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Office 365 New Features: Communication and Productivity

New Features in Office 365 offer improved communication and productivity tools!


Office 365, the cloud productivity suite serving our campus, will be adding on new features that will allow users to collaborate easier and share information faster. These new features include a voicemail preview feature for faculty, Skype for Business integration, and an entirely new service called Delve.

Voicemail preview, only available to faculty, provides users with a message whenever they receive a new voicemail. The notification will include an audio recording of the voicemail and the message transcribed in text.

For more information on Voicemail Preview and how to disable the service, visit ITS OneStop.

Delve, a new collaboration and productivity tool, will be available to all users. Featuring a unique user interface, Delve aims to provide timely updates on the projects your peers are working on and additional options for collaboration. Access the service by selecting the icon located in the upper left hand corner, which will pull all available services to your window for selection.

For more information on Delve, visit

Lastly, starting in mid-April, Lync, the messaging and video-calling service currently used by our campus, will transition into Skype for Business. This transition will give Office 365 users better usability and stability when connecting to one another and gives users a fresh new experience, all while keeping the features of Lync and making them better.

For more information on Skype for Business, visit

If you have questions regarding Office 365, or any other tech inquiry, please contact the service desk at 507-389-6654 or

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