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– Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Page address: https://www.mnsu.edu/mssa/personnel/senate/directory.html

Number of Senators


Office Holder



Residence Hall Complex Senators - McElroy, Crawford, Sears, and Gage A Tower Senators are elected in the April General Election.  The Gage B Tower "Maverick Hall" Senator is elected in the October Vacancy Election.
1 - Gage A Tower
Jesse Stamm
1 - Mavrick Hall
Ricardo Lopez

1 - McElroy Residence Hall Complex

Jennifer Crane
1 - Crawford Residenc Hall Complex
1 - Sears Residence Hall Community
Abdihakin Abdi


Off-Campus Senators - All are elected in the April General Election.
    Abby Knott abigail.knott@mnsu.edu
    Amanda Lebens amanda.lebens@mnsu.edu
    Michael Cooper michael.cooper-1@mnsu.edu
    Sarah Revering sarah.revering@mnsu.edu
    Shankar Reddy shankar-reddy.akula@mnsu.edu
    Juan Munoz juan.munoz@mnsu.edu
    Matthew Johnson matt5234@gmail.com


Academic Senators - Students with declared majors (according to Registrar's records) within a college organized under the Academic Affairs Division.  All elected in the April General Election.
  3 - Allied Health & Nursing College Jennifer Dooley jennifer.dooley@mnsu.edu
    Brett Anderson brett.anderson@mnsu.edu
    Chris Kaufman christopher.kaufman@mnsu.edu
  1 - Arts & Humanities College Alexi Roskom alexi.roskom@mnsu.edu
  2 - Business College Alyssa Ries alyssa.ries@mnsu.edu
  1 - College of Education Dan Kromer daniel.kromer@mnsu.edu
  2 - Graduate Studies College Connie Johnson connie.johnson@mnsu.edu
  2 - Social & Behavioral Sciences Dave Meyers david.meyers-welsch@mnsu.edu
  3 - Science, Engineering & Tech. College Jacob Sorenson jacob.severson@mnsu.edu
    Samuel Adams samuel.adams@mnsu.edu
Sarah Koenen
  2 - Undeclared


Total Number of Seats for Senators (Excludes Student Assn. President and Assn. Vice President. Though Executive Branch leaders, they participate and cast votes at Senate meetings.)