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Kristeen Giese

Kristeen Giese


Academic Affairs/Cultural Diversity Coordinator Job Description

Job Title:

Academic Affairs Coordinator


Minnesota State Student Association, CSU 280


The Coordinator shall hold a minimum of three (3) office hours each week, attend bi-weekly MSSA cabinet meetings, and attend at least one MSUSA conference a semester. The Coordinator may also be asked by the MSSA President to attend MSU Meet & Confer meetings with the MSU President.


This position is a per semester appointment/reappointment and does normally include a stipend. The Coordinator may receive a letter of recommendation upon request from the MSSA President following successful term(s) of employment. The student must be enrolled a minimum of six (6) credits each semester to receive remuneration.

Job Summary:

The MSSA Academic & Cultural Diversity Coordinator shall be responsible for presenting the student viewpoint to the University administration and faculty in all academic and CD areas including curriculum, academic grievances, general education issues and requirements. The Coordinator shall also handle the concerns regarding cultural and social diversity. The Coordinator shall perform other duties as the MSSA President my direct.

Specific Goals/Duties:

  • To propose, develop and advocate the student position on academic and cultural diversity concerns
  • To address, maintain and create an advanced awareness of global unity and interconnectedness among all people and cultures
  • To use proper resources to inform students, faculty and staff about all significant information pertinent to Academic and Cultural Diversity affairs
  • To be aware of academic and CD issues to properly address and answer students questions
  • Assist students in the grade appeal process as specified in the MSSA Grade Appeals Assistance Procedure
  • Help recruit, maintain and promote diversity among MSSA/Senate membership and MSSA boards, committees and University/Minnesota State task forces and councils
  • Disseminate approved information to media outlets, MSSA, RSO's, and MSU studentsAttend bi-weekly MSSA Cabinet meetings, and one MSSA Senate meeting each month
  • Assist with the preparation of the Academic Affairs and CD Affairs campus reports to MSUSA conferences and work collaboratively with the MSUSA campus and CD representatives from MSU Mankato
  • Keep weekly journal of all activities/contacts
  • Help maintain the Academic Affairs and Cultural Diversity Affairs bulletin boards


Contact all levels of personnel within MSU Mankato, the greater Mankato community, MSUSA, Minnesota State and any other relevant agencies/offices with regard to given position and duties.

Required Hours of Service:

Hold posted regular office hours at MSSA for a minimum of 3 hours per week to be accessible to MSSA staff, Senate and students. Complete all other assigned work each week at Coordinator's convenience.

Skills and Educational Requirements:

This student must demonstrate a good understanding of mass communications and public relations and have a desire to work in government affairs. The student shall also comply with all requirements set forth in the MSSA Constitution and Bylaws and shall submit official GPA to MSSA's administrative assistant at time of hire and at the beginning of each term of employment.