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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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City council member meets with senate

by Ali Ramsey

Issue date: 10/18/07 Section: Senate Notes

The President of the Mankato City Council Mike Laven was present at Wednesday's Minnesota State Student Association meeting to speak and answer any questions regarding the new ordinances that were proposed at the liquor moratorium debate Oct. 8.

Laven told MSSA members he sat down with a number of liquor license holders recently and many of them want to get rid of the all-you-can drink nights.

"On a timeline, [the liquor moratorium] could be as early as next semester," Laven said.

If the moratorium were to be put in place, the new ordinances would cause a variety of changes. Once change such change is bar employees will be forbidden from drinking on the job. Laven said he was shocked this is allowed now.

One of the bigger ordinances most pertinent to students is the Social Host Law. This law would state that anyone hosting a party would be equally responsible for underage drinking, even if they did not supply the alcohol directly.

Laven said the Social Host Law is not directed at college students or parties but also high school and prom parties, which can get out of hand.

In other senate news:

• Student Events Team President Ashley Minshall reported on the improvements of Homecoming this year.

"It was 100 times better then last year," Minshall said.

One thing Minshall said Student Events Team would like to see changed is the involvement of some students on campus.

"It's the involvement of the students that measures the success of homecoming," she said.

• Student Relations Coordinator, Sara Granberg-Rademacker presented "Bullying and Psychological Aggression in the Workplace." The issue focused on campus employees and Rademacker made it clear she was not talking strictly about women. A confidential survey will be going out to all campus employees.

• MSSA will hold elections to fill the Allied Health and Nursing, Science Engineering and Technology, and Education Senate seats. Any students in these colleges are urged to run.

• President Chris Fredrick spoke about IT funding. With the funds available, they would like to redesign the MSU Web site to make it more user friendly and new software for applications.

• Vice President Casey Carmody met with the Commencement Committee about security at graduation.

Due to the number of people present and the potential for an issue to arise, six security guards have been hired.

Also, the alumni board is funding the honor medals at graduation, meaning students will no longer have to pay for them. In addition, honor graduates will have the honor engraved on their medal.

Ali Ramsey is a Reporter staff writer