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Survey Shows Quizno's Not Likely Choice

by Kim Broback

Issue date: 10/17/06 Section: Campus News

A recent survey conducted by members of the Minnesota State Student Association (MSSA) and the Student Union Board showed 70 percent of students who participated said they'd like to see extended hours of business in the Centennial Student Union (CSU).

The survey produced other surprises, according to off-campus senator and Student Union Board member Jason Schilling, who tabulated the final results Monday. The survey was developed to get student feedback on whether or not Quizno's should replace Stacks, the current Mav Ave sub-sandwich vendor.

A decision will be made Wednesday by the Student Union Board.

"We're leaning toward not adding it I think," Schilling said. "But we're still debating. The new dorms won't have a cafeteria, and a meal [at Stack's] is around $5, and the same thing at Quizno's would be up to $8."

Schilling also said as he understands it, the reason for the mark-up on Quizno's subs over prices listed at its stores in the surrounding area is a commission that goes into student fees, essentially "going back to the students." Bill Harvey with university dining services could not be reached for comment.

The survey, which consisted of four questions regarding food choices, showed that of the 803 students asked, 64 percent said they eat in the CSU 1-3 times per week. When asked if they'd pay up to $3 or more for Quizno's instead of Stacks, 50.7 percent of students said they would not.

The survey included a list of options students might like to see added to the dining choices available, and 46 percent decided they'd most like to have a Chinese food option, a majority almost double that of the 26.7 percent who said they'd like to see inexpensive food options like plain turkey sandwiches. Only 4.3 percent said they thought the CSU was fine the way it is.

Schilling said Quizno's is being considered because the original plan by Sodexho, MSU's food service provider, included a Quizno's to be added. He said if the board decides to add the new food option the school would have to sign a one-year contract and put in a $30,000 vent hood for toasting.

"I've been talking with Western Illinois [University], because they have a full menu Stacks," Schilling said. "So I sent them a survey to compare." Schilling said he is also attempting to obtain a contract from Quizno's and arrange a phone conference with the company to discuss it.

In regard to the survey, Schilling said the results communicated a need to extend CSU hours or get the word out to students about the food choices that are available later than the rest.

"We've been talking to Bill [Harvey] about it, and he says there are places that are open late," Schilling said. "We need to advertise that and let people know."

Schilling added that he was surprised to learn that of those who said they eat at the CSU seven or more times per week, almost 90 percent said they'd eat there more frequently if the CSU operating hours were extended at night and on weekends.

Kim Broback is the Reporter Assistant News Editor