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Senate Reveals Survey Results

Students express biggest concerns about Minnesota State policies and visibility.

by Emmeline Elliott

Issue date: 9/21/06 Section: Campus News

You may know what your friends think about the campus smoking policy, how much a big-name concert is worth and if alcohol is a problem on campus. Now you can find out what more than 2,000 other students think as well.

The Minnesota State Student Association revealed the results of its Zoomerang survey at Wednesday's meeting.

Of the approximately 14,000 Minnesota State students, 2,053 responded to the survey sent via e-mail, said MSSA President Gabe Afolayan.

"It was good to have over 2,000 respond to the survey," MSSA Vice President Chris Frederick said.

Afolayan said the results were received Monday night.

"I was very happy that we had such a good representative sample and I was pleased that people wanted us to focus on academic standards and textbooks, being it ties well into our forum on the 28th," Afolayan said, referring to the open forum for students next week. The forum will discuss topics like the course repeat policy, the +/- grading system and textbooks and will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the mall.

Afolayan and Frederick both said they were surprised by the big split among students when asked if they were willing to pay up to $50 for a big-name concert. Of the respondents, 1,041 said they would pay that amount and 1,003 said they would not.

"I was surprised that 51 percent of those surveyed were willing to pay up to $50 for a big-name concert," Afolayan said.

Afolayan said he was also surprised that 1,361 of those surveyed said they do not believe there is an alcohol problem at MSU, while 633 said there is a problem.

From the question asking what would encourage students to stay in the area during the weekend, 404 said extended hours for campus facilities, 1,295 said more events or activities on campus or in the city of Mankato and 1,003 said they usually stay in Mankato during the weekends. The question allowed for multiple responses from an individual and so does not add up to the total number of people surveyed.

"To see how many students who do actually stick around on the weekends was interesting," Frederick said.

Frederick said the survey was done to "try to get the pulse of the students."

"This survey is going to be a really strong tool for the MSSA," Afolayan said.

Afolayan said the number of participants in the survey was better than in other surveys in recent years and has a goal to get about 3,000 participants for the spring student survey he is planning.

Afolayan said the full survey results will be published in a future issue of the Reporter.

In other senate news, two people were elected to fill vacant senate seats. McElroy Hall is now represented by Jennifer Hansen and Jon Sands is a new off-campus senator who would like to work on transportation and parking issues.