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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Student Fees Are Decided By Students on April 10

Issue date: 4/5/07 Section: Letters to the Editor

If you haven't paid any attention to the surveys, the emails, the posters, the open forums, or the newspaper stories up to this point- now is the time to do so.

The Outdoor Recreation, Athletic, & Fitness Facilities Proposal goes to a student vote on Tuesday, April 10th. The proposal has an estimated cost of $14.6 million and would be paid for by student fees over the next 15 years. The proposal includes two propositions which would upgrade recreation fields, athletic fields, and fitness facilities. You can preview the ballot at and view the physical layout at Your vote indicates how much money you would support towards the project each year:

$0- Vote NO

$80- Vote YES to

Proposition A

$130- Vote YES to Proposition A & B


If you don't want to pay more money for recreation and athletic facilities: VOTE NO.

If you want to pay an additional $80-$130 per year for recreation and athletic facility upgrades: VOTE YES.

You need to stop and think for yourself. If you need a Facebook group, persuasive flyer, or another person to tell you how to vote, I would strongly suggest you take a course on critical thinking and personal decision making.

The student voice is part of the collective bargaining process on campus and even more so in the case of a student referendum. If this issue wasn't a big deal, student government or MSU administration would have settled the argument for you already.

I hope that independent thought of students prevails over the propaganda of groups who have a special interest in the acceptance or rejection of the proposal. Vote April 10th online at


Gabe Afolayan, President, Minnesota State Student Association