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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Minnesota State Unveils New Mascot Logo

Maverick Mascot Gets a Make-Over


1Mankato, Minn. " The Minnesota State Department of Athletics is pleased to announce the introduction of a new mascot logo that will provide the visual identity and brand mark for the Maverick intercollegiate program. The new mark will be publicly unveiled on Wednesday, October 6 in conjunction with the university's homecoming week 'Pepfest' and coronation ceremonies. This event will culminate a nine-month long consultation and development process, that included input and feedback from coaches, athletes, students, staff, alumni and other important constituencies.

MSU Director of Athletics Kevin Buisman explained that the new logo was in response to the feedback that he has received since he took over the program two years ago. "I understand that we have only had the current logo and word marks for a little over four years and people may be questioning the need for another change. I would agree that in order to establish a brand identity and recognition you need to have some level of consistency, but you also have to something that is broadly accepted and widely supported in the marketplace. In that vein, we will be retaining all of the current word marks, but at the same time, we will be establishing a new and more contemporary look for our mascot that portrays a stronger, more competitive image for our athletic teams."

The logo was designed by CI Apparel (Fargo, N.D.) art director Matt Mastrud, with creative direction from company general manager Rick Fletcher. "We were very excited about the opportunity to work with Minnesota State University to create a logo that is both attractive and dynamic and look forward to the positive reception that it will receive amongst fans and supporters of the program," explained Fletcher. Minnesota State Barnes and Noble Bookstore Manager, Molly Yunkers, thinks the new design will be a strong seller. "I really like the new mascot a lot better. It will take just a while to catch on, but it will do well as we continue to build our line around this look."

The new Maverick logo will be used on a myriad of items from promotional products, to apparel and game uniforms, while also serving as one of MSU's official brand marks at the school's athletic facilities, on television broadcasts, and in print media and advertising. "Stomper", the university's official mascot, will undergo a transformation and makeover as that uniform will also be updated to better match the new identity. Some of the changes will occur over a period of time as the budget and scheduling allows for more complete implementation.

"Homecoming week is a great time to introduce this kind of change, because it comes naturally with a high level of focus and fan interest. It is a time of celebration and tradition, but it is also a point in time where we can look forward to our future aspirations. The changes we are making represent an important component in our overall marketing strategy," said Buisman. "We needed to update our image as a department, and we expect that the new Maverick logo will provide us with a lot of positive momentum as we continue to move the program forward in a bold new direction."

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