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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Handy new features for MavMAIL voice access

Enhancements to MSU's email server let users manage email through phone connection


MavMAIL "Voice Access" - The e-mail server now has the capability to REPLACE our voicemail system! You will be impressed with the nice features that this will add to voicemail and how it will tie into your inbox and calendar:

  • Voicemail messages will be saved in a .wma format instead of .wav. So voicemail message sizes will be MUCH smaller!
  • Check your voicemail using a telephone keypad or - why not use voice commands?
  • While listening to messages you can say "speed up" to get through those forever-long voicemails
  • Ask what appointments you have today and they will be read back to you. Check tomorrow’s appointments or any day
  • Say “Cancel an appointment” and MavMAIL Voice Access will send notifications to other attendees will be notified automatically via e-mail
  • If you’re going to be late, just say “I’ll be late”, you’ll be asked “how late?” say “15 minutes” and “Send it” and everyone else attending the meeting will be notified
  • Check for new e-mail messages and have them read to you over the phone. You can reply to or forward a recorded message to the e-mail
  • Need to look up a phone number of a faculty member? Say “directory” and speak the person’s name. You can send that person a voice message
  • You can use the directory to get at your personal address book as well, and you don’t have to record a special voice tag!
  • You will receive missed call information in your inbox rather than having to look in your phone’s missed call log
  • A new media bar will appear in Outlook 2007 and MavMAIL for controlling playback of voicemail messages
  • Reset your PIN number for your phone using MavMAIL
  • Auto-Attendant will make it easy to create menu prompts to direct incoming calls to the right person quickly

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