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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Past Events and News

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Awards issued on April 25, 2012 at the MSSA Inauguration Ceremony:

Dr. Duane Orr Teacher of the Year Award Winner - David Dickau - Music Professor

Dr. David Dickau accepting award

Vic Swenson Student Friendly Award Winner - Paul Allan - Associate Director for Athletics Communications

Cheri Bowyer - student friendly award

Administrator of the Year Award Winner - David Jones - Associate VP Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Mike Hodapp - administrator of the year

Awards issued on April 20, 2011 at the MSSA Inauguration Ceremony:

Dr. Duane Orr Teacher of the Year Award Winner - Ned Williams - Biology Professor

Dr. Duane Orr Teacher of the Year Award Winner

Prof. Marilyn Hart accepting award on behalf of the Late Ned Williams

Vic Swenson Student Friendly Award Winner - Cheri Bowyer - Retired Office Manager & Administrative Assistant of the Student Association

Cheri Bowyer - student friendly award

Administrator of the Year Award Winner - Mike Hodapp - Associate Director of the Student Union

Mike Hodapp - administrator of the year

New Student Association President Matt Lexcen & Vice President Moriah Miles push the magic button to release drawing sequence numbers among the 900+ who participated in the Spring Gold Permit Drawing for 2011-12. It all happened at 3PM Tuesday, April 19th 2011.

gold parking permit application


Gubernatorial Debate Takes Place at MSU!

Members of the Minnesota State Student Association were able to meet candiates from the upcoming Gubernatorial Election.  The three candidates pictured in the far above picture are Republican Candidate Tom Emmer, Democratic Candidate Mark Dayton, and Independent Candidiate Tom Horner.  Also pictured are members of the MSSA Senate and MSU President Richard Davenport. 

$1000 Student Leadership Scholarship Winners!

Xe Yang, Jennifer Dooley, Cody Buechner, Melissa Thompson, and Rachel Busch

Congratulations to Xe Yang, Jennifer Dooley, Cody Buechner, Melissa Thompson, and Rachel Busch.


Gold Permit Drawing for 2010-11

Thomas Williams The Annual Spring Gold Permit Drawing was held on Tuesday, April 20. Thomas Williams, the newly elected Student Association President, pushed the magic button that kicked in the computerized random selection process for the Faculty/Staff Gold Permit Drawing and the separate Student Drawing. The drawing system automatically and randomly populates the gold database with all of the entries for full and part-time employees working on campus. The next step in the process had the computer randomly populate the data base with the Drawing Sequence Numbers. The third step had the computer assign the permits by sequence number and choice. Whatever 12 month Gold Permits were leftover went into the second drawing for students. A few years ago this two-drawing system was agreed to by the Student Association in recognition that employees have a point about being able to get the core campus closer-in Gold permit stalls without having to directly compete with students. Now the bulk of the student Gold permit holders can be found in Lot 16 Gold (Performing Arts) and Lot 7 (old tennis court by Blakeslee Stadium across from the Myers Field House).

New Senators

College of Business : Dan Hallgren

Off-Campus-Nikki Sabby

Crawford Hall-Braeden Hogie

We have vacancies for: College of Graduate Studies, Science, Engineering & Technology, Undeclared and Gage A

Opening the discussion campus wide

Three speakers

MSU administrators and student leaders discussed space utilization of the CSU and future potential program cuts Monday at open forum...

Click here for full news.

Photo by Wale Agboola

Article by John Fritz

Speaking With The Senators


The Minnesota State Student Association held its annual "Meet Your Senators" day Wednesday. Senators from different academic areas and residence met with their constituents to discuss their issues and concerns.

Photo by Wale Agboola

MSSA out to try and improve Online Classes

We are working with extended learning to try and give them ideas on what students want when it comes to online learning.

Teacher of the Year/Student Friendly

The 2008-2009 Teacher of the Year is Dr. hanh Huy Phan (Ethnic Studies), and the 2008 -2009 Vic Swenson Student Friendly Award recipient is Clark Johnson (Social & Behanioral Science).

