is a deadline, I get it to mean if we have the money you might get
it.  There is no real structure, that is what scares me.
President Wills-You said the numbers have increased to 5 people a week since the beginning of the school year
Ms. Rosenfeld-That is average-one week we had 8 in crisis.  One week we did not have any.
 We will not stop responding to students.
RHA President Katie Deinken, Cindy Janney, Director of Residential Life
Consultation Plan.
Director Janney.  The RHA Board approval comes from the Student Senate and the approval of the consultation process.   In the Fall we met with Rob & Mike.  The RHA budget was presented to the committee.  The residence hall rates were presented to RHA for their recommendation and then the RHA recommendation was forwarded to Senate with request for endorsement.
Ms. Deinken-We reviewed the budgets and had questions answered
Director Janney-November 14 the base rate for room & board and options were presented.  December 5 RHA voted on the base rate and options.  Options are like the new ice machines. 
Ms. Deinken-Besides the base rate we voted on the newspaper program and the RHA promotional item. 
Director Janney-The food Service vendor has not yet been chosen.  We have built in a 5% increase into
The budget.  This could go down, however it is safest to put in an increase.  The contract will be negotiated next month.  We will then go back to RHA and let them know the status.  The base rate is calculated on a
double room.  We back out the newspaper rate and promotional item and then consider how many people this affects.  This was 83.97% .
Ms. Deinken-December 5 RHA voted to approve the base rate and continue the newspaper and
promotional item.
Senator Ogunnowo-Have you noticed more or fewer students using the newspaper?
Director Janney-This is good news and bad news.  It is less expensive but there are fewer students using the
paper.  RHA still voted to pass it.  USA Today charges us a daily rate on the number of papers used.  This is monitored daily.  
Senator Seyi-Are there single person rooms?
Director Janney-Some rooms are structured smaller, most are double rooms used as a single. 
If students do not get a roommate they can cruise along but they may get a roommate.
Senator Geise-What is the process for singles?
Director Janney-Students living on campus now can sign up in Feb. for next year.  We are advised on the number of rooms we can offer for next year.  Sometimes we may have nothing, sometimes we do have some.  After that it is a waiting list.
Senator Cloran-We don’t have a difference in housing rates for out of state students?
Director Janney-There is no difference in rates.
Senator McLaughlin- What vendors are being considered?
Director Janney-Chartwells and Sodexho are the two vendors.
Senator Brand-I live off campus and I have a lot to say about vendors.  Do off-campus students have an opportunity to ask questions?
Director Janney-We have had two representatives from this body, two senators on the committee.  We have  two RHA representatives, a representative from the Student Union, from Student Affairs, Academic Affairs.  We tried to get the entire campus represented.
Senator Ogunnowo-I have been talking with students that are interested in single rooms. Can they still get a single room?
Director Janney-I am saying we determine the number of single rooms we offer based on demand for housing next year.  Current students can sign up in Feb.  We look at Admissions in January and February, it is an educated guess, and we don’t want to sell short our incoming students because we have sold double rooms as singles.  Many students do not come back at the end of the semester.  At this point in our current semester we have more openings.  We have more openings for women then men.
Senator Afolayan-Does RHA help plan the budget?
Director Janney-Yes, they do their planning in the spring.  RHA could send it out for a vote.  They make requests in the spring.  They could tell us they want to spend  say $1,000 more on maintenance.
Senator Afolayan-Is it possible to get  the proportion?
Director Janney  35,000 divided by 13 million ballpark, $27,000.  If RHA says they want to add $2,000 for planning, yes we have that in the budget-$10,000-we would have to work on that.

MSSA approves the 2006-2007 Proposed Annual Room & Board Rates in addition to the newspaper
Program and the RHA promotional item.

Motion passes-6 abstentions. 

