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20 July, 1999 Revised

Parking Advisory Committee

Minutes - Tuesday, 6 July 1999

A special meeting of the Parking Advisory Comrnittee was convened on Tuesday, July 6, 1999, in room 21 9A of the Student Union. PAC Chair David Cowan convened the meeting at 11:07 AM.

The special meeting was called to deal with visitors parking and the possibility of changing Lot 7 to a gold lot to accommodate a transfer of Lot 4a gold permit holders. Once formally asked, it is believed that many of the 150 Lot 4a gold permit holders would "swap" to Lot 7 thus freeing up spaces in 4a for use by the visitors paylot. The special meeting was called at the request of H. Dean Trauger, Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Regular PAC Members Present - 4 of 6 Members

 1. Rose Marie Ley AFSCME Council 6, Local 638 Representative
 2. David Cowan Administration Representative
 3. Scott Hagebak MSUAASF Bargaining Unit Representative
 4. Abu Bhuiyan Alternate for Jason Kocina, Off-Campus Student Association Rep. 

Regular PAC Members Absent - 2 of 6 Members

 1. Steve Gilbert (Excused)  IFO Faculty Association Representative
 2. (Vacant)  On-Campus Student Assn. Representative

Ex-officio, Nonvoting - Members Present - 1 of 6 Members

1. Sue Edstrom  Parking and Traffic Services Coordinator

Ex-officio, Nonvoting Members Absent - 5 of 6 Members

1. Larry Kohanek Alternate/Physical Plant Director
2. (Vacant) Residence Hall Student Association President
3. David Neve Business Affairs Representative
4. Diane Solinger Residential Life Office Representative
5. Kate Voight  Parking Citation Appeals Board Coordinator

Visitors in Attendance

1. Diane Berge  Admissions Department Representative
2. Shirley Piepho  Student Union Conferences Representative
3. H. Dean Trauger  Vice President for Finance and Administration

Review of Past Meeting Minutes -
As this was a special meeting, the meeting minutes of the 2 June 1999 Parking Advisory Committee's regular meeting were not reviewed nor approved.

Free Lot Option Continues for 1999-2000 -

Vice President Dean Trauger stated that Lot 23 would remain a "free" lot as well as the south half of Lot 22. Both are "unimproved" lots, and, until they are surfaced with asphalt, they would remain free. The PAC had recommended that both Lots 22 and 23 become yellow permit areas ($30 per year) in an effort to cover parking deficits. The north half of Lot 22 is being paved and will become a purple permit area.

Campus Exuress Bus Needs/Shuttles AnticiDated -

Trauger commented that he expected Lots 20 and 21 would be heavily used now that Lot 8 has been replaced with Taylor Center construction. To make it easier for General Purple Permit holders, the Student Senate's Campus Express would continue to be routed using the interior road that cormects Lots 20, 21, 22, and 23. An additional bus may be added to the Campus Express program and committed to a shorter route back and forth between the four major east parking lot areas and the campus core. It is expected that the three bus shelters (Lot 21 's would be heated) ,provided by the City of Mankato's Heartland Express, will be a welcomed addition to the lots. Though free lot bus riders would be expected to pay 25 cents a ride, General Purple perrnit holders would ride free using some kind of card or key change tag to get on a bus.

[The current Campus Express route is 22 minutes long and hits nearby private apartment complexes. Last January, the PAC sponsored a nighttime service covering a 6 PM to 10 PM timeframe Monday through Thursday night.]

Visitors Pavlot Capacity Concerns for Fall, 1999 -

The Advisory Comrn~ttee reviewed what potential problems may occur this next academic year if Lot 4a were allowed to expand to accommodate a gold perrnit demand transfer coming from the elimination of Lot 9 Gold and Arboretum Gold strip. (Lot 4a is located on the lower level of the paylot which is designated as a gold permit area for FY'OO.)

