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Budget myths debunked

Budget to be used for remodeling Trafton, McElroy as well as introducing a doctorate of nursing for the first time in MSU history.

by Ben Dlugiewicz

Issue date: 9/6/07 Section: Senate Notes
A brief budget overview was discussed Wednesday during the Minnesota State Student Association's (MSSA) meeting.

Vice President of Finance and Administration, Rick Straka, was among the presenters. Straka discussed the processes involved in determining Minnesota State's biannual budget. Each year MSU receives a set amount of funding from Minnesota State, which also includes 32 other colleges and universities throughout Minnesota.

Straka also denied a few myths that go along with funding and tuition.

"(MSU) has limited rights on setting tuition," Straka said. "Then a board of trustees must approve the set level."

Tuition hearings held last fall have determined that a successful buy down of tuition can be accomplished. Early next year proposals will be heard on realistic ways to achieve this. Nearly 60 percent of MSU's revenue comes from tuition; the remainder is covered by Minnesota State appropriation. Along with funding, Minnesota State also provides bonding grants that are used on construction and renovation. The bonding for the next year will be used to complete a second phase of remodeling the outdated Trafton building.

With the budget and funding in place, MSU's future is bright.

"We are in good solid shape financially," Straka said. "We look healthy."

After the presentation, the MSSA requested a review of the diversity programs on campus. This review will help determine the effectiveness of all the diversity programs and will be conducted by the vice president of institutional diversity.

MSSA President Chris Frederick said he believes this is necessary.

"We have to see where the programs are," Frederick said. "See what resources are being used."

Vice President Casey Carmody added further that this review can help gain more information about these programs.

"Issues were raised last year." Carmody said. "It's something to look into."

Ultimately this program review will be used to determine where the money is going and each program's effective outreach to students.

In other news:

• A new residence hall is in the design stage. J-Hall will be a 200 bed addition onto the existing McElroy Center.

• Fall MSSA elections will be held Sept. 18. The deadline to apply is Sept. 14. Sign up in the MSSA office or online at

• For the first time at MSU, the College of Allied Health and Nursing is offering a doctorate of nursing practice.

• MSU's dental hygiene program does a teeth cleaning and examination for $35 in the basement of Morris Hall; X-rays and cavities are extra. Some insurance plans cover the check up.

• MSU has been selected as the host of the 2008 indoor track championships.

The MSSA Senate meets every Wednesday at 4 p.m. in the newly remodeled Nickerson conference room on the second floor of the CSU near the counseling center. All are welcome to attend.

Ben Dlugiewicz is a Reporter staff writer