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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Open Forum an Opportunity Missed

Issue date: 2/6/07 Section: Editorial

Another golden opportunity was squandered Monday when students bypassed a chance to question Minnesota State's administration about tuition and fees.

Though a few curious onlookers and passersby mustered the courage to raise their concerns, administrators set comfortably for an hour-and-a-half when students should have taken the opportunity to grill them.

If there's a need for anything on this campus, it's proactive dialogue. Too often gripes are saved until after the fact, even though the administration has shown its willingness to take part in discussion with its students.

This is dangerous behavior on the part of the students, because indifference is the cousin of ignorance and many of the issues brought up Monday require our opinion. Most of these issues were centered on the usage of our money.

Take the discussion regarding a massive campus recreation expansion proposal that would be funded by current students' fees. Though it's unlikely many current students would see the fruits of the project, it's a possibility we might foot the bill. This should raise questions among every student at MSU. How many were asked at the open forum? None.

These MSSA-sponsored open forums are great mediums for students to express their concerns, though they are sporadic. The Reporter invites readers to speak up on campus issues, pose questions, raise concerns over administrative decisions, campus affairs or even the most mundane nuisances through our Letters to the Editor section.

A student body is at its most vulnerable when perceived as apathetic or faithfully abiding by what it is told. Higher education might be the only place where its customers are its products. As paying customers, we have the right and privilege of having our voices heard to ensure that we're earning more and learning more in our time here.

Those voices could have been heard Monday before our administrators. Hopefully they will be heard through the pages of the Reporter's Letters to the Editor section.