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Math & English Placement

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Please contact the Center for Academic Success at 507-389-1791 if you have any questions related to the Math or English Placement Assessment Test.


What is the Math and/or English Placement Test?

The Math and English Placement Test is used for initial placement into Math or English courses. Students who do not meet the ACT requirements for entry into a Math or English course may need to take this assessment. Students who would like to take a Math course which is higher than the their ACT Math placement, may also want to take this assessment.  The Math and English Placement Assessment is administered by the Center for Academic Success.


Do I need to take the Math and/or English Placement Test?

This question is different for each individual student and different for each major. For specific answers for your situation, please visit the Placement Testing website  or contact the Center for Academic Success at 507-389-1791.  Students do have the opportunity to complete the Placement Tests during orientation, if needed.


Do I need to take the Math Placement Test…

Students who would like to enroll in Math 112 or higher must demonstrate readiness through one of the following ways:

  • Meet minimum Math ACT subscores as noted by the Math Placement Policy OR
  • Meet the minimum Accuplacer Placement Test scores as noted by the Math Placement Policy.
  • Click here to view the Math ACT subscores OR Accuplacer scores needed for Math.

    All scores must be within the last 2 calendar years.

Students who do not meet one of these requirements are placed in Math 098. This is just a general summary of the Math Placement Policy. For more specific information on the Math Placement Policy or to view the full policy visit the Math Placement Testing website.


Do I need to take the English Placement Test…

Students who need to enroll in English 101 must demonstrate readiness to succeed in one of the following ways:

  • English ACT subscore of 18 or higher OR
  • SAT writing score of 440 or higher OR
  • Accuplacer Reading Comprehension test score of 78 or higher

Students are exempt from taking the Accuplacer Reading Comprehension test based on documentation of the following:

  • Passing the Accuplacer Reading Comprehension test in the last 3 calendar years OR
  • ACT English subscore of 17 AND an ACT Writing subscore between 8-12 OR
  • AP English Language and Composition test score of 3 OR
  • CLEP English Composition and Literature test score of 50 or above OR
  • A grade of "C" of higher in a POST-SECONDARY, non-developmental English course which writing was a focus of instruction

 This is a general summary of the English Placement Policy and does not include all aspects of the policy. Review the [PDF] English Placement Policy (145 KiB) for a complete version of the policy. 

What if I need testing accommodations for the Math and/or English Placement Test?

Students needing testing accommodations are encouraged to contact the Minnesota State Mankato Office of Accessibility Resources (formerly Disability Services) at 507-389-2825 as soon as possible to establish an academic accommodation plan. Testing accommodations are available only to students with documented disabilities. Students with disabilities must provide current documentation of their disability and meet with the Director of Accessibility Resources in order to develop their accommodation plan.

This plan must be in place prior to orientation if test accommodations are being requested for the assessment.


What is Minnesota State University, Mankato's Math Placement Policy?

Visit the Math Placement Policy website to read the official policy. 


What is Minnesota State University, Mankato's English Placement Policy?

Visit the [PDF] English Placement Policy (145 KiB) website to read the official policy.


What should I expect when taking the Placement Test?

The test is an untimed, multiple choice exam and calculators are not permitted. Sample problems can be found by clicking on the Accuplacer Review links on the Placement Testing website. 


For more information on the Math and English Placement Test please visit the Placement Testing website.