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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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MSSA anticipates alcohol forums

by Dannielle Higginbotham

Issue date: 11/20/08 Section: Senate News and Notes
The Minnesota State Student Association discussed the alcohol open forum in its meeting Wednesday.

The forum, to be held 11:30-1 p.m. today, will give students a chance to voice their opinions and concerns about the proposed policy change regarding alcohol and drugs. The new policy would include on-campus sanctions for off-campus violations of the policy.

MSSA President Ryan Anderson said he expects a large crowd at the forum.

"I think there's no excuse for it not to be a robust discussion," Anderson said.

The senate also heard a presentation from artist Susanne Crane, who spoke about trying to save a building in Albert Lea and convert it into subsidized living for artists.

Crane said she needed 1,000 people to sign a petition by the end of November stating they would be interested in seeing the residence. If she obtained all the signatures, Artspace, a company dedicated helping artists, would send a survey to the petitioners in January. If most of the people support the residence on the survey, Artspace will buy the building from the city for $1 and create it into a living space for people who identify themselves as an artist.

"If the building were demolished, it would just be turned into 16 parking spaces in the downtown area of a small city," Crane said. "The building is all ready there, so why not use it? What's better than recycling?"

Crane said having a place for artists to live and work would positively impact the area.

"If it doesn't affect you in a positive way, you don't leave your house," Crane said. "I believe we would be changing the world. Anything good coming out of Minnesota is something we should care about."

Student Events Team gave a presentation to the student government regarding fall semester events. While many of the films garnered good turnouts, other events didn't draw a big crowd.

"We've decided to cut the once-a-month singer/songwriter event," said Student Events Team President Kara Van Sickle.

Student Events Team business manager Ashley Minshall said the change was due to the higher cost of the event compared to the lower turnout.

"We want every event to end up costing less than $10 per student," Minshall said. "We don't consider it successful if it doesn't."

MSSA passed a motion regarding post-secondary students, high school students who take classes at MSU. The motion said that PSEO students are allowed to receive special permission to take classes from faculty or a department after the first class meeting has occurred, giving priority to full-time enrolled students.

Dannie Higginbotham is a Reporter staff writer