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Afolayan Was the Students' President

Issue date: 4/26/07 Section: Editorial

On Wednesday, the Minnesota State Student Association said farewell to President Gabe Afolayan and welcomed former Vice President Chris Frederick to the helm. Frederick will be joined by new Vice President Casey Carmody. Both have the task of building on Afolayan's legacy which helped guide the MSSA throughout the year.

Afolayan's legacy is highlighted a public presence unmatched by previous MSSA presidents. If ever there was an event, Afolayan was there. With little effort, be it through the open forums, the massive poster campaigns or his omnipresence in the CSU, Afolayan established himself as an approachable representative for the student body.

The MSSA makes important decisions that can affect the entire existence of different organizations and programs on campus. While some have gotten carried away with their power in the past, Afolayan wielded it with respect and responsibility.

The great misfortune in this year's MSSA elections was that Frederick and Carmody both ran uncontested. Each deserved their position, but they truly missed opportunities to shine and win over the students without the need to stand out.

But they will.

The MSSA, slowly but surely, is transforming into a more student-friendly organization, and not just some pit stop for resume-boosters and political-junkies. This year's student senators defended us at the federal, state and local level. They were active in monitoring tuition, textbook costs and sweeping on-campus proposals. They were proactive on each front and deserve our gratitude.

It many ways, it was a banner year for the MSSA. Frederick will return as part of the 75th Minnesota State Student Association with his former runningmate as an example of how to get the job done without compromising all the things that make one a college student.

At the end of the days, that's all we are - college students. Luckily, our MSSA will be led by a few good men.