Officer Reports
President Rob Wills
Appointments:  Bookstore Advisory-Meghan Jeffrey, Career Development Center Comprehensive Program Review Campus Review Team, MSUSA Cultural Diversity Rep-Brandon Ross
Thanks to everyone that helped with the hockey game.  I met With Vice President Swatfager-Haney we are working on proposals that I will have more information on soon for you.
Vice President Bruner
Sober Bus-I have talked to university and city officials.  Originally the request was for $56,000.  Now we are being asked to pay about $14,000.  This can come from us or M&E, tuition, student fees.  We can take
this issue to Student Affairs. None of the money for the sober bus will or can come from state or student money.  This funding is for the bus to run from campus to the Mall etc. until 11:00 P.M.
President Wills-Can you talk about the bus route?
Vice President Bruner-The cities current proposal-a big circle, downtown, mall, campus.  Those would be the two routes 6-11 o’clock.
President Wills—Are the downtown business talking about paying at all?
Vice President Bruner-Talk, but no downtown organization has come forward.
Senator Ward-Is this 6-11 bus completely separate from the one that runs now?
Vice President Bruner-The current one runs only for hockey games.  This money is provided for students to get
to the games.  This is an expansion.
Senator Layo-The bus from the mall, when will it start?
Vice President Bruner-It would be a like a city bus running to the mall.
Senator Layo-When will that commence?
Vice President Bruner-we don’t know, no money has yet been committed.  It is in the works, there is a lot of interest.
Senator Ault-This bus can only be used for hockey games?
Vice President Bruner-The drunk bus is only for hockey games-this is the only time we pay for it.
Senator Bender-Have university officials looked at the other schools in town?
Vice President Bruner-No, the bus would not go there.
Senator Woods-Did you say only until 11:00?
Vice President Bruner-No, it would bring you back later-but we would only pay for 6-11 P.M.
Senator Bender-Can we have some clarity on why the 11:00 P.M. bus to the mall?
Vice President Bruner-The mall closes at nine but sometimes if you work you do not get done at nine.  A lot of students work there. This would give them more time.

Speaker Megan Brandt
 Initial Recognition:  Film Club

Motion-tabled from 11/30/05
Motion 11.30.05A Senator Giese/Senator McLaughlin  Sexual Violence Education Coordinator

Whereas:                The  MSU mission statement states MSU’s commitment to safety and education

Whereas:                A Sexual Violence Education Coordinator would provide education, support, and
                              Prevention services.

Whereas:                MSSA has a history of support for this position, dating back to April 2004.

Whereas:                President Davenport currently has funded a fixed term half time position that will
                              Expire on June 2006

Whereas:                Where there has been a drastic increase to the number of students seeking sexual
                              Violence support services.

Whereas:                Students deserve support of a full time permanent professional. 

Be it Resolved:       The MSSA re-asserts its original recommendation to the MSU Administration,
                              That a full time permanent Sexual Violence Education Coordinator position be
                              fully funded by M&E dollars.  MSSA will follow-up with Administration in
                              March 2006 for their decision.


Senator Cichy/President Wills-I move to retable this as we just had a presentation.  We need time to
consider information.
Motion passes

Motion-12.07.05A President Wills/Vice President Brunner 

We, the MSSA, send our condolences to the family of Dave Gjerde in the tragic loss of their son.

President Wills-Registrar Dave Gjerde’s son died in a tragic accident. It is important we show our support.
Motion passes

Motion 12.07.05B  Vice President Bruner/Bender  Poster approval Guidelines

Whereas:                The University Poster Approval Guidelines clearly state that no materials advertising profit-making services can be posted

Whereas:                It is the responsibility of building maintenance to maintain campus bulletin boards

Be it Resolved:       The MSSA urges university administration to instruct building maintenance to remove all postings on campus bulletin boards that violate the University Poster Approval Guidelines.

                       Vice President Bruner- we need to help these students.  These bulletin boards are for students not companies
Senator Bender-I think this is a great way to remind them of their job.
Motion passes two abstentions

Motion 12.07.05C  Senator Pederson/Senator Ault Sexual Violence Education Coordinator

Whereas:                The position of Sexual Violence Education Coordinator is vital to this campus as shown by statistics and increasing demand by students

Whereas:                The position is important and vital enough to be funded by the administration
                              and not students

Be it Resolved:       MSSA approves the Sexual Violence Education Coordinator position to
                              be funded full time by M&E monies beyond fiscal year 2006.

