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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate
September 7, 2005

Meeting called to order by Speaker Megan Brandt
Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Elizabeth Zika 3-0-0, Katie Kendhammer 3-0-0, Haley Pederson 3-0-0, James Dye 2-1-0, Kevin Bender 3-0-0, Brandon Ross 1-1-0-1, Jenna Ault 3-0-0, Melissa Turner 3-0-0, Gabe Afolayan 3-0-0, Seyi Ofunseye 3-0-0, Christopher Frederick 3-0-0, Lisa Darvell 3-0-0, Josh Peterson 3-0-0, Sandy Vue 1-2-0, Sarah McLaughlin 2-1-0, Ryan Boone2-1-0, Shannon Woods 3-0-0, Michael Bruner 3-0-0, Jessica Cichy 2-1-0, Matthew Ward 3-0-0, Jacly Fishman 1-2-0, Jared Jackson 3-0-0, Sharmarke Issa 1-2-0, Andrew Isker 1-2-0, Vice President Rob Wills 3-0-0, Treasurer Raza 3-0-0

Approval of Agenda  Agenda stands approved

Presentation-Kelly Meier, Director SLD&SL-Hurricane Relief Efforts (see written document)

Dr. Warren Sandman-Assistant Vice President Academic Affairs-Probation/Suspension Policy
I oversee academic probation policy at the university.  Policy and appeal form links Susp.pdf ,  appeal form
At this university we have two terms on academic probation before a student goes on suspension
A minimum 2.00 GPA and 67% completion rate is required.  Course completion rate includes
all grades, if you get an nc or w,  counts as attempted course not earned.  Prior to this change we had
a two tier policy.  Financial aid always acted on 2.00 and 67% completion.  The academic policy
was not calculated the same.  In 2003 we were audited in terms of our compliance.  We had a two
tier and that created confusion between financial aid and academic policies.  It was recommended
that we be in align with our academic and financial aid policy.  We also felt this was a good idea because it eliminated the two tier policy.  All students would be equal.  This started in Fall 2003.  We predicted there would be a number of students on probation, there were.  We thought this would rise and stay there but the numbers went down in comparison to the previous policy.  Students changed their practice of dropping and withdrawing.  We did not see an increase in suspensions.   It was not out of line.  There has not been a significant increase in students on probation. We checked this policy at the end of spring-658 students on probation; this was a decrease in number from prior to the policy.  Most of the 72% students were on because of low GPA.  The number of students on suspension were about 50/50.  Students on academic probation must go through a reinstatement process.  An academic standing committee reviews this during the year.  In the summer the Academic Affairs office reviews this.  About 85% of students that apply for reinstatement are admitted.   Less then 5% if students fail to meet terms are required to apply for reinstatement. Students who are suspended for the first time solely for course completion rate issues are automatically reinstated without having to apply for reinstatement.  They are placed on contract (terms of 2.00 GPA, no F,I,IP, W or NC grades) and must sign their contract.  So long as they meet the terms of their contract, a new contract is automatically issued for as long as needed.  This applies only to academic suspension, not financial aid suspension.  Students suspended for course completion rate who then fail to meet the terms of their contract are required to apply for reinstatement.  Financial Aid follows a different process, and a different appeal process.  We tried to saturate the campus with this information.  Students received mail and emails on this.  Faculty were advised.  This policy was reviewed by the meet and confer process.  This was in the Reporter twice.  Table tents were set up.  Posters were placed on campus. 

Senator Bender-When did the audit take place?
Dr. Sandman-During the 02 year.
Senator Bender-Average success of appeals you said was around 95%, on the 1st appeal, less then 5% on the second, and virtually nothing on the third?
Dr. Sandman-That is correct.
Senator  Pederson-Is there a certain amount of time students are suspended?
Dr. Sandman-The average is an academic year.  Students suspended in spring could be reinstated
in summer if there was an extenuating circumstance.
Senator Dye-Why was Adam Weigold not dealt with at an earlier time?  It seems it took a lot of time and it
was not fair for students that voted for him or ran against him.  Why was that not taken care of earlier?
Dr. Sandman-Federal Law prohibits me from discussing individual situations.  All students were notified of their status by May 21.
Senator Bender-Percentages are leveling off, does this show that students are aware of the consequences?
Dr. Sandman-Summer numbers were very low, lower than expected.  We are hoping that students are aware
of policy changes.
Khumar Raza-Is a student notified a semester before they are suspended?
 Dr. Sandman-Two semesters before.  A student relations coordinator meets with the student and then follows
along in the process.
Senator Brunner-How long does the appeal process take?
Dr. Sandman-If you get it in by the 15th we will notify by the end of the month.
Senator Brunner-How do you get the contract?
Dr. Sandman-If you are suspended and reinstated you are issued a new contract unless you are above 2.0.
Senator Cichy-Are there on going meetings with the advisor throughout the semester?
Dr. Sandman-There is to be a minimum of two meetings.  Students can not register unless they meet
with an advisor.  They have to meet with them at the start and usually once after.

