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MSSA Opposes MSUSA at Conference

Senate Notes

by Emmeline Elliott

Issue date: 11/2/06 Section: Campus News

The Minnesota State Student Association faced much opposition from their counterparts at last weekend's Minnesota State University Student Association conference in Minneapolis.

Each spring, about 50 delegates from MSUSA - an organization that represents students from the seven state universities at the Minnesota Legislature - take a trip to Washington D.C. to lobby for general higher education issues. The trip is paid for by student fees and representatives travel by bus. MSUSA campus representative Brandon Ross, who attended the Minneapolis conference with other Minnesota State delegates, said that MSSA proposed to have students going to the D.C. Summit take an airplane instead of bus and pay $100 to defray the plane ticket costs. MSSA made this recommendation because students lose three to four class days using bus transportation, Ross said, but the delegates from other campuses voted down the proposal.

MSSA President Gabe Afolayan said he made a similar suggestion that about $500 are spent for each student going to Washington D.C. and asked that students who attend the summit contribute $75 because there is some leisure time during the visit. The other directors voted down this proposal.

During the conference, MSUSA decided to take the position of a zero percent tuition increase when they lobby next year's legislature.

MSSA to E-mail Student Newsletters

Afolayan said he and other MSSA officials recently met with Director of Technical Services Bryan Schneider to discuss sending out a monthly electronic newsletter to students via e-mail as a way to reach out to the student body and make them more aware of the MSSA and its activities. Afolayan said the newsletter would include updates about the student senate and what MSUSA is working on at state and local levels.

CSU Not to Extend Hours

A motion passed Oct. 18 asked the Student Union Board to look into the cost and benefits of leaving part of the Centennial Student Union open to 24-hour computer access. Student Union Board committee member Jason Schilling reported at yesterday's MSSA meeting that the board found it would not be cost effective to keep the CSU open 24 hours a day. He said that utilities in the CSU cost about $1,000 per day and the extra hours would add $200 in utilities, plus the salary of two workers and increased security.

Schilling said that the board is considering keeping the CSU open 24 hours a day during finals week.

The board did recommend, however, that the CSU open earlier on Sundays because of the number of people who are waiting to enter when the building opens at noon, Schilling said. He said a counting device by all of the entrances counts every movement that goes past and that last Sunday there were about 150 counts when the CSU opened.

Don't Forget to Vote

Legislative Affairs committee member Ryan Anderson told the student senate that the MSSA Web site has a link to the Secretary of State Web site, which tells voters where to vote and who will be on the ballot. Anderson also said that has nonpartisan information about judges who are up for election.

Anderson said regularly scheduled night classes between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. will still be held Tuesday, but no other activities can be scheduled on campus during those times on election day.

Other News

An election for an undeclared senator seat will be held at the next MSSA meeting Nov. 8 at 4 p.m. in CSU 284.

MSSA Vice President Chris Frederick said MSU President Richard Davenport has set up a Nov. 8 meeting with officials from South Central College, Bethany Lutheran College, area K-12 schools and the cities of Mankato and North Mankato to discuss their interest in using MSU athletic facilities if the Outdoor Recreation Plan was pursued.

Emmeline Elliott is a Reporter staff writer