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MSSA welcomes senators; seats available

by Brittney Hansen

Issue date: 10/4/07 Section: Senate Notes

The Minnesota State Student Association (MSSA) elected Naomi Stauffer as the new Gage A senator Wednesday. Stauffer is a freshman theater major.

"It seems like a very good and interesting way to get involved on campus. I like to get involved and I think helping out making campus a better place to be would be a great opportunity," she said.

Stauffer is also a member of Circle K, SAGE, the LGBT Center and is an assistant stage manager for the Rainbow Fish production.

Behavioral Health and Sciences Senator and Academic Affairs Coordinator Brittany Weiss resigned yesterday, leaving another vacancy. MSSA also still has a vacancy for the Allied Health & Nursing position.

MSSA Vice President Casey Carmody will be taking over temporarily.

"Academic Affairs is definitely something I'm really passionate about, something I was very passionate about last year sitting on the committee, and I'm looking very forward to taking on this extra work," he said.

The Academic Affairs Committee will temporarily be moving its meetings to Wednesdays at 3 p.m.

MSSA passed a motion requesting the university's Vice President for Information and Technology and Chief Information Officer to give a presentation to the senate outlining the ITS initiatives, goals and objectives for the 2007-2008 academic year.

This presentation will primarily inform MSSA in order to make better decisions on behalf of its constituents in relation to information and technology services.

"This presentation is different than previous presentations mainly because the tech fee is an entirely separate fee from any other student fees; so it's important that the person who is creating the budget come in and explain to use what the money is being used for," said Carmody said.

The presentation will be given on or before Oct. 24.

President Chris Frederick met with Director of Residential Life Cynthia Janney to discuss the upcoming residential hall consultation process. MSSA is looking for two off-campus senators and two-on campus senators to attend RHA meetings to help determine on-campus housing rates.

Frederick said he would like two members from MSSA to attend the RHA meetings as well.

Student Affairs Coordinator Abbie Hill met with Vice President of Student Affairs Patricia Swatfager-Haney to discuss expanded housing recently and said they hope the issue will be resolved by the end of the semester. Students still living in expanded housing after the first three weeks will be given a discounted rate, but that rate has not yet been decided.

Off-Campus Senator Kris Lovstad also mentioned that the CSU Board - open to all MSU students - is meeting this Friday at 2 p.m. to discuss these issues, new CSU hours, possible refillable cups as well as a possible new entrance to the building near the Julia A. Sears dorms.

Carmody and Speaker Ryan Anderson, as well as many other MSSA members, took the opportunity to attend the Nickerson conference room dedication. They said that it was a nice opportunity to see former MSU President Dr. Jim Nickerson talk about the campus culture of the 1970s Vietnam War era and immediately after. Speaker Anderson also had an opportunity to say a couple words at the dedication.

MSSA encouraged senators and students to attend Homecoming festivities this week. MSSA will create a float this year and participate in the parade.

Senator Biers reported that 2,700 cans of food were donated Tuesday at the Cram-A-Van event, and said that while this year's homecoming events are definitely an improvement over last year, it is still too early to tell how effective the homecoming taskforce initiative has been.

Brittney Hansen is a Reporter staff writer