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MavDISK Personal Website URLs to Change in June 30, 2017

Your old UserID URL won't work after June. You need to change your links to your StarID.


On June 30, 2017, legacy 'userID'-based URLs for your MavDISK personal web pages will no longer work. Please change all references to these URLs in all information currently displayed to use the StarID-based URLs to your personal web page.

NOTE: MavDISK and MavWEB URLs that already use StarID will be unaffected and will not need to be modified.

For the past 15 years, ITS has offered personal websites to all faculty, staff and students with the URL[UserID] and http://mavdisk/[UserID]; for example, When StarID was introduced two years ago, MavDISK was changed to use StarID instead of UserID as the locator for personal directories. At that time, ITS announced that the legacy address would be retired in two years, and that time has come.

Please make these changes to your links that point to your old UserID URL, and revise them to point to the newer, ongoing StarID URL today.

Places to consider where these old legacy links may need to be changed:

  • Presentation material
  • Syllabus
  • images
  • Weblinks
  • Business Cards
  • Links using to shorten

If you have any questions, you can contact the IT Solutions Center.

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