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Rooms May be Shuffled in CSU

by Emmeline Elliott

Issue date: 11/9/06 Section: Campus News

Several offices and conference rooms may be relocated in the Centennial Student Union if approved by the Student Union Board.

The offices that may be moving include scheduling and operations, international student office, veteran's office and the Nickerson conference room, said Taitum Thompson, Allied Health and Nursing senator and Student Union Board member, at Wednesday's Minnesota State Student Association meeting.

Jason Schilling, another Student Union Board member and an off-campus senator, said there was a contractual agreement five years ago that the international student office would change locations with the scheduling office. Schilling said he did not know the motivation for the move and that the Student Union Board is in preliminary talks about the relocations.

The wall between the current international student office and Nickerson room would be demolished to become the new scheduling office, Schilling said, and the international student office would move into the current scheduling office.

Schilling said the wall between the current veteran's office and its neighboring conference room would be knocked down, as well as a wall connecting to an unused dark room, to create a new Nickerson conference room.

Thompson said the veteran's office would move into an already open space in the Student Leadership Development and Service-Learning Center.

Schilling said the Student Union Board is determining if the walls should be taken down, how else the money could be spent and how the moves would affect other organizations and he did not know when a decision would be made.

The office relocations would cost about $250,000 if the walls are knocked down, Schilling said, because there would need to be asbestos removal and the carpeting in the current scheduling office would probably be replaced.

Deferred maintenance - budgeted money used to upgrade buildings - and the repair and renovation budget would cover the relocation costs, Schilling said.

Currently, the scheduling and operations office is in CSU 246, the Nickerson conference room is in CSU 219A, the international student office is in CSU 219B and the veteran's office is in CSU 191.

First Meeting About Homecoming Improvements

Schilling said school spirit was one of the topics discussed at the first homecoming development task force meeting held Oct. 27, which he attended.

He said the group talked about moving the homecoming parade to Saturday instead of Friday to increase participation. Schilling said more people could attend a Saturday event and allow high school bands to play, which would bring more community involvement to the MSU homecoming.

Schilling said selling T-shirts campus wide to raise revenue was also discussed.

Emmeline Elliott is a Reporter staff writer