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Children Actors Needed

Department of Theatre & Dance is looking for children to perform in two Mainstage productions.

Minnesota State University, Mankato Department of Theatre & Dance News Release, 8-29-2014

The Minnesota State University, Mankato Department of Theatre & Dance is looking for children to fill some very important roles in upcoming Mainstage productions of “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast,” Oct. 2-12, and “To Kill A Mockingbird,” Oct. 16-26.

A young boy, in first or second grade preferably, is needed for the role of “Chip” in “Beauty and the Beast.” Parents may contact director Paul J. Hustoles at 507-389-2118 for more information or to set up a meeting.

For “To Kill A Mockingbird,” children are needed to play “Scout,” “Jem” and “Dill” (see character descriptions below). Auditions will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 8, in Earley Center for Performing Arts. Meet in the lobby. Please come prepared to recite a one-minute monologue, poem, or a selection from a book or speech. Director Heather E. Hamilton is looking for honesty, simplicity and a dedication to serving the text. There is no need to act or push, just use a strong, clear voice and pay attention to what you are saying. The less “showy” and “actor-y” the better.

Parents should realize that the themes in this play are quite serious. Racial slurs are used, Scout and Jem are the victims of violence, and one of the main characters is accused of rape. There will be no way to hide the actors from this part of the story, although a context or explanation will be clearly stated.

Characters to be cast are:

  • SCOUT (white, around age 9, a tomboy): A young girl about to experience the events that will shape the rest of her life, she should, ideally, seem as young as nine. Scout is courageous and forthright. If a question occurs to her, she'll ask it.
  • JEM (white, around age 11): He is a few years older than his sister Scout, and like his sister—perhaps even more than his sister—he's reaching out to understand their unusual and thus not conventionally admirable father. Probably the strongest undercurrent in Jem is his desire to communicate with his father.
  • DILL (white, around age 11): Small and wise beyond his years, he is about the same age as Jem. Dill is neater and better dressed than his friends. There's an undercurrent of sophistication to him, but his laugh is sudden and happy. Obviously there is a lack in his own home life, and he senses something in Atticus that's missing from his own family relationship.

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