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MnSCU rolls back Uniface 8 upgrade

Oracle conversion to be pushed back to fall

Problems with Uniface upgrade has postponed the Oracle conversion, too.


We wanted to let you know that due to several issues we are not moving ahead with the Uniface 8 upgrade and Oracle conversion at this time.

As you know, Uniface 8 was rolled out to the Northern region a few weeks ago and after 3 days was rolled back to the previous version.  Code issues in the Uniface 8 product caused it to consume all of the resources of the server. This issue was not uncovered during testing because it was a high-volume usage issue within the Compuware product itself.

Subsequent to the rollback, ITS staff have worked with a variety of Compuware representatives in an attempt to find a fix for the problem.  However,  at this point, we have concluded that even if Compuware quickly resolves their product problems, we will not go forward with a conversion this spring.  We want to ensure a minimal amount of disruption to our campuses when this upgrade does take place.  Because of that, our window for a spring conversion essentially closed when campus registration windows began opening.  Another suitable time frame for a conversion will not begin until mid-May, but we expect high priority D2L migrations will be scheduled at that time first.

If and when the problems can be resolved for the Uniface 8 upgrade, it will be planned for sometime following the anticipated D2L conversion late this Spring or early this summer prior to our annual school start-up freeze on changes.  Taking all this into account, the Oracle conversion will probably not be possible until the Fall.

A sincere thank you to the Northern region schools who have worked so closely with us to get the issues reported and addressed.  We will keep you updated as future upgrade dates are scheduled.

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