Senator Pederson-I think that we have had discussion on this issue.  We need to show
Senator Ward-This seems cut and dried, I was here last year when we showed support.  We need
to get results and we need to give them time.  We have talked to many students already.
We allowed time to the Director, we need to vote now to support this position.
President Wills-We said we did not want to fund this out of student fees last year.  No one objects to this, but we’re debating whether or not there is accurate data to suggest warranting a full-time position. We can not get an accurate representation after 11 days of what is going to happen for the rest of the year.
Senator Bender-I agree, this was approved for a year.  They should have had this done.
This was approved last year.  We can’t say it is effective after 11 days.
Vice President Bruner- Is this focusing on sexual violence?  We are reaffirming a full-time coordinator on campus.  We need debate, we should have this on campus, the question is  do we need it full time? I think we do.
Senator Reilly-We need to provide a healthy environment. 
Senator Geise-I think they have provided statistics, they have shown numbers have increased.  This shows they need full time.
Senator Ward-I agree with the statistics of the startling numbers.  I have last years
motion in front of me.  We did not let last years motion even happen, it was only
funded for half time.  We need to do this.
Senator Dye-I voted for this last year.  I do think we need more time to look at other possible places for this-Women’ Center-Counseling Center? 
Senator Ross-Why don’t we give the Coordinator more time to give more information.
Senator Darvell-Even though she has only been here 11 days, Deidre has been doing it.
She can’t do all of this.  I think a full time position is important so other staff can be
more efficient.
Senator Afolayan-I agree with Senator Dye- We need to research this and see where is
the best location for this.  Maybe other options would be best.
Senator Wood-I am not against looking at other options, but how long would that
take, it is working now, they have shown us that.  Ms. Gullingsrud knows how to contact
people, searching would be a hassle.
Senator Cichy-I have no objections to funding, but we should share statistics so we can
make a responsible decision. 
Senator McLaughlin-20 other people were looked at before they chose her.
President Wills-The Administration made this a half time position until they could evaluate if it is being utilized.  The administration wanted the Women’s Center to provide information and the Women’s Center hasn’t, according to Vice President Swatfager-Haney.  If it is warranted the administration will upgrade the position.  The administration also expressed concern that they did not want to duplicate services if they were provided better somewhere else, e.g. Counseling Center, Blue Earth County, etc.
Senator Reilly-Lets re-evaluate this and vote on this before more students are neglected.
Senator Geise-The position does not automatically go to Ms. Gullingsrud.  It took from August
 to now to get this.  We need to act so someone is hired by the beginning of the school
year.  It takes time and that is why we should act now.  They looked at the Counseling
Center and why that would not work, also services in the town.  On and off campus-
many students have this need.  They need our support.
Senator Turner-I agree this is a problem on campus, it should be funded by M&E.
but it should be evaluated.   What if the administration does not want to fund a full
time position, will they say we should fund it if we now support a full time position?
Vote on motion-12-11-2. Motion Fails
Senator McLaughlin-I don’t think you counted my vote right.
Discussion and revote
 Motion 14-11-1 motion passes

Coordinator Reports
MSUSA Spokesperson-Tim Ibisch-
Greetings from MSUSA.  We did strategic planning on influencing elections in
the spring in the state of Minnesota to get pro education candidates.  We had
an insightful discussion on tuition.  We voted for an 8.5% cap on tuition.
Senator Geise-What is the caucus campaign?  Will we get information on that.
Tim-Yes, as the year unfolds.