Admissions representative Diane Berge and Student Union event representative Shirley Piepho both expressed alarm that the visitors paylot upper deck of 138 stalls wouldn't be enough, particularly on days when they had activities. Colder weather would also be a "wild card" incentive to part close in the visitors paylot. Scott Hagebak, sensitive to charges that the visitors paylot had a history of too many vacancies and poor utilization, noted that the PAC had eliminated nearby on-street parking meters in an attempt to force hourly pay parkers to use the paylot. Scott also noted that last year's conversion of 82 lower deck stalls into a yellow permit lot (eligibility: purple permit holder + $25) had helped increase utilization.

Lot 4/4a Stall Capacity
139 Upper Deck
141 Lower Deck 
280 Total Stalls 

 Distribution Models of Lots 4 & 4a

Upper Deck

Lower Deck

Total Stalls 

138 Stalls 

60 Stalls  

198 Stalls 



82 Stalls 

82 Stalls 

Turn Lanes 

2 Stalls 

 8 Stalls

 lO Stalls


 140 Stalls

 150 Stalls

 290 Stalls

1999-2000 - Existing Plan w/o Lot 7 Safety Net

 138 Stalls

 - 0 -

 138 Stalls

Lot 4a Gold Permit  

 - 0 -

 150 Stalls

 150 Stalls

Turn Lanes 

 2 Stalls

 - 0 -

 2 Stalls


 140 Stalls

 150 Stalls

 290 Stalls

PAC members were told by H. Dean Trauger the reason the Administration last spring rejected the PAC's recommendation to convert 50 purple/paybox stalls in.Lot 7 into gold perrnit stalls. It was believed that to do what the PAC asked would leave a confusing situation those parking in Lot 7 which would be offering three options: gold, purple, and hourly "paybox" parking.

Trauger mdicated the University would consider any altemative which would deal with a complete change of the stalls in Lot 17, recognizing the pressure that was being placed on the central core of the campus what with Lot 9 and Arboretum Gold permit holders being forced out of their eastern lots due to construction.

Having lot 7 (tennis court lot) exclusively as a gold permit area makes sense because of its close proximity to the campus core. To allow it to continue to be a purple/paybox lot would encourage purple permit holders to drive into the campus core hoping to find a vacant space, and, for most seekers, they would end up having to travel back to purple's Lot 20. A lot 7 gold permit lot will be attractive to old Lot 9 and Arboretum Gold permit holders who do not find the lower level of Lot 4 as a satisfactory substitute.

Rose Marie Ley moved the Parking Advisory Committee recommend that:

 1) 119 parking stalls of Lot 7 be converted to gold permit parking effective this Fall;

2) Lot 7's paybox be disconnected and removed pending a decision to relocate it elsewhere;

3) Lot 4a perrnit holders be offered the opportunity to "swap" or transfer to Lot 7 thus freeing up stalls for use by the visitors paylot helping the PAC achieve its goal to end up with the same number of visitors paylot stalls as were available much of this past year.

The Ley motion was then discussed and voted on. Motion carried with one abstention.

[On 13 July 1999 Vice President Trauger inform the PAC Chairperson that he had met with President Rush that day and the President had approved the PAC's recommendation to convert Lot 7 from a purple/paylot parking area to one that was committed to Gold. Lot 4a Gold Permit buyers have been since been notified of their opportunity to "swap" to Lot 7 (tennis court lot). Hopefully, sufficient numbers of Lot 4a gold permit buyers will take the bait thus freeing up space in the lower level of the sunken lot that can be restored to the visitors paylot function. If not enough lot 4a folks swap to lot 7 then we will give the same offer to tbose signed up for lot 11/lla.]

Cross-Charges from Grounds -

Scott Hagebak again raised his concern that the Parking Program's budget was being charged too much from the Grounds Maintenance Department for work in and around the parking lots. Citing "cross charges" assessed for mowing grassy areas in and around the parking lots, Hagebak asked that Trauger review existing cross-charge practices of Grounds Maintenance.

Pavroll Deduction for Parkina Permit Purchases -

Rose Marie Ley asked that the Administration once again check into the possibility of allowing payroll deductions as a form of paying for a parking permit.

Adiournment -

The meeting adjourned at 12:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

David Cowan, Chairperson

Parking Advisory Committee