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No One Owns Homecoming

Issue date: 10/5/06 Section: Editorial

Homecoming is supposed to be a time where the student body and alumni come together to celebrate their university and engage in time-honored traditions, not a time for one organization to flex its muscles and promote itself. No one owns homecoming.

During Wednesday's Student Senate meeting, a motion to create a Homecoming Development Task Force passed - a result that should benefit all parties involved with the celebration.

The task force, which is scheduled to consist of the MSSA Student Affairs Committee and 11 other members, hopes to recommend events, planning and organizational structure to improve next year's homecoming (see "Senate to Take Closer Look at Homecoming Celebration" on page 1).

The problem? Some senators felt the task force would be stepping on Student Events Team's toes and one senator even called the proposal a slap in the face because Student Events Team had not been asked to collaborate on the motion.

While both those opposed and those who supported the idea made valid points, this year's homecoming is proof that Student Events Team could use some help. In fact, after hearing what those opposed to the motion had to say, it's even more clear assistance and recommendations should be welcome.

The opposing senators reminded everyone that Student Events Team does open its doors to anyone who has feedback or suggestions in concerns with homecoming - except the Student Senate, apparently.

Another senator said the homecoming coordinator position demands a wealth of time and is hard work. If there is a great amount of work, why not welcome help?

For these senators, Student Events Team or anyone else to turn their back to aid or recommendations with homecoming is, as Afolayan said best, silly. We'll add that it is also selfish.

No individual or organization should have absolute control over homecoming. It's our celebration - all of us. For one group to take an "it's our's, so go away" attitude is ridiculous.

Student Events Team dropped the ball with homecoming this year and the administration is content with a dry weekend filled with poorly attended events. The Student Senate - well, this year's Student Senate - will not be satisfied with another homecoming filled with events so juvenile high school kids wouldn't attend.

The task force is scheduled to meet at least five times before submitting a report to the MSSA, MSU Administration, Alumni Association and even the Mankato Area Chamber of Commerce by March 7.