Officer Reports
President Wills
MSUSA Official Spokesperson-Tim Ibish, MSUSA Campus Rep-Chandani Gurung, MSUSA Cultural Diversity Representative-Sandy Vue, Student Affairs Coordinator-Jessica Cichy, Academic Affairs Coordinator-Kevin Bender, Legislative Affairs Coordinator-Kyle Struck, Cultural Diversity Committee-Pamela Dervetski, Sandy Vue, SOAFC-Tara Neuman, Adam Vollrath, SAC-Adam Vollrath, Jani Grantz, Matt Ward, James Dye, Katie Kendhammer, Warren H. Menough II, Constitution Commission-Jessica Cichy, Katie Kendhammer, Elections Committee-Kevin Bender, Tara Neuman, Kristopher Lee, Parking Appeals-Elizabeth Zika, Kyle Struck, Student Union-Elizabeth Zika, Andrew Isker, Seyi Ogunseye, Legislative Affairs-Tim Ibish, Social and Behavioral Science Dean’s
Search-Aaron Karst.
Objections-Senator Kendhammer, MSUSA Campus Rep.  I object to this because I sat on this last
year.  It is important that you know this role.  I object to appointing someone to this who has not had significant experience.  This is rushed, we should give this more time so we know about this.
Senator Isker-I attended a conference with her this summer.  She knows as much about MSUSA
as anyone that we could advise.
Senator Brunner-Is she here?  I trust Rob, but I think we should meet her.
Senator Kendhammer-I am not opposed to appointing her sometime, I just know she was the only
applicant, I think that the position deserves more time. 
Senator Ault-If we do not appoint her now-is it tabled?
Senator Peterson-Could the other people going council her?
Senator Boon-What are the responsibilities of the role?
Adam Weigold-They attend the conferences, they promote MSUSA on the campuses.  Chandri would
be a very qualified candidate.
Senator Dye-I met her and she is a nice girl.  I would vouch for her.
The ruling of the Speaker, objection is overruled. 
Appointments Approved

MSUSA Conference is next weekend in Moorhead. If you are interested, MUSUSA and Senate will cover the expenses.    

I hope you have had a chance to look over the things SLD&SL are doing for the hurricane
efforts.  If you would like to work on clothing drives or anything else, let us know.

Let’s make this a fun year and get things done
Senator Brunner-Where is the conference this weekend?
President Wills-It is in Moorhead.
Senator Peterson-Can we get more notice next time about the conferences?


Speaker Brandt
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial recognition:
The Humanities Club
Nonprofit Leadership Club
Gambella-pa-Anuwaa Student Association
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)
Scandinavian Club
Interfraternity Council
Foreign Language Initiative (FLI)
Circle K

Vacancy elections will be held on Tuesday Sept. 27.  Vice President election will be Sept. 28.  It runs similar to the Speaker election.  We will have information on candidates in the office.
This needs a 60% vote of the senate body.
Senator Bender-What happens if 60% is not reached?
Speaker Brandt-Then there would be a vacancy in the office and another election will be held.
Monday-2:00 reception for Trustee Erickson.
Try to attend informational meetings on Campus Climate Survey.


President Wills-Coordinators need to meet after the meeting.
Senator Bender-Last year we made a recommendation on the Sexual Assault position.  The President
listened to us and they are now pursuing this.
President Wills-Yes, they are in the process of hiring a person.
Senator Peterson-History Club meets at 5:00
Senator Frederick-Hog Roast Monday on the Mall.

Roll Call
Students Present

Students Absent

Executive Staff Present

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 5:04