Committee Reports
SAC-Matt Ward, Co-Chair
SAC M# 11.28.05A  Anthropology Club
SAC recommends allocating up to $500.00 to the Anthropology Club to deliver toys, food, clothing and supplies to the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation.
Motion Passes

SAC M#11.28.05B   Prepare Ministries
SAC recommends allocating up to $250.00 to Prepare Ministries to attend a Conference in
Kansas City, MO.
Motion Passes
            SAC M#11.28.05C MSU Circle K
SAC recommends allocating up to $175.00 to MSU Circle K to attend a Fall Leadership Training
Conference in Madison, So. Dak.
Motion Passes

SAC M#12-05-05A  Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
SAC recommends allocating up to $1,000.00 to Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship to attend SALT-
Student Activist Leadership Training in Rochester, MN.
Motion Passes

Student Union Board-Elizabeth Zika  (written report)
                  Director of food services, Sam Holm presented a new retail food concept to the student union board this past Friday called Baja Flats food.  The goal of bringing this program in would be to improve retail with out having to change the new remodeled CSU food court.
      Baja Flats would introduce new meal options on a regular basis starting spring semester 06’. Several new areas would include: Deep Pita Pockets; The Best of the Wurst; Savory Sizzling Salads; Philly Cheese Steaks; Gyro Hero; Mongolian Grill; Hot Wraps; Hot Spoon Fritters; The Natural; Rockin’ Rueben’s; Big Smash Burgers; Flat Iron Fajitas; Grande Quesadillas; Texas Toast Round-Ups; Wing It!; K-Bob’s; Boss’ BBQ; and Sweet ‘n’ Savory Crepes.
     Depending on what Chartwells and the different committees decide, the thought at this time would be to bring in a few of the restaurants for a two week period, allowing students to get a little “taste” of everything.  Then, these restaurants would be replaced by more restaurants and continue every two weeks until all of the restaurants have gone thru..  After students have had the opportunity to try out every restaurant, the CSU committee along with those in charge of conducting this change would choose the restaurants that seemed to be the ultimate favorites to keep for good. 
      In conclusion, the student union board felt this would be a great opportunity to better the food quality while giving students at MSU a say in what goes on with in the student union food court. 
Senator Reports
Gage A-Andrew Pyzyk
Food Service Contract-I have put in about 8 hours on the contracts alone.  Interviews were informative.
A couple weeks back I met with Parking Advisory.  I worked on a motorcycle complaint. Parking is for 24 hours for residence hall students.  We talked about parking when construction starts, and maybe roads closed because of utilities.  We will determine other ideas for situations.  We are working on RHA board rates.  I am personally working on the anniversary of 40 years of Gage complex.  I am working with archives to create a display on the years of Gage.  Over 50,000 people have lived in Gage.
President Wills-Do you feel other food contractors could do a better job? 
Senator Pyzyk-I can not say which I feel is the best, but it will be announced.
Senator Bender-What was the complaint about the motorcycles?
Senator Pyzyk-2 a.m. rule, there was an error in signage for res hall students. This has been corrected. 
Senator Seyi-How many other companies were considered?
Senator Pyzyk-We started with 5 companies, we only had two companies that completed the process and they were interviewed.  No one else will be considered at this time.  We will negotiate a new contract. 
Senator Boyd-If the same provider is for both the residence halls and the Student Union will the things they provide be different enough to affect the room and board rates?
Senator Pyzyk-There are similarities, certain food concepts are looking at being kept by both vendors. 
Senator Afolayan-Does that mean that you cannot talk about the differences?
Senator Pyzyk-It is a process that state law says we can not give out information about the companies until we have offered a contract. We need to make sure we are getting students the best deal and best services.  We need to withhold information at this time.  President Davenport will make his decision.  Certain details are privileged until contract is announced.

Social & Behavioral Science-Josh Peterson (written report)
A few quick updates on the Social and Behavioral Science College.  I met with some workers at Advising U and submitted a profile and information about the History Department for an upcoming brochure that Ad U is putting out next semester/fall.  Additionally the SBS Dean's Advisory committee's E-mails are finally reaching me and I will be attending the meetings in the future.  Today I spoke with Mr. Ibisch about the MSUSA conference this past weekend.  The important news from there is that MSUSA voted to support an 8.5% tuition increase.  Attendance from all schools was light due to the proximity of the conference with many schools' finals.  Finally the bookstore committee attempted a meeting this past week, with no one attending.  More information to come regarding the bookstore next semester.  Have a great break, see you in January.

