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Mavericks Ramp It Up For March Gladness

The annual card making competition is underway. When you make cards for children in hospitals, MSU, Mankato could win the competition, and make children happy in the process.


The Community Engagement Office invites you to be part of our Maverick March Gladness Team, in support of Cardz for Kidz, a non-profit that distributed cards for children in hospitals. This is how the annual Cardz for Kidz competition works:

Schools across the country make uplifting, homemade cards for children in the hospital. Whichever school makes the most cards in accordance with their guidelines will determine the city where they will send the cards. It could be a hospital, home, or a shelter!

To meet the guidelines and “count’ in the competition:

  • All of the cards need to be signed with the artist’s name AND their school (e.g. from your pal, Brian at DePaul University – winning school in 2016-17)

  • Cards should NOT say "Get Well Soon", because some of the children won’t

  • Cards should be uplifting, not focusing on illness

  • They need to receive all the cards within March, #MarchGladness

  • If there’s a tie, then we’ll add on quality to the voting – quality and quantity

To sweeten the deal, the Community Engagement Office is offering a prize to the RSO that makes the most acceptable cards. First place RSO will receive $250, Second place RSO will receive $150 and Third place RSO will recieve $100. The funds will be deposited in the winning organization's University account. 

Interested in making cards? Here’s how you can help:

  • Contact the Community Engagement Office ( , x5789) and request a box of supplies for your group meeting, floor gathering, class break, etc.  Let us know at least 48 hours in advance so we can prepare a box for you. Include the name/email/phone number of the person who will pick up and drop off the cards. We’ll have a bin of supplies ready for you to pick up. Remember to follow the expectations when you make your cards, and return them with any leftover supplies the day after your card making event. When you contact the CEO about getting supplies, indicate if your RSO plans to be part of the competition.

  • Make a card at one of our Card Making Tables in the CSU. Members of Mavs In Action will have a table on Mav Ave once a week to encourage ‘walk by card making’.

  • Stop by the Student Activities Office to make a card. The instructions and supplies will be set up on a counter outside of the Community Engagement Office (CEO), 171 CSU.

  • Read the instructions and make your own cards with your own supplies. If you use your own supplies: NO GLITTER PLEASE. Please drop off your completed cards by Monday, March 25, 2019, at 4 pm to the CEO.

The Community Engagement Office will send several batches of cards throughout the month, so please drop them off as you have them prepared. Please take it upon yourself to screen your own cards to ensure they don’t reference 'getting well', are uplifting, and are signed “Your friend (name) from MSU, Mankato”. The absolute last day to turn in cards will be Monday, March 25, at 4 pm, in the Cardz for Kidz bin in the CEO, 171 CSU (In the Student Activities Office.)

Cardz for Kidz has partnerships in 37 states. If MSU, Mankato wins March Gladness competition, WE DECIDE WHO’S HAPPY. Trust that the families, staff, and children will be thankful if we select their city!

If you are promoting this competition, use the following hashtags:




Questions about Maverick March Gladness Team can be directed to the Community Engagement Office or Karen Anderson. To see more pictures and stories about Cardz for Kidz, please check out their website; like them on Facebook; follow them on Twitter and Instagram; or visit their Google+ or LinkedIn pages!  Also, check out some of their videos on YouTube


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