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Hurricane-displaced students may enroll quickly, easily at Minnesota State

Deferrals, grants available

College students whose studies were disrupted by Hurricane Katrina may enroll quickly and easily at Minnesota State Mankato. Qualified students will receive financial aid, tuition and fee deferrals and grants and loans from hurricane relief funds.


A message from Minnesota State Mankato President Richard Davenport:

In the last 10 days faculty, staff and students at Minnesota State Mankato have generously offered their time, talents and money to assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I urge everyone to continue to give and to volunteer. The needs are immense.

The victims include college and university students whose campuses are closed by flooding. To ensure that these students can continue their educations, a team of MSU staff and faculty, with the assistance of the Chancellor's Office, has developed emergency guidelines for displaced students who wish to transfer temporarily to Minnesota State Mankato.

These guidelines are intended to make the transition rapid, simple and affordable for displaced students who wish to continue their studies at Minnesota State Mankato:

  • Admissions is the first point of contact. Displaced students should call 1-800-722-0544 or e-mail   (Contact Brian Jones, extension 1822).
  • A displaced student need only complete an application. The application fee will be waived. Other necessary records - transcripts, etc. - can be supplied when they are available.
  • Each student will be assigned an "MSU Guide" by Admissions - a staff member who will assist the student through each step of the registration, housing and financial aid process, and who will assist with applications for other aid.*
  • Displaced students will be admitted through Thursday, Sept. 15, for both on-campus or online courses.
  • A registration cohort will be set up, with open registration through Friday, Sept. 16. Registration will be space-available or permission only. Course faculty will determine if enrollment in a particular course is feasible. (Contact Dave Gjerde/Rose White extension 6266)
  • Grants, loans and deferrals are available to assist displaced, MSU-enrolled students with tuition, fees, room, board, books and other living expenses. Financial aid is available to qualified students. (Financial Support contacts are Jan Marble/Sandra Loerts/Pat McAuley, extension 1866.)
  • The MSU Foundation has established a Katrina Relief Fund to assist displaced students who are studying at Minnesota State. Displaced students may get short-term emergency grants or loans from the fund for transportation costs, clothing and other daily living needs.  (Donations to the fund are being accepted at the MSU Foundation office or website, )
  • A student may defer tuition and fees until financial aid or other support is available.
  • Barnes & Noble (Campus Bookstore) will allow displaced students to charge textbooks and supplies up to $500. This can be repaid when financial aid or other financial support is available.
  • On-campus housing is available for up to 100 students. Students can defer on-campus housing costs until financial aid or other financial support is available. (Contact Cindy Janney/Torin Akey, extension 1010.)
  • Off-campus family housing may be available; we are still investigating those possibilities.  (Contact Kelly Meier, extension 6076.)
  • Special assistance will be provided to students seeking on or off-campus part-time employment.  (Contact Pam Weller-Dengel, extension 6061.)
  • Orientation and special advising for transfer students will be arranged.  (Contact Joel Johnson, extension 5498.)

Minnesota State University, Mankato employees are already working to enroll students as effortlessly and quickly as possible and to assist in other ways.  Please continue to read the MSU homepage for updates and for opportunities to provide support and assistance.  Thank you for your response and willingness to support these students.

* The following employees have agreed to serve as guides or are identified as possible guides.  If you wish to provide assistance as a guide, please contact Warren Sandmann, extension 1333 or : Bill Watts, Deirdre Rosenfeld, Torin Akey, Gael Mericle, Matt Burns, Myrna Hernandez, Mishelle Banas, Matt Carlson, Pam Weller-Dengel, Warren Sandmann, Lynn Akey, Margaret Hesser, Linda Meidl, Angie Bomier, Joel Johnson, Nicole Stock and Garnet Cafourek.

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