Off-Campus-Shannon Woods
This semester has been very informational for me, being that it was my first semester as a senator. A couple weeks ago I met with some land lords, with the land lord/tent board. The meeting did not go as well as I had hoped, but I did learn from it. What I figured out was that we need to talk to land lords on a case to case base if we want student’s grievances to be resolved. Also, I learned that the land lords do not seem like unreasonable people, so we should be able to get stuff accomplished.
      As an off campus senator I am somewhat concerned with the lack of students that realize that we (the Senate) are here to help them. Next semester I would like to get the off campus Senators together to devise a plan on what to do about getting off campus students aware that we exist, in order to help them. 
      I also sit on the Student Union Board which as been going well. I am not able to attend the regular meeting but receive up dates on what is going on via e-mail and through separate meeting.
      I will be attending MSUSA conference in the Twin Cities in March and encourage all of you to do so. It should be fun and very informative, especially to new senators such as my self.

      Crawford  Hall  Senator- Omolayo  Ogunnowo
      Good-day   everyone.  I  am  sure  we  are  all  excited  that  the  semester  is  coming  to  an  end.  I  want  to  thank  everyone  in  the  senate  for  making  this  semester  a  success.  We  all  worked  hard  in  representing  our  various  constituencies,  and  I  am  happy  that  we  are  taking  the  welfare  of  our  fellow  students  seriously.
In  my  last  report,  I  indicated  that  I  have  met  with  a  few  students  who  are  very  excited  to  work  with  me.  Ever  since,  I  have  been  working  hard  on  recruiting  more  students  and  mapping  out  a  Plan  for  our  job.  Our  hopes  is  that  our  work  will  commence  immediately  from  next  semester.  What  we  are  doing  will  not  only  be  beneficial  to  the  status  of  the  school,  but  also  it  will  be  very  beneficial  to  the  Mankato  community  as  a  whole.
Furthermore,  I  met  with  the  leaders  of  the  Residential  Hall  Association  in  a  meeting.  I  introduced  myself  as  the  Crawford  Hall  Senator  and  they  were  excited  to  me.  So  far,  I  am  still  trying  to  reach  to  as  many  students  as  I  can.  Although  it  is  not  possible  to  know  everybody,  I  will  continue  to  get  to  know  more  people  within  my  constituency.  This  will  make  it  easier  for  their  voice  to  be  heard  through  me.
I  am  sure  people  are  beginning  to  get  ready  for  the  finals.  I wish  everybody  good  luck  in  all  their  exams.  It  is  indeed  a  Pleasure  to  work  with  other  senators  this  semester  and  I  will  be  very  happy  to  do  so  next  year.  I  wish  everyone  a  blessed  holiday  and  a  fulfilling  new  year  to  come. 

Allied Health & Nursing-Elizabeth Zika

Just recently I spoke with a student at MSU who was inquiring as to why the nursing program won’t allow more people in.  I didn’t know what to tell her although I told her I’d look into it.  I knew there was an article written about this subject not too long ago. Because I didn’t have the article nor did I know where to find one, I went to the nursing office and talked to the chairperson, Mary Bliesmer.
When discussing the matter, Mary had a lot to say.  First of all she commented on how bad she felt about not having the ability to allow more in. She realizes how hard some of the students work and the high G.P.A.s that some of them Possess who still don’t make the cut.  She stated one of the main reasons for this Problem was that there aren’t enough Professors for the Program.  She estimated that for every 8 students, a Professor is needed.  She also said that most nurses with their masters or doctorate level degrees do not want to go into the education Part of nursing due to the salary cut they would have to take.  Bliesmer informed me that the nursing Program is even in need of Professors yet for next semester. 
In my mind, I wondered why more money from the government wasn’t granted to nursing Programs especially since I regularly have heard about how in need we are of nurses. Also, with Minnesota having such a great reputation in graduating excellent nurses, I didn’t understand how it would be difficult to get more funding. Bleismer stated that she was actually working on a grant Proposal that is due in late December although she doubts if it will go through due to recent cuts in the nursing field by the government.  Finally, Bleismer noted another significant problem is the lack of space and technology with in the Program. She stated that renovations needed to be done first and up to code before anymore students could be let in.
Graduate Studies-Kristeen Giese
Greetings to all:
During this time of year I have been thinking much about being grateful for the many things and people in my life. Call me sentimental. I think this time of year calls for us to get involved in the community on campus and off to help those who have not been as luck as we have. Recently I was part of the Turkey Pooluza and will be taking part in the Book Drive that Student Development and Leadership is putting together for students and student organizations to partake in, these are great opportunities to reach out.

