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MnSCU secures system-wide license for mathematical software, Maple 12

Students, faculty and staff now have access to system-wide license for powerful math software


Announcing system-wide license for mathematical software, Maple 12

The Office of the Chancellor is pleased to announce the establishment of a system wide agreement for the computational engine software, Maple 12. This agreement was made possible through a collaborative between OoC Academic Affairs and IT Departments.

The Maple 12 agreement will facilitate student learning in all STEM subjects, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is used in all physical sciences, engineering, astronomy, chemistry, biology, business (Economics/Finance). Maple 12 can be incorporated into the curriculum of any field requiring Math.

Maple 12 was designed by educators for ease-of-use in education. It was specifically created for college and university-level teaching and learning environments.

Maple 12 is an advanced, high-performance mathematical computation engine with fully integrated numerics & symbolics, all accessible from a WYSIWYG technical document environment. Live math is expressed in natural 2D typeset notation, linked to state-of-the-art graphics and animations with full document editing and presentation control.

Users can perform everything from instant "in-document" calculations to highly complex mixed symbolic and numeric programming involving millions of terms, at any precision desired. Maple's intelligent technical-document environment addresses the full spectrum of needs and requirements from high school students to advanced commercial research.

Maple 12 does Statistics:
The Maple Stats package provides: data analysis functions, such as various means and quantiles, plotting functions, (histograms and scatter plots) and data manipulation functions, such as weighted moving average and standard scores. Also available are least square fit, random number generation, analysis of variance (one way), data import from a file and numerical evaluation of statistical distributions.

License coverage: The Maple 12 software agreement will provide the following access for institutions in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

  • Unlimited campus-wide site licenses for Maple, (campus-owned)
  • Free faculty home-use
  • Free student personal use.


Distribution & installation:

  • \\mavdisk\msu\software\MSU_Community\MAPLE\V12

System Requirements:

Each student should also download and print a copy of the Maple 12 End User License Agreement/EULA.

Address Questions & comments to:
Mark Thomas, Software Contracts
Office of the Chancellor
phone: 507-389-6915
ITS Website:

Company contact:
Maplesoft Customer Service:
phone: 1-800 - 267-6583 ext. 240
phone: (519) 747- 2373 ext. 240

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