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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Possible Parking Solution Proposed

Plan saves free lot, maintains fines, expands pay lot spots.

by Emmeline Elliott

Issue date: 2/8/07 Section: Campus News


Media Credit: Kyle Manikowski
Members of the Minnesota State
Student Association discuss
campus parking during
Wednesday's meeting.


With many parties to please in the area of parking, the student senate may have found a solution that will appease all.

The Minnesota State Student Association passed a motion yesterday that juggles around some parking lots in order to pave the free lot - Lot 23 - without charging a permit fee.

"This motion is a mixed bag of issues related to parking," MSSA President Gabe Afolayan said. He said one of the key aspects of the motion is to keep Lot 23 free.

The MSSA recommended several provisions for the parking advisory committee to consider, including converting 40 stalls from Gold Lot 6 into pay lot stalls. Afolayan said each pay lot stall generates about $1,600 in revenue each year. He said the increased revenue from the added pay lot stalls could fund the paving of Lot 23. The motion noted that there are often not enough pay lot stalls to provide for all university visitors and guests, especially during large events taking place in the Centennial Student Union.

To replace the lost Gold Lot stalls, Afolayan said, 40 stalls on the east end of Light Green Lot 13 could be changed to gold stalls.

The parking advisory committee proposed to increase pay lot fees to $3 for the first hour and $2 for every additional hour, Afolayan said, from the current $2 for the first hour and $1 for every extra hour. The MSSA, in this motion, advised to maintain pay lot rates at present levels. The senate also wants to maintain the current amount for parking fines.

The motion recommended reducing orange permit fees from $94 to $80. Afolayan said the orange lot right next to the free lot is one of the most vacant parking lots on campus and that a lower price may entice more students to purchase an orange permit.

Some senators were opposed to the motion. Off-Campus Senator Michael Norton said this motion makes people who do not use the free lot pay for its paving and would also encourage driving instead of using public transportation when the university is moving to become a pedestrian campus.

Gage A Senator Evan Trosvik pointed out that there are many instances at the university where people pay for something they may never use.

Afolayan said Minnesota State has a history of having a free lot and Off-Campus Senator Jason Schilling said senators should remember the constituents they represent.

A recent MSSA survey showed that 70 percent of students do not support changing the free lot to have a $40 permit fee to pave Lot 23, which is what the parking advisory committee proposed.

Emmeline Elliott is a Reporter staff writer