Student Friendly
Teacher of the Year

Administrator of the year

The 2008-2009 Administrator of the Year is Rick Straka, Vice President of Finance & Administration.
Administrator of the Year

Leadership Scholarship Winners!

Betsy Hawes
Stephanie Kerkaert
Robert Dooley
Mark Schroepfer
Jayme Pretzloff

MSSA 2009 Inauguration Ceremonies

Check out the pictures here.

2009-2010 ELECTIONS

View the results here

MSUSA Conference

Check out the pictures here.

MSSA commends IFO for decision

The Minnesota State Student Association commended the Inter Faculty Organization in its meeting Wednesday for the group's vote for a decision to offer a two-year pay freeze to aid budget problems. Don Larsson, president of the IFO, presented the proposal to the senate, calling it "the earliest settlement in IFO history."


Senate switches Seats

'Proposed Senator Seat Adjustment For More Accurate Student Representation' table

Click here for more details

University-wide Environmental Workgroup started

MSSA started university-wide Environmental Workgroup this semester. Their main goals currently are presidents climate control, energy management and environmental grant.

Environmental Committee

Minnesota State Student Leadership Scholarship!

This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate student leaders who through their outstanding commitment and dedication to the Minnesota State University, Mankato are bettering our campus community.

Application available in CSU 280
Deadline: March 6, 2009
Click here for more details.

Nighttime Bus Service Kicks In - Spring Semester "Pilot Program" Established

Thanks to the determined work of the MSSA Executive Leadership and key Senators, for the first time in decades the MSU bus service will be extended until 10 PM Monday through Thursday on class days. The Student Senate's Campus Express Route #1 bus, which is the 22 minute run that goes through the campus to nearby apartment complexes, will operate until 10 PM, thanks to some creative financing and a partnership between the Student Senate and the Parking Advisory Committee. Spring Semester data will help to determine if the program is repeated during the next Academic Year.

Spring Semester Bus Schedule

2009 Spring Semester Bus Schedule

Student Friendly/Teacher of the Year

The 2007-2008 Teacher of the Year was Dr. Joseph Kunkel, and the 2007 -2008 Vic Swenson Student Friendly Award recipient was Dr. Maria-Claudia Tomany

Student Friendly
Teacher of the Year

Campus Rec Proposal

Campus Rec Proposal map

View the Proposal

Check out the Campus Rec Proposal and if you have any questions feel free to send them to MSSA President Ryan Anderson at

Past Events

April 21, 2010 - Inauguration of 2010 - 11 Student Leaders

Check out the pictures here.

2008-2009 Fall Elections

View the election results here

2007-08 Inauguration

Check out the pictures here.


MSSA meeting

Possible Parking Solution Proposed

With many parties to please in the area of parking, the student senate may have found a solution that will appease all. Read more...

Student asking a speaker a question

Students Put Administration on the Spot

Tuition, use of fees dominate discussion at MSSA-sponsored open forum.. Read more...

Open Forum an Opportunity Missed

Another golden opportunity was squandered Monday when students bypassed a chance to question Minnesota State's administration about tuition and fees Read more...

'Speak Out on Tuition and Fees' poster

Tuition and Fees Forum Set for Monday

According to Afolayan, forum is "a chance for students to engage student representatives about their situations. Read more...

MSSA Concerned With Student Privacy

The MSSA sent a strong message of how they feel about student privacy rights. Check it out...

Recreation Plan Goes to Student Senate

Current proposal now estimated at $14.652 million to be funded by student fees. Read more...




Nothing But
The Facts

The Minnesota State Student Association has unleashed a poster campaign that has covered the campus with startling facts about university spending. Read more...

Survey Shows Staggering Student Debt

There's nothing new about college students being in debt after graduation, but the Minnesota State Student Association wanted to find out just how much MSU students were forking out after donning the cap and gown. Read more...

Student Senate Accessibility Beneficial to MSU Students

Perhaps no organization on campus has been more reinvigorated by its leadership than the Minnesota State Student Association. Check it out...


