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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate
September 14, 2005


Meeting called to order by Speaker Megan Brandt

Roll Call  (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Elizabeth Zika 4-0-0, Katie Kendhammer 4-0-0, Haley Pederson 4-0-0, James Dye 3-1-0, Kevin Bender 4-0-0, Brandon Ross 2-1-0-1, Jenna Ault 4-0-0, Melissa Turner 4-0-0, Gabe Afolayan 4-0-0, Seyi Ofunseye 4-0-0, Christopher Frederick 4-0-0, Lisa Darvell 4-0-0, Josh Peterson 4-0-0, Sandy Vue 2-2-0, Sarah McLaughlin 2-1-0-1, Ryan Boone 2-2-0, Shannon Woods 4-0-0, Michael Bruner 4-0-0, Jessica Cichy 231-0, Matthew Ward 4-0-0, Jacly Fishman 1-2-0-1, Jared Jackson 4-0-0, Sharmarke Issa 1-3-0, Andrew Isker 2-2-0, Vice President Rob Wills 4-0-0, Treasurer Raza 4-0-0

Open Forum
Allen Sigafus-Power to the People.  (see written document in file) Who is it that represents people.  There is
a huge waste occurring in government, students will be assuming that someday.  I have a difficult time
attaining dialogue with any one about this, no one wants to discuss it.  I present this as a serious problem,
especially at the Federal Government.  All program areas have a lot of waste of public funds.  Some how
the people need to be represented all over the country.  Having people in leadership positions that could
speak for health care should take precedent, this body does have the opportunity of being
heard.  I think someone from Coleman’s office would come here if you called them.  I challenge you
to take this opportunity and be heard and get something done.  This needs to be done.  Someone in
Washington or St. Paul needs to hear and take leadership. 

Julia Miller -MSUSA Associate Director of University and Government Relations
I am here today to tell you about several Campaigns MSUSA is working on-Textbook campaigns, we are putting pressure on publishers across the country to lower costs.  We are trying to get professors and the IFO  involved.  We are also working on Financial Aid cuts-House File #609.   If passed it would cut $9 Billion from Financial Aid.  Students would have a hard time getting loans. Minnesota Higher Education Initiative-we want to build public relationships and get students involved with legislators. 
Senator Bender-What are your plans for lowering textbook prices? 
Ms. Miller-We will be working with faculty nation wide.  We want professors to sign letters to publishers, encouraging lower costs. 

Approval of Agenda  Agenda stands approved

Approval of Minutes   9-7-05 Minutes stands approved

Officer Reports
President Wills
MSSA Mission Statement  2005-2006
The Minnesota State Student Association is the leading voice of over 14,000 students attending Minnesota State University, Mankato, to the MSU Administration.  MSSA represents on-campus and off-campus students and students in the Colleges of Allied Health and Nursing, Arts and Humanities, Business, Education, Science and Engineering Technology, Social and Behavioral Science, Graduate Studies, and those students who are undecided majors.  Our organization values non-biased, objective, and ethical practices to represent each constituency in matters relating to academics, student affairs, and legislative affairs at university, state, and federal levels.  We are committed to building leadership through civic engagement at MSU, the community in Mankato and the surrounding communities, and through our partner organization, Minnesota State Universities Student Association (MSUSA).

Strategic Vision:
Objectives: (to be met within 5 years)

  • To keep Student Fee’s at the cost of inflation or less.
  • To align all the surrounding off-campus housing facilities under one common agreement with help from the City of Mankato, MSU Students, MSU Administration, and local land-lords, and to ensure decisions make regarding the on-campus housing facilities, new and old, are consulted with students before they have been made.
  • Continue to look deeply into academic and student affair policies and procedures to make sure they are in the best interest of students and have had adequate consultation with the MSU Administration.
  • Assist Financial Aid in informing students on the different programs available to pay for tuition.
  • Inform more non-senators about MSUSA and invite them to be become active members.


These goals are achievable.  They are not only what I want to do but they will go through committees so you can work on them.  Landlord Tenant Issue is very achievable.  The Student Affairs Office wants to work with us on this as well as the Student Attorney.  We need to help students.  A new on campus facility is also going to be built in the Rugby Pitch, we want to work on that and stay informed as well.  We want to continue to work on adequate consultation with the administration on policies and procedures. Financial Aid is important for us to work on.  We need to be informing students on the different programs available to pay for tuition. Everyone
needs help with this.  We need to inform more non-senators about MSUSA an invite them to be active members. These are my goals, I will be referring them to committee and you will come up with goals on how we can accomplish these.  They won’t happen overnight, we will start with small pieces. These goals will push
us to where we should be and what we should be doing as an association. 
I met with representatives from  This card could save students a lot of money.  I
think when we can save money for students, faculty and staff, we need to look at it.  We can look at this in committee and make a motion next week.  This would start in January. 
Meet and Confer wants us to look at the Smoking Policy. 
I need to appoint someone to the Accreditation Committee.
Speaking about the motion coming up- I have had several meetings about this We have asked
many questions, but we think the university still needs time to work this out with all the departments.   

