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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Senate Elects New Speaker, Two Senators

by Emmeline Elliott
January 27, 2006

Usually sitting at the far end of the parallel tables, Gabe Afolayan is now front and center.

Afolayan was elected to fill the student speaker seat at the Minnesota State Student Association Wednesday meeting. A 60 percent majority vote was needed among the senators to choose a speaker.

“I really value the magnitude of the speaker position,” Afolayan said. He said the speaker sets the flow of the meeting and there is the responsibility of keeping track of attendance and voting records.

Chosen to fill the open McElroy seat at the same meeting was Andrew Bittner, a freshman majoring in math. He said he has seen the university make strides toward great improvements and would like to ensure the same for the future.

Philip VanWyngarden, a third-year student with a double major, was voted to the Off-Campus seat. He said he is a problem solver and likes to dig into complex issues.