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Senate discusses changing its constitution

MSSA also considers cutting position of speaker to help budget

by Dannielle Higginbotham

Issue date: 01/29/09 Section: Senate News and Notes
The Minnesota State Student Association debated its own constitution at its meeting Wednesday when it considered eliminating voting rights for the president and cutting the position of speaker.

MSSA President Ryan Anderson said cutting the position of speaker would help with the university's budget problem because it would mean one less salary to pay.

He indicated that the role of the speaker could be combined with that of the vice president.

Both changes would require an amendment to the senate's constitution, however.

Speaker Brett Carpenter said he is investigating a formal complaint someone filed against the Sigma Nu fraternity after a Jan. 16 party where 133 people were cited or arrested, mostly for underage drinking. At least some of the partygoers were Sigma Nu members.

"This is going to be a big issue this semester, I'm afraid," Carpenter said.

Carpenter said he would have to review whether Sigma Nu could remain a Recognized Student Organization. If it loses the right it won't be listed on MSU's Web site, can't reserve rooms in the Centennial Student Union and won't be able to ask the MSSA for money.

Vice President Murtaza Rajabali announced the senate would be implementing a question of the week for the "My portal" section of the MSU Web site that asks students about MSSA-related subjects.

"This would allow us to get feedback on how we're doing," Rajabali said.

Wednesday also marked the first meeting of the environmental work group that includes students, faculty and staff.

"This group is a part of President [Richard] Davenport's commitment to environmentally friendly practices and energy management," Rajabali said.

In his senator report, Off-Campus Senator Kristopher Lovstad said the Centennial Student Union Board was working to keep the budget similar to those of past years and that there is a vacancy in the scheduling office which he asked the university to fill.

Lovstad also discussed the success of Jazzman's Café's move out of Mav Ave.

"Since the move we've seen sales go up 22 percent," Lovstad said.

"We'll also soon see a new campus security office in the flexible programming space in the lower level of the CSU," he added.

MSSA elected a new senator for the College of Science, Engineering and Technology, Zafar Baig.

Rajabali announced he would participate in a discussion panel Feb. 23 that followed an environmental movie by Leonardo DiCaprio. Showings for the movie will be in the library at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Dannie Higginbotham is a Reporter staff writer