Appointments: University Tech Roundtable-James Dye, Elections Committee-Katie Kendhammer,
Parking Advisory-Mike Allen, Cultural Diversity-Omolayo Ogunnouio, Brandon Ross
Senator Ofunseye-What do you want with the Landlord issues?
President Wills-Leases all ending at the same time.  Most students are only here during the academic
year.  We need to make sure that leases are ok, and standards are met for all complexes.  We can discuss this.
Senator Bender-This Savings Card, is this a fund raiser we would be putting on with MSSA on it?
President Wills-Yes, we would sponsor it. It would not cost us money.
Pat Moriarty, Studentsavingsclub-We want what you want on the card, we provide cards, posters.  We want get out as many cards as possible.  We don’t sell to students.  We want to save people from $500-$1,000 per year.  We make the contracts etc. We contact the business.   We just want to represent you when you are buying in town.
Senator Brunner-When would you like to get this up and running?
Mr. Moriarty-It takes about 4-5 weeks to make contacts, then 3 weeks to produce. The card would expire the end of year 2006.
Senator Brunner-How many businesses do you get?
Mr. Moriarty-Not fewer than 25-40.
Senator Bender-Do businesses have to endorse?
Mr. Moriarty-They have to honor this discount for a year.  It is an everyday discount.  Businesses have to pay
about $200 to be on the card.

Speaker Brandt
Mary Dowd will be here next week to talk to us about Student Rights and Responsibilities and Judicial Board.  We do have applications in the office.
Elections will be held on the 27th.  Open seats:  Graduate Studies, Undeclared, Crawford Hall, Gage A, Mav Hall.  Vice President Elections will be held September 28.
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognized
Philosophy Club, Operation Minnesota Nice, Asian Pacific American Conference Committee, Dental Hygiene Club
Women in Aviation, MSU Men’s Soccer Club, Residence Hall Association, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Chi Omega, Student Nurses Association (SNA), The College of Business, Finance Club, Aikido Club, MSU History Club, Korean Student Association, Recondo Club, Construction Management Student Association, SAGE , Psychology Graduate Student Association, Phi Delta Theta, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, MSU Habitat for Humanity, United Campus Ministry, Mankato Swing Dance Club, Prepare Ministries

M#09.14.05 A       Course Equivalency Proposal and Procedure    Senator Kendhammer/Isker         

Whereas:                The Course Equivalency Proposal and Procedure is being presented as a procedure and not a policy and it really is a policy decision

Whereas:                Students and staff should have the opportunity to voice comments on concerns regarding the implementation of their procedure or policy

Whereas:                The MSSA does not support the immediate implementation of the Course Equivalency Proposal and Procedure without further consultation with administration, staff and students

Be it Resolved:        MSSA is requesting the policy or procedure not be implemented until after it has been appropriately reviewed by faculty, staff and students.


Senator Kendhammer-This would directly affect transfer students.  We found it would affect about 700
students.  Currently the Registrar can make the equivalency, this is about individual department requirements.  Certain departments require certain courses.  They want to give this power to evaluate equivalency to the departments.  This may be good, however, this procedure is happening very fast.  More people would need to be trained, many students would have problems, you would have to have your syllabi  from th classes you are transferring in. Some departments don’t even know about this change.  Obviously, we want students to know of these changes.  This is a procedure, it does not have to come to us as a policy does.  We learned of this
at Meet and Confer.  However it seems like a policy.
Senator Isker-I will some up what the Allied Health & Nursing Senator just said. This procedure does have good intentions, but it is going too fast, the kinks need to be worked out.  This would really affect some students like athletics, they get transfers from jr. colleges.  They may not have their syllabus.
President Wills-I attended many meetings.  It is not just a syllabus they could use, you could have a book, a course guide, the department would then determine if that would fit the requirement.
Senator Ward-Is there a time frame for doing this? 
Senator Kendhammer-I know other departments have ideas on how to make this a smooth transition, we
just need good communication. 
Senator Bender-This only affects students from schools that are not from the accredited schools in our area.
Senator Peterson-Would this be retroactive?
President Wills-No, it would not be retroactive.  All classes would be honored from current transfers.  Right now transfer applications are being held until the policy is implemented.  We had the highest amount of transfers this year then in the past few years. We don’t want that to change.  Things could be backed up with an influx of people.  Credits will count but will classes count toward a major? 
Senator Brunner-Is this only for the Cultural Diversity requirement?
Senator Woods-What options would be there for students who do not have proof of their courses?
Senator Peterson-My roommate transferred here, he had a college professor just call and give information
on his course.
Senator Isker-The Transfers on hold-is that for next semester?
President Wills-There is a hold right now on incoming transfers.
MSSA Liaison-Joel Johnson-The full procedure is on line.  The Cultural Diversity is just one requirement, this is for the general requirement courses such as English or Math.  The date has now changed to 9/16,
they are changing that date as updates are made. 
Senator Bender-The motion only asks that we slow this down.
Senator Kendhammer-The intent is just for time.  I like the procedure, we just want to know more
about the changes, it is hard to keep up with the changes.  We want everyone to be informed before
it is implemented.
Motion # 09.14.05 A passes, one abstention
President Wills-Good job senators, this motion will now go to the Administration.
Senator Kendhammer-Student Ambassador recruitment is now being held
Senator Cichy-I am working with Partners for Afford Housing, we need help doing activities with kids.
Senator Pederson-Homecoming is coming Oct 1. Packets are due on Friday.
President Wills-PRSSA is going to help us with advertising and promoting this year. 
Liaison Johnson-Who is attending the MSUSA Conference this weekend?  Thank you for
representing us. 

Roll Call
      Senators Present
        Elizabeth Zika, Katie Kendhammer, Haley Pederson, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault,
        Melissa Turner, Gabe Afolayan, Seyi Ofunseye, Christopher Frederick, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson,
        Sandy Vue, Shannon Woods, Michael Bruner, Jessica Cichy, Matthew Ward, Jared Jackson, Andrew Isker
        Senators Absent
        Sarah McLaughlin, Ryan Boone, Sharmarke Issa
        Executive Staff Present
        President Wills, Coordinator Khumar Raza

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM