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Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Quiznos May Replace Stacks

Senate Notes

by Emmeline Elliott

Issue date: 10/12/06 Section: Campus News

Is eating name-brand food on campus worth an extra $3?

The Student Union Board will decide Wednesday if Quizno's will replace Mav Ave's current sub-sandwich choice, Stacks.

Jason Schilling, a student union board member and off-campus senator, said there are several things to consider before choosing either food provider, such as the cost to students and the university.

A Quizno's sandwich will costs about $3 more than a Stacks sandwich, Schilling told the Minnesota State Student Association at yesterday's meeting during his committee report. In a separate interview, he said he wasn't sure why a Quizno's sandwich would cost so much more than a Stacks sandwich and that he was going to talk to the Centennial Student Union director and university dining services more about this later in the week. When a Quizno's store in Faribault was called about their prices, an employee reported that a tuna melt costs $4.79, which is the same price as Stacks' tuna melt. A 6-inch roast beef sub is $3.79 at Stacks and at Quizno's it was said to be $3.29. A turkey sub costs $3.79 at Stacks and at the Faribault Quizno's costs $2.99. A Stacks Italian sub is $3.79 and at Quizno's is $4.09.

Schilling said that Quizno's would require installing a $30,000 vent hood, which is a piece of equipment that Stacks does not need. If Quizno's was selected as the sub-sandwich vendor for the CSU food court, Schilling said, the university would have to fund the vent hood from a repair account. Also, Quizno's would come with a 10-year contract.

If Stacks remains in the CSU, the $30,000 could go for other food service improvements, such as making the line for Taco Bell shorter and more efficient, Schilling said. He also said that if the board kept Stacks, the sub-sandwich provider would be able to offer about 60 food options instead of the eight that are offered now and bread would be baked fresh daily at the Stacks location instead of being carried over from the Gage bakery.

In a study of students' zip codes, the new food service provider, Sodexho, found that students at Minnesota State are more price-sensitive than at other campuses, Schilling said.

Student Union Board members has passed out surveys to students in the CSU this week to get a feel of what people want to spend in the food court and what they want from Mav Ave. One of the questions asked if students would be willing to pay up to $3 or more for Quizno's instead of the current sandwich option. Schilling said the survey answers will be tabulated Friday and the official results will be available Monday. About 800 to 900 surveys have been completed, Schilling said, and the board's goal is to get 1,100 respondents.

Schilling said the Mankato Quizno's store on Riverfront Avenue closed during the summer, but he didn't know why it went out of business.

The Student Union Board meeting to decide if Quizno's will replace Stacks is 9 a.m. Wednesday at CSU 280 in the student senate office. Schilling said the meeting is open to the public and encourages people to attend and speak at the meeting.

Emmeline Elliott is a Reporter staff writer.