2022 Conference Theme


In 2020, school closures and distance learning related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic widened the equity gap and forced society to revisit longstanding inequality issues in education. While conversations about the equity gap in education are not new, efforts to overcome the negative effects of prejudice and discrimination for Black students have not been effective enough. The 2022 conference proposes that educators move beyond discussing the education equity gap, focus on the question of how school cultures and curricula marginalize students of color, identify best practices that allow us to best serve our students of color, and reflect on innovative ways to move the needle forward and reimagine the world of education.

  • Higher education professionals: Learn how you can be a change agent in closing the equity gap through policies, practices, and procedures.
  • Teachers: Develop a new way of teaching in the classroom and walk away with equitable ways of supporting your students. 
  • Parents: Learn tools to help successfully advocate for the needs of your child, relative, or friend who may be struggling in the classroom. 

Join us as we begin “Closing the Equity Gap in Education: Moving Beyond Conversation Toward Identifying Best Practices!”