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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Accessible Parking

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MSU Temporary Handicap Parking Permits

  • Go to Campus Hub (Student Union).
  • Provide them with supporting documentation about the disability from a physician.
  • The Campus Hub will issue you a "temporary" blue paper hanging permit for your rear view mirror. The price is $10 a week for non-MSU regular permit holders.
  • The temporary handicap permit is good for up to two weeks. Those with MSU temporary permits are encouraged to file for a state handicap permit so they can park close-in to retail establishments off-campus. With the MSU temporary handicap permit you can park in MSU handicap stalls, Gold stalls, Purple permit stalls, Green permit stalls, or meter stalls.

Accessible parking is not a special privilege, but a necessity. The spaces are needed to give people with mobility limitations the same opportunities to use public or private facilities as people who do not have disabilities.

Because some people cannot walk, or because a visible or hidden impairment makes walking difficult or hazardous, people with disabilities are at a disadvantage. This is particularly true in winter if disability parking is not provided or is left obstructed.

Accessible parking spaces also provide extra space for people in wheelchairs when getting in and out of a vehicle.

Application for Disability Parking Certificate (Minnesota DMV pdf)
Application for Special Plates (Minnesota DMV pdf)
Disability Plates and Certificates Information Page

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