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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Bike Impound Policies - Click Here

Recycled Bikes Available -

Refurbished bikes are available from the Salvation Army! Each year the abandoned bikes confiscated at MSU are donated to the Salvation Army where they attempt to rebuild the used bikes and provide them free or at discount prices to whomever is in need. For more information contact the Salvation Army @ (612) 756-2173.

Bike Registration Program -

Each year the Mankato Police have numerous bikes that are either confiscated or abandoned that they cannot match up with an owner so the bikes end up in their annual sale. They now have a bike recovery registration program that is being offered free of charge. You can find the on line service by going to the City of Mankato's Website and clicking on to Register Your Bike.

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"Share the Road" - Minnesota's Bicycle Safety Education Program