Tuition Freeze All the Buzz at Legislature

For those feeling the ever increasing burden of tuition and other hefty college expenses, there may be a bright spot on the horizon. Read more...

Senate Hears Budget Presentations

The first student senate meeting of the semester consisted mostly of student activity fee budget presentations from five organizations. Read more...



From Classroom to Community

Johnson Afolayan and Gabe Afolayan

Afolayans give and receive both on the Minnesota State campus and beyond. The father teaches, the son leads. The last name Afolayan isn't a common one in this country, but it can be found at least twice at Minnesota State. Read more about MSSA President Gabe Afolayan and his father Johnson Afolayan.

Senate Briefed On Free Lot, NCC Viability

Free Lot Sign

MSSA President Gabe Afolayan brought a lot of valuable information to the student senate meeting Wednesday. In his report, he talked about possible changes coming to the free lot and the North Central Conference.

Read the article!

Student Activity Fund

The Nonbudgeted Funds Request Form is now online.
To download a version in the future you can go to the Student Allocations Committee or go to the Forms page to download it at the permanent locations.

Textbook Price Containment Committee Revived

Credit cards

The rising costs of textbooks are one reason why the Minnesota State Student Association voted Wednesday to support a motion to revive the Textbook Price Containment Committee.

Check out the article here!



MSSA Begins Student Debt Campaign

Credit cards

At MSU, the Minnesota State Student Association (MSSA) has undertaken its part in the debt drive, aptly titling its program the "Student Debt Campaign" and focusing on obtaining more information concerning debt problems students are having at MSU.

Check out the article!

Recreation Plan Funding Sources Undetermined

A vote on the Outdoor Campus Recreation proposal was postponed last semester, though the plan is far from dead. Methods of funding remain the biggest hurdle thus far.

Check out the article here!

Maverick Game Room Grand Opening


MSSA Vice President Chris Frederick getting his game on.

MSSA to Take a Closer Look at Homecoming

In an attempt to improve the Homecoming celebration, the Minnesota State Student Association passed a motion at Wednesday's meeting to initiate a Homecoming Development Task Force.
Check out the article here!

No One Owns Homecoming

Homecoming is supposed to be a time where the student body and alumni come together to celebrate their university and engage in time-honored traditions, not a time for one organization to flex its muscles and promote itself. No one owns homecoming.
Read the Editorial

Forum Draws Few Students Despite Relevant Topics

Students and speaker at the forum

Photo Credit: Allyssa Hill
MSSA Vice President Chris Frederick (above) and MSU President Richard Davenport (left) answered questions at Thursday's open forum on the MSU Mall.

Check out the article

Homecoming Parade


Taking a break from the action... MSSA President Gabe Afolayan and Vice President Chris Frederick catch a ride from Univesity President Richard Davenport

Sept. 13 Meeting

check out the meeting

Yunkers and Cowan

Molly Yunkers and David Cowan, of the Bookstore Advisory Committee, spoke to the Senate about a proposed "Default Ordering Process" for 100 level class textbooks

MSSA Leadership Training

Taking a Beating


Legislative branch's Senate Speaker Jared Jackson "negotiates" with Executive Branch boss MSSA President Gabe Afolayan.

Check out the Pictures



MSSA Changes Guard

Gabe Afolayan, Richard Davenport, and Chris Frederick

Left to Right:
MSSA President Gabe Afolayan,
University President Richard Davenport,
MSSA Vice President Chris Frederick

See the pictures of the ceremony.

President Gabe Afolayan, Vice President Chris Frederick and new student senators ushered in to 2006-07 MSSA; Jered Jackson elected speaker. The whole article here

Money Bag

MSSA Doles out 2006–07 Budget

Check out the article by Emmeline Elliott


'Nominate Your Favorite Teacher or MSU Employee' poster
check out the pdf!!

Deadline for applications has past.

Pictures from Washington D.C.

Updated - March 21, 2006

Chris Frederick, Rob Wills, Gabe Afolayan, and Tim Ibisch in front of Capitol in Washington D.C.
L to R: Chris Frederick, Rob Wills,
Gabe Afolayan, Tim Ibisch

More Pics