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Minnesota State University, Mankato

B.S. Music Industry - Audio Production Specialist FAQ

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Bachelor of Science in Music Industry – Audio Recording Specialist

Minnesota State Mankato and Hennepin Technical College now jointly offer a 4-year Music Industry degree program that gives you business training, musical training, audio recording skills and a Pro Tools certification. The program will involve attending both campuses. The degree program is called a “Bachelor of Science in Music Industry/Audio Recording Specialist.“

Your program will begin here at the University for one year. You will learn musical fundamentals and start your Gen Ed sequence. Then you will go to Hennepin for two years to learn recording skills. Finally, you will return to Mankato to take upper level Music Industry business-oriented courses, finish your musical training, and take more General Education courses.

The FAQ below answers most of the questions we receive about the program. Please study it very carefully before contacting a faculty advisor:


1) Will anyone be accepted into the program?

No, it will be competitive. Acceptance requirements include: You will need to be able to read music well, be accepted into a private studio/ensemble, and pass the entrance theory exam.

2) What are the advantages of the program?

If you were to attend only Hennepin, you would receive only a 2-year degree, and no musical training or music business courses to help prepare you for the real world. If you were to attend only the University, you would not get very much technical audio training. This new program solves all those shortcomings, for those of you with a passion for the technical side.

3) What about Theory, Aural Skills and Piano Classes?

All are still required, just as with our regular BSMI four-year degree. But - be aware you will be required to complete all these required courses before going to Hennepin, including passing the piano proficiency exam.

4) Will I get an AAS degree from Hennepin? A Pro-Tools certification?

You must complete your AAS degree before returning to the University. As part of Hennepin's AAS program, you will earn a ProTools certification.

5) What about General Education requirements?

The degree will comply with current MSU GenEd requirements, which means 44 credits of GenEds. You can earn them here, at Hennepin, and/or by taking MSU online courses. Also be aware that in order to graduate, 40 credits of your classes must be upper-level courses.

6) What about ensembles?

You will need to take two in your freshman year and two in your senior year, at the University.

7) Is it really a four-year program?

Not quite. You will need to take some summer courses to finish in four calendar years, and your internship will stretch into the summer after your senior year. Please see the spreadsheet.

8) What courses will I take in my freshman and senior years at MSU?

Please see the posted curriculum on this site.

9) What courses will I take at Hennepin?

An exciting and comprehensive program of audio engineering / production courses, plus some GenEds. Please see the Hennepin catalog and website for details.

10) Is there any flexibility in the 1 year in Mankato / 2 years at Hennepin / 1 year in Mankato plan?<

No. Many alternatives were considered. We are sorry, but there are many non-negotiable reasons the program has to be structured like this.

11) Can I transfer into the program from the current BSMI?

Your application will be considered, and you are fully eligible for acceptance, provided you are willing to fulfill all the requirements of the program. If you have already taken courses that are not part of this degree program, your graduation time will probably be delayed beyond four years.

12) What about a minor?

No minor is required with this degree.