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Upgrade your D2L Brightspace Assignment Grader App!

If you use this Assignment Grader app on your mobile device, old versions will be disabled on June 19.


IT Solutions Center advises all instructors and faculty who use the Brightspace Assignment Grader app to update it at their earliest convenience.  We will disable old app versions on June 19th, at 1 p.m. 

Here is the information from D2L regarding the Assignment Grader update:

This message is an update to the iOS defect of the D2L Assignment Grader v2.21 that was resolved on March 9th, 2017 with v2.22.1 or higher.  Android versions while not affected also require an upgrade.

In March, D2L became aware of an issue regarding feedback created in the iOS version of the D2L Assignment Grader being associated to incorrect students. D2L identified the situation occurred only when a specific set of steps were performed. Over the course of March and April, D2L contacted affected customers by phone and e-mail to address the situation. If you were not directly contacted your institution was not impacted.

iOS and Android Upgrade Required

To ensure that all customers using the D2L Assignment Grader are on a version that has the corrected behavior, D2L is requiring an upgrade. iOS users will be required to upgrade to v2.24 or higher. Due to the Android version using the same application profile as the iOS version, Android users will be required to be upgrade to v1.18 or higher.  Users with older versions installed on their devices will see a connection error “This application is not authorized on this LMS instance. Ask your administrator to authorize this application.”

Feedback created within the D2L Assignment Grader and not submitted should remain intact.

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