I have also been thinking about connectivity with my fellow graduate students and have had discussions with Chris Mickle from the Graduate Studies office in regards of finding a way for the graduate students to communicate with each other better. I also assured Mr. Mickle that the Student Senate is working on updating the website, so that all students     (graduate and undergraduate) can keep updated on the issues the senate is working on.

I also have been involved with the Presidents Commission on the Status of Women. The Commission has been researching the issue of bullying on campus and decided one of the ways we can educate persons on campus about the issue of bullying and how to handle the issue, was to ask for a training session be offered to the staff development day. I have actively been working with a subcommittee to develop this educational training.

I have also written a motion that I presented on November 30,2005 meeting of the student senate regarding the Sexual Violence Education Coordinator Position that I feel is very necessary position to have on campus to help educate students and staff about the issue of sexual violence and to provide services for those who are victims.

Science, Engineering & Technology-Gabe Afolayan
Recent Activities:
I.    I have heard recent complaints from prospective nursing student who cannot enroll for many required biology classes. They have complained that many classes are full Prior to their registration window opening with no opportunity to blue card. In response, I pointed out that much of the openings are dictated by lab space and the number of graduate assistants available for teaching assistance. To help get a clearer outlook on the issue, I will be consulting with Dean Frey to find possible solutions.

II.   In attempt to schedule the meet and confer event with the CSET RSOs, a road block came about in the form of no RSVPs to the invitation. This lack of response was unexpected and unexplained. However, in a follow-up email we, the senators of CSET, have decided to reschedule the event for the beginning of second semester.

Future Activities:
 I.   I have expressed my interest to Vice President Bruner to be the CSET representative on the proposed Website Committee. I have received numerous comments and an email pertaining to disapproval of the standing of the current MSSA website. This tells me that our website is something that people are looking at and should be dealt with as soon as possible. It is my hope that I can help to expedite the issue and set firm protocol for the updating of the MSSA website in the future.

Off-Campus-Matt Ward
Hey all I am so ready for the semester break!!!! I have a rough week of finals ahead of me but once it’s done it is smooth sailing for a month which is really nice.  I even get to go to Florida for about 10 days which shouldn’t be too bad.  Well SAC has been basically just ok’ing travel funds, nothing too difficult yet.  We’ve had a few good student affairs meetings so far this year and progress is being made with the landlord tenant issues.  I have had the chance to work with a lot of great people over the course of the semester and I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for working very hard on important issues regarding the welfare of this campus.  I look forward to another semester on the Senate with all of you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

      President Wills-have a good holiday
Senator Bender-Feliz Navidad
Senator Brand-Anthropology Club-collecting toys and supplies for the Cheyenne Indian Reservation Dec. 8 & 9 in the CSU.
Senator Pederson-My birthday is Monday.
Senator Ward-Merry Christmas


Roll Call
Senators Present
Elizabeth Zika, Haley Pederson, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Kristeen Giese, Gabe Afolayan, Seyi Ofunseye, Lisa Darvell, Marianne Reilly, Maria Schweer, Omolayo Ogunnowo
Senators Absent
Cathy Cloran, Christopher Frederick, Josh Peterson, Sarah McLaughlin, Barbara Johnson, Andrew Isker
Executive Staff Present
President Rob Wills, Vice President Mike Bruner
Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